Hopeless Romantics Share The Worst Thing Their Ex Ever Did To Them.

Everybody has that one ex partner that they'll never forget. Hopefully it's the one you remember for good reasons and not for the horrible thing sthey might have done.

Here are twenty-one of the worst things people's exes have done to them.

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1/21. Called to wish me happy father's day because she had gotten pregnant during our last encounter. Waited for the realization to sink in, emotions to go crazy and then said "I had an abortion though so I don't need anything from you."


2/21. Me and the lady split a few months ago, out of nowhere I get a random text from her, which happens to be a picture of her hand grasping a penis of impressive stature. She began to explain how thankful she was I broke up with her so she could find a such a penis. I wanted to be mad, but couldn't, just kind of stared at the picture for a while thinking "Good for her".


3/21. My ex broke up with me telling me she "didn't want to be in a relationship right now." Two weeks later she started dating my roommate.


4/21. I started dating a girl just out of high school. Her ex-boyfriend was abusive. When he found out that we were dating, he tried to befriend me. I was unaware of his abusive habits until he tried to beat my ass one day. That didn't work out too well on his end, so the next attack was to call the cops and my parents and report that I was selling weed. That didn't work out either, and no drugs were found. (He found out I smoked pot in the week we were "friends".)


5/21. My ex is a physician and an addict, so she can manipulate with the best of them. When we decided to split, it was quite clear who was in the wrong, and we agreed that the debt she had accumulated through her multiple tours in rehab (well north of $100K) would stay with her. We didn't have any children, or any joint property to cause any fits over, so the divorce seemed pretty straight forward...

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She got a lawyer to help push it through, and I was going to try to not get one of my own to save costs (obvious mistake). I was supposed to go to her attorney's office to sign some paperwork, but was having trouble reaching someone at the office to make a time to stop by. Her lawyer emailed her that day saying that he hadn't heard from me yet, and she forwarded this email to me, without realizing that she was forwarding me the entire email chain that she had with her counsel. Oops!

In the email, she very clearly stated that she wanted to slap me with the rehab debt, stating that I was "complicit in her drug use" (totally false)! Needless to say, I went pretty crazy, and immediately hired the most cutthroat lawyer I could find in the area. My lawyer was awesome (and cheap), and he routinely put her in her proper place.


6/21. One of my sister's exes found a wet shopping bag on her doorstep containing her drowned cat.


7/21. My ex wife started f*cking my best friend of 14 years as soon as we separated, but I allow the possibility that it happened before that. Not only did she crush my soul but took my best friend who I looked up to.

He was also married. I hear they had a baby and he is still married.


8/21. My ex filed a bogus Restraining Order not allowing me to see me my son who I was taking care of while she was at work. She filed that I was going to kill him and her and then take him overseas. The Court accepted the Order.

Six months later, she calls saying, you need to start watching the baby again. I start watching my son again and then I ask her if my son could spend at least one night a week with me. I was retired from the police force due to an on the job injury and so I had the benefit of spending time with my son. She flat out refused...

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Long story short, after all the false allegations she stated about me, false kidnapping reports having the police knock down my door and my son and I in shock, years of court proceedings and even though the courts and state social worker found her to a scorned woman and a rampant liar, they awarded her full custody.

It's been 5 years, 6 months, 7 days, 16 hours, 4 minutes and counting since I last saw or spoke with him. I cannot see my son, which I still pay $400 a month in child support, and he only lives 10 minutes away from me.


9/21. I had an ex spread the rumor around my small hometown that I had physically abused her through our relationship. I couldn't figure it out at first, but all of my (platonic) girlfriends suddenly started hating and avoiding me when I would visit.

When I called her out on it at a party, she just started laughing and said "O ya, I was just mad at you and told people that. Isn't that funny?" All I could do was shake my head and say, "No. That's not funny at all!"

I still have to correct people to this day (2.5 years later).


10/21. My ex set everything I had left at her house on fire.

She bragged about it over the phone later. "Even your GBA!" Wait, my GBA? "Yesss!" My GBA is sitting right next to me. You set *your** GBA on fire.*


11/21. She gave me genital warts after she cheated on me with "just a friend".


12/21. My first serious live-in girlfriend, cheated on me with several of her past partners. I could never catch her doing it, but for a variety of reasons I knew. I was nuts about her though, and she lied like a politician. Finally, my best friends older brother nailed her, on purpose, to prove it (uh, yeah thanks for that, I guess). I packed up my sh*t and left, peacefully...

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But, I had forgotten to grab my art portfolio from behind the couch. I called her that afternoon and said I would be right down to get it. As I pulled into the driveway she dropped the lit match onto the gasoline soaked pile of my entire life's collection of artwork.

Never did another piece of artwork again.


