21 Fun Facts About Rugrats.

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3/21 Until 2015 Rugrats held the record as the longest running Nicktoon on Nickelodeon (14 years) and the Nicktoon show with the most episode (172 or 227 if you count All Grown Up!). In 2015 it was surpassed by SpongeBob Squarepants for both records.

4/21 The Rugrats Movie was the first Nicktoon to be turned into a movie. This set a precedent for TV shows being adapted into successful films, especially children's shows.

5/21 Rugrats won 4 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Children's Program, 6 Kids' Choice Awards for Favourite Cartoon, and a Genesis Award for Children's Programming making it one of the most celebrated children's cartoons of all time.

6/21 To mark the show's 10th anniversary in 2001 Rugrats received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, making it Nickelodeon's first and only series to receive a star.

7/21 Dionne Quan, who voiced Kimi, is legally blind so writers had to copy her scripts into Braille.

8/21 During the theatrical run of Rugrats in Paris, an unfinished episode of Spongebob Squarepants would play before the film started. Fans could vote on how the episode would end and the final version was aired a year later on television, though some scenes had to be edited to contain less frightening images.

9/21 Cheryl Chase, who voiced Angelica, had trouble portraying a mean child so one writer suggested that she channel J.R. Ewing from Dallas.

10/21 The Rugrats Movie was the first non-Disney animated movie to gross over $100 million at the box office.

11/21 Most of the babies on the show were voiced by women because the male characters were so young that a high-pitched voice better suited their stage of development.

12/21 Elizabeth Daily, who voiced Tommy, recorded a session while in labour. The sound engineer wanted to stop because her contractions were coming so frequently but she assured him that she was fine and finished the session before rushing to the hospital.

13/21 Rugrats In Paris was originally intended to be a musical movie. In the end songs like "L Chuckie Chan", "Ooie Gooie World Theme", and "I Want a Mom That Will Last Forever" were sung by guest artists instead. Only "Bad Girls" and "Packin' to So" were sung by the kids.

14/21 A fan conspiracy theory suggests that the babies are all a figment of Angelica's imagination. Angelica is a sad, lonely little girl with no friends and parents that are too focused on their careers to give them the attention she needs. She compensated for this by creating a series of younger friends that she could boss around, which could give her a sense of control in her life.

Even more disturbing, the theory says that Angelica based these characters on the dead children of her parents' childless friends. Chuckie died in the same crash that killed this mother, explaining why Chaz is a nervous wreck. Tommy was a stillborn, which is why Stu is constantly in the basement making toys for the son who never had a chance to live. The twins Lil and Phil were actually one baby. Their parents had an abortion, or possibly a miscarriage and, because Angelica didnt know the babys gender, decided to create one of each.

15/21 The first episode of Rugrats was broadcast on August 11, 1991, the same day that Doug and The Ren and Stimpy Show premiered.

16/21 A Rugrats special of the main characters ten years later aired in 2001 to honour the show's tenth anniversary. Nickelodeon was so impressed with the high ratings that it commissioned an entire series about the teenaged characters. They changed the name of the show from All Growed Up to All Grown Up to show that the characters were older and used more grammatically correct words.

17/21 Creator Paul Germain felt the series needed a bully and created Angelica, a spoiled brat based on a female bully from his own childhood. Co-creator Arlene Klasky never liked the character because she thought the writers took the bullying too far and didn't like the way that character was developing. She had a change of heart though, after seeing her grow in The Rugrats Movie.

18/21 Chuckie's look is inspired by Mark Mothersbaugh, the show's composer, who is known for his messy hair.

19/21 During the theatrical run of Rugrats Go Wild audience members could purchase scratch-and-sniff cards from Burger King or Blockbuster to use in the theatre. When a particular number flashed on the screen viewers would scratch off the scent that had that number on it. Scents included peanut butter, smelly feet, root beer float, and fish.

20/21 The American rock band Devo wrote the theme music for Rugrats and Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

21/21 If the rugrats continued aging Tommy would be 26 and Angelica would be 28.

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