20 Tricky People Share The Greatest 'Long Cons' They've Ever Witnessed.

Pranks can be fun, but sometimes people can get super committed - to the point where it becomes kind of creepy. Then there are just the straight cons, where someone is trying to get one over on you. Either way, the lesson to be learned from this article is this: if something totally unexplainable is happening, then someone is probably messing with you.

Here are twenty of the greatest long cons people have witnessed.

Many thanks to Reddit user TheEighthFalseKing for posing this question. You can check out more answers from the source at the end of this article!

1/20. My mother is a huge Chicago Cubs fan. She has stated numerous times that being a St. Louis Cardinals fan would've been an immediate deal-breaker for anyone she dated when she was young. My dad is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan, and he only revealed this fact the day after their 23 anniversary.

She's been annoyed with him for over a year now.


2/20. The serial killer Ted Bundy got dumped by his girlfriend when he was younger, so he spent years becoming the exact person she wanted him to be, made her fall completely in love with him and then he just broke her heart. Simply for revenge for her dumping him all those years ago. That's dedication.


3/20. When my brother started college someone told him about a local bar that gave a free keg to anyone that brought in a 5 gallon bucket full of soda tabs. After 3 years of collecting tabs he hauls this heavy bucket down to this bar and asks for his free keg. They look at him like he's nuts and tell him they have never done that.


4/20. The Gnome Conspiracy.

Friend of ours found a weird garden gnome in her backyard, and it seemed to be pointing at her. She didn't put it there and when we showed up for a barbecue, we found it right where she saw it. She was oddly afraid to touch it, but we all said it was obviously just some kids pranking her. It disappeared the next day.

Few weeks later she saw a gnome just like it on her way to work. She even took a picture of it and I have to admit, it was pretty similar. She left it be and thought nothing of it, until she saw another near the house of a friend of ours. And once or twice more in town. Huh.

She saw another one outside a B&B in Edinburgh that we recommended, then in a hedge in Provence. Then she saw it in the background of a picture we all took in Vegas on our last day there, near the pool at the Mandalay Bay. We all agreed, it did look similar, but, we assured her, it must simply be a popular model. I mean it can't possibly be the same gnome...

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It's the same gnome. The owner of the B&B in Scotland is an old friend of ours, and he got it in the mail two days before she arrived. I positioned it on the side of the road several times, but she only saw it once or twice. I think she was beginning to suspect me so when it showed up at our friend's neighbor's house, I was conspicuously out of the country. She actually accused me of doing this but I just laughed and said: A) I was on a different continent, and B) it couldn't possibly be the same gnome. If it was, there'd have to be dozens of people involved in some sort of conspiracy.

That's actually pretty accurate, including several of her sisters and most of her friends. Oh, and it's been going on for 11 years now. The gnome is actually in the background of several more of her vacation shots, most recently in a coffee house in Seattle. I have a friend there and they met for coffee, and the gnome was there. She hasn't spotted it yet in the 'met your friend' picture they sent me, but she will, and when she does, we'll all poo-poo it.


5/20. The guy who, in Eve Online, infiltrated a rival corporation over a period of more than a year, becoming its CEO, to end up f*cking it over hardcore.


6/20. I worked with a guy who had a pick-up truck and one day found an entire bag of household trash in the back of his truck.

He went through the bag of trash and found an envelope with an address. Now rather than returning the trash, he took the address and signed the person up for every conceivable piece of junk mail for YEARS. Any kind of of offer this guy got he filled it out with that address and sent it his way.

That's some dedication.


7/20. There was a guy in Bristol, UK, who pretended to be a parking ticket man in the car park of a zoo.

He'd go up to cars and ask for a pound and give the driver a ticket. He did this for 20 years. The zoo assumed he was with the council and the council assumed he was with the zoo. After 20 years he just disappeared and only then did the zoo and council realise he was just conning everyone.

He left with what was probably millions and got away with it.


8/20. Sticking by your guns pretending never to have seen a potato before.


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9/20. In my office there's six of us with cubicle like setups, formed by each others desks (they have high shelves, which are the "walls"). Three of us decided that as a practical joke, we would slowly move the two desks that formed our coworkers walls an inch and a half closer every week.