13/21. My buddie's ex cheated on him (with our roommate) then turned super vindictive when he found out. The day she moved out, she filed a restraining order against him claiming that he was "prone to violent outbursts" and "a danger to himself and others" which is the exact opposite of this guy.

Most levelheaded guy I know, who got cheated on with one of his best friends.... then with her shiny new restraining order she weasels her way onto the volunteer staff at the anime convention he attends each year (a week before). Got his admission revoked and he couldn't get a court date fast enough to call her bullsh*t before the con. Once he did get one, the judge basically told her to get out with that bullsh*t.


14/21. My ex wrote a poem about my dick being small, it was like 10 verses long, and it was actually very good! She sent it to all my friends, but not me. I found out 5 years later she did this, my friend showed me it (she had sent it via MSN/email to everyone) and I was like "DAMN!"


15/21. How about my ex-wife who has 6 attorneys at her beck and call. She convinced the judge that I'm a bad father because I couldn't afford the $1200/month child support she wanted. I went from being able to see my daughter every other weekend to 3 days every 3 months, supervised.

Spent $15,000 trying to fight it but ran out of money. I'm not a bad father, she's just mad because we got divorced. A divorce she asked for. Apparently she just asked for it to make sure I was willing to fight to keep her.


16/21. My ex broke up with me and took our jointly-owned car to another state...

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Proceeded to lose a series of jobs and fail to help pay any of our joint debt. (The agreement had been that he would pay it all, as I was a poor grad student and he was supposedly walking into a 6-figure salary.) I had to track down his mom to get my name off of his car loan as he wouldn't answer my emails about it. I had to pay the remaining joint debt off myself slowly to preserve my credit (~$16k).


17/21. Stalked me for 1 year after breakup, made false e-mail addresses similar to my name and e-mailed everyone I know telling them I was a bad person, or swearing at professors, etc... Called me 10+ times a day for a year. Same treatment for any girl I had any interest in. Showed up everywhere I went. Yeah, she was spiteful.


18/21. We broke up and I thought we were on solid terms. I was selling weed at the time, and saw her and her friend in a store maybe a year after we'd broken up. Small talk, things were fine, then later on her friend (female) texted me asking for a half oz. I hadn't seen this girl since 7th grade but we were friends then so I thought it was fine.

Long story short, when I went to meet them they were with 2 white "gangsters" who considered themselves Bloods (clearly just punk a*s trash), who were planning on robbing me and beating me (unclear how much damage they wanted to do but they both brought knives) and messing up my car. Thankfully I've always been very observant and quick to judge, noticed some sketchiness and as I saw them getting ready to make a move, and peeled out.


19/21. Nothing out of the ordinary. I came home one evening and found a note that she didn't love me anymore, had moved in with her parents and would appreciate it if I could be gone during the upcoming weekend so she could collect her stuff. Stunned and stupid as I was I complied, came back home Sunday evening to find the place completely empty. She took everything, except one thing: a 22 volume Brittanica she bought the month before, despite my protests, and had only payed the first installment for. When I asked for explanation she told me that since I had a job and salary and she was a student I would be simply able to replace all the furniture and pay off the Encyclopedia. The first thing I did, the books (bought in her name) I sold and I spent the money on a trip to Paris.


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20/21. I dated this guy for about 3 months (December 2008-February 2009) and then I broke it off because he was trying to control me and I wasn't going to go through that again.

Before we broke up he was living w/me and subletting his apartment. Well once we broke up I wanted him gone. Unbeknownst to me he had gotten himself a residency permit which meant I could not legally kick him out. I spent 9 months fighting this. In the meantime he would slap himself in the face until it was bright red and then call the cops and say I was beating him,

I would get arrested and then let out the next day when he decided not to press charges. Oh and he did that about once a month. The apartment was in my name so I couldn't just leave it without penalty so I was essentially stuck. He had manipulated the police department into believing him so nothing I tried to get him to leave worked. Finally in December of 2009 I had met a new guy, well the ex decided it that if he couldn't have me, no one could. He dead bolted my bedroom while I was sleeping so I couldn't get out and he told everyone I know that I had herpes and had a history of getting knocked up and getting abortions which essentially ended my new relationship. I couldn't take it anymore. I called my dad, had him come pick me up (I lived 1300 miles from home), broke my lease and got out of there.


21/21. When my ex and I were going through a divorce, he decided to share with me that a year and a half prior, he had in fact took my dog (she was 14, had her since she was 6 weeks old) with him to work, dropping her off in the middle of nowhere on the way. She was afraid of him, but he lured her into his truck with the words that every dog loves, "bye-bye". He even left the gate open to make it look like she got out on her own.

I searched for that damn dog for months. He sat back and watched me cry, put up posters, go to every animal shelter around us.

I hate that f*cker...not only for that reason.



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