20 Surprisingly Secret Celebrity Talents That Most Fans Don't Know About.

We know many of the talents from our favorite celebrities because, well, they use that talent to become a celebrity. But what about their more secret talents?

Here are twenty surprising hidden talents of some of your favorite celebs.


1/20. Vin Diesel - Game Designer

Not many people know that Vin Diesel has actually been into gaming for his whole life, contrary to the tough-guy exterior he pulls off in a lot of his roles. In addition to all of that, the actor has actually started his own video game firm - Tigon Games.


2/20. Ke$ha - Making Bras Out of Teeth?

Singer Ke$ha has maybe the most unique talent on this list. She had her fans send them her teeth so that she could make clothes out of it, and managed to make a bra when she received over one-thousand human teeth.

Huffington Post

3/20. Jack White - Furniture Upholstery

Before he conquered the music world with his infamous Seven Nation Army, Jack white used to upholster furniture in his native city of Detroit.

Rolling Stone

4/20. Johnny Cash - Code Breaking

Ole Johnny was actually a code breaker for the US military in the 1950's. In fact, he was the first American to find out about the death of the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

Saving Country Music

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5/20. Harrison Ford - Flying

Yup, it turns out that Han Solo actually can fly - both planes and helicopters. Ford has even been involved in some rescue missions of lost hikers. Whether he got cocky cannot be confirmed.


6/20. Jason Lee - Skateboarding

Actor Jason Lee was a pioneer in the skateboarding world and actually popularized the 360 flip. He still skates strong into his 40's.


7/20. Dr. Suess - Documentary Filmmaking

Dr. Suess won two academy awards. One of which was for writing the feature documentary Design for Death. Who knew?


8/20. Roger Ebert - Softcore Screenwriting

The man who probably watched more films than anyone on earth actually had written one in his day - and it was softcore porn. Ebert wrote Beyond the Valley of The Dolls (his only foray into filmmaking that was released).


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9/20. Rod Stewart - Model Trains

Stewart is a huge nerd when it comes to model train sets. In fact, he books a second hotel room when he goes on tour so that his trains are never too far away. He has a model larger than a tennis court in his home.

Daily Mail

10/20. Pierce Brosnan - Fire Eating

The former James Bond star knows how to impress - which is actually the reason he learned fire eating. Apparently he though it was the best way to impress the ladies. Nicely done.

Star Pulse

11/20. Kate Beckinsale - Poetry and Fiction Writing

Before she even thought about acting, Kate Beckinsale was actually a literary prodigy. She even one the WH Smith Young Writers competition for poetry and fiction... twice.

BBC News

12/20. Mike Rowe - Opera Singing

It's true, the man who found fame by getting his hands dirty on the Discovery Channel hit 'Dirty Jobs' is actually a talented opera singer. Not such a dirty job, is it Mike?


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13/20. Michael Jackson - Drawing

It turns out that the King of Pop actually had more talent than just singing and dancing - the man could draw. you'll love these, especially if you're into portraits drawn into furniture!


14/20. Jimmy Stewart - Architect

Stewart went to Princeton to study architecture, and actually studied on a scholarship. Unfortunately, this was during the depression, and Jimmy thought he'd have more luck acting. Looks like it paid off for him.


15/20. Clint Eastwood - Music

Eastwood has written a ton of music - some for the big screen, and some for standalone albums. It's not all that surprising considering his numerous on-screen performances with a guitar.


16/20. Steve Martin - Banjo

Everybody knows Steve Martin as a legendary stand up comedian, SNL performer, and actor. But many people aren't aware that he is actually a huge figure in the bluegrass scene as well. Marton specializes in banjo, and can play a hell of a tune.


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17/20. Christopher Walken - Lion tamer

This one might be the most surprising (or the least?), but it's true. Walken is a trained lion tamer and he got quite close to one of the big cats, saying of her "Sheba. Old girl. Very nice. Shed come and bump your leg. Like a house cat."


18/20. Conan O'Brien - Tap Dancing

being a fan of old black and white movies is what prompted the former Tonight Show host to pick up the fine art of tap dancing. Although if you ask me his string dance is far superior. Long live Team Coco.


19/20. Christina Hendricks - Accordian

Accordian to the Huffington Post the Mad Men actress just loves the instrument. She even keeps it in her room so that she can play as often as possible. Who knew?


20/20. Neil Patrick Harris - Magic Tricks

You don't have to be psychic to know how cool NPH is. He kills it on the big and small screens and on the stage as well. But did you know, much like his character on Barney on How I Met your Mother, than he can do magic tricks. Please don't make us disappear NPH!


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