For almost four months we moved those desks every monday morning, an inch and a half at a time. The guy was already in the corner of the office, but he became noticeably more irritable, and at one point even said that he felt like the walls were closing in on him. I nearly choked myself to death trying not to laugh out loud.

Anyway, he eventually found out when he could no longer fit his weekly case of water between his desk and the wall. To his credit he was a good sport about it, and we all had a good laugh.


10/20. My grandpa and his neighbor hated each other. Whenever grandpa would see him in the yard, he'd go into a long rager about something - the car he drove, the way he kept his yard, the dumb hat he's wearing, whatever. This went on for years - maybe 15 or so. Grandpa was just brutal to this guy.

Grandpa died and they opened up his will. He left the neighbor $10k (I think), a car and his golf clubs. We were all (including Grandma) in complete disbelief.

Turns out Grandpa and the neighbor were old military buddies. They had decided to scam both their families and see how long they could play it. They actually played golf and cards regularly the entire time.

Oh... they were in the military in their early 20's. Pre-marriage for both of them. They agreed back then to name their first born after each other - which they did. They apparently lost touch right after the service, but randomly moved next to each other 35+ years later. The neighbor said the plan was hatched on the very day he moved in.


11/20. When my first kid was born, I was concerned that if she tickled me, I might hurt her when I jumped or jerked. So I decided to convince her that I was only ticklish on the tip of my index finger.

This was incredibly successful and she believed it completely. When her brother was born 6 years later, I continued the ruse. 4 years later; I remarried and they helped convince my new stepdaughter that the end of my index finger was indeed my only ticklish spot and once again I was safe.

All through their teenage years and early twenties, I continued the story. They would even explain to their friends how totally weird I was, being only ticklish on my index finger. Then one day, some 25 years after it all began and all my children were grown and in their 20's I came clean. They refused to believe me for a long time but it finally dawned on them; that I was indeed the king of the long con...


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12/20. It was in the early '90s when pagers were a thing and cell phones were rare. A friend of mine is very easy to irritate, a bit homophobic and just an a** in general. Every day for 100 days in a row, I paged him with a different number. He'd stop whatever he was doing, find a phone, more often than not a pay phone (this was a long time ago children) and call the number back. See pagers back then just displayed a phone number and you had to blind call the number and say something like "Someone just paged me from this number?"

He got paged from bail bondsmen, pay phones in gay bars, the state mental hospital, escort services, the bus station pay phone, massage parlors, the federal women's prison. It was a lot of work to get all the numbers because the internet wasn't really a thing yet. Sometimes he'd even get a page while I was sitting at the other end of the couch. (I'd hide a cordless phone in the bathroom, excuse myself, quickly page him and return to the couch before the page came in.)

He was convinced that his ex-girlfriend was doing it and railed about how horrible she was for years. On the tenth anniversary we went out to a bar and me and an other friend let him in on the fact that it was me. At first he was incredulous. "THERE IS NO WAY THAT WAS YOU! YOU WERE THERE SOMETIMES." After telling him all of the different places he was paged, his rage was palpable. Thank God I had other friends that were in on the joke there with me or he might have killed me.


13/20. I transferred to a new office across the country.

I was in the field most of the time but occasionally I had to go to the office. Just inside the men's restroom there was a short hallway that took a 90 degree turn into the main area of the bathroom, but the light switch was right by the door.

Once inside where you were doing your business whether just washing your hands or taking a piss, you couldn't see the door. Every time my boss went into the bathroom I'd wait just long enough for him to start whatever and reach in an turn off the light. Inevitably he'd shout something to the effect of "GOD D*MN IT I'M IN HERE!"

Almost 7 years of this with him blaming it on everyone but me. Just before I left, I recruited a young guy to keep it up for me.


14/20. A friend of mine faked an English accent to get with a woman (and eventually to keep getting with her) for almost five months. He stumbled when she called him early one morning before he had woken up and didn't realize it was her (the days before caller ID kids). He tried to save himself with "I dreamed I was eating one of your greasy American cheeseburgers" but it was too late.


15/20. I'm a firefighter. Firefighters sometimes have too much time on their hands so our jokes and pranks can reach epic levels...

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Years ago, I worked with a guy who was OBSESSED with his gas mileage. He wouldn't shut up about it, would give us updates every shift, was constantly reading ways to improve it, it was ridiculous. Eventually the rest of us hatched a plan. We brought in a few empty gas cans and a siphon pump. Every shift, we would siphon off some of the dude's gas and hide it in the shed out back.

This went on for weeks. Gas Man was going absolutely apesh*t. He couldn't figure out what was going on, this was terrible, he has to run the numbers again to make sure it was really happening, etc. Eventually he took his car in to his mechanic to see why his mileage had dropped so precipitously. He was practically tearing his hair out.

Gas Man descended into a funk. Finally when we decided he had hit rock bottom, we launched phase two. Every shift, we started taking some of the gas we had squirrelled away and put it BACK into his car. Gas Man lost. His. Sh*t. He's suddenly getting insane gas mileage! He doesn't know whether to laugh or to cry! The numbers just don't add up, but it's like he's driving a magic car!

And then after a few more weeks, we were out of gas and just like that everything went back to normal. We kept our mouths shut. And from that day to this, Gas Man has been telling the story of the Great Summer Gas Mileage Mystery to anyone who will listen.

When Gas Man retires, we'll let him in on the caper, but not a day before.


16/20. A guy I dated:

We met 20 years ago. Kids were in kindergarten together. My partner and I hired him to build an addition. He misappropriated $20,000. We sued him, won in mediation. My long term relationship spilt and his marriage ended. He and I met again 10 years later. We dated. Had him to do work on my house again. He scammed me out of $10,000, said it was "payback." He disappeared.


17/20. My SO had a boss who was always pulling pranks so one day he decided to retaliate. He got one of those cheap but persistent key finders that chirps when you whistle and placed it in the head rest upholstery of the boss's truck.

5 years later we were at company Christmas party and the boss and his wife are dragging out all the old pranks. SO tells boss what he had done. Boss's wife freaks out and yells "told you so!" Turns out boss is mostly deaf in one ear and never once heard the chirping. Wife however kept hearing the sound and was losing her mind. They would turn down the radio to listen for it and there would be no sound. Turn it up and the chirping would start again. He was so sick of hearing her complain about it that he sold his truck. No more problems. He.sold.his.truck.

Pretty sure my SO won! Thankfully it was long enough after he sold it that he wasn't mad.


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18/20. In middle school (8th grade) I once put my fist super close to my friends face and called his name. He then proceeded to smash his face into my fist that was just sitting there. It was a soft tap but our whole group started laughing and so did he.

Junior year of high school, we were walking down the stairs after lunch and he called my name. I turned my face right into his fist. He yelled "that's for that one time in eighth grade!".

I thought it was great.


19/20. There was a fellow in NYC in the early 1980's who typed up invoices for cleaning supplies and sent them to multiple business headquarters for payment. Since his invoices sounded reasonable in price, many just paid it, even though he was sending nothing. He did it for years and would have kept going, but had the bad luck of sending a bill to an accountant who checked on a double-entry system and announced the scam.


20/20. When I was a kid (4th grade, brother 6th grade) my brother and I were on vacation in Massachusetts.

We ate ice cream at a local restaurant and as we were all piling in the car my brother goes to the bathroom. When he jumps in the car he tells me about the amazing bathroom that had heated toilet seats, foaming hand soap, and everything automated. I wanted to jump out to check but my dad said we had to go.

For the next five years occasionally the ice cream restaurant would pop up in a conversation and my brother would remind me about the bathroom. It got so far as we would call it "the ice cream place with the good bathroom."

Finally 5 years after the original incident when I was in 8th grade we went back to Massachusetts. I convinced my family to go there just because I wanted to see the bathroom.

We get there and in my youthful exuberance I run into the bathroom to see.......just a bathroom.


Bonus: I'm pretty sure my whole life is a scam by my parents so I'll pay for their nursing home. Haha, jokes on you, I became a teacher. I'll never make enough money to put you in a good home!



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