Identical Twins Share The Most Embarrassing Time They Were Confused For Their Sibling.

Twins have a seemingly spiritual connection and often they even finish each other's sentences. When you know someone your whole life, you're bound to have a lot of interesting stories.

Here are twenty-two of the most embarrassing moments twins have had when being confused for their other half...

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1/22. My twin was dating a guy in college, the first time he came over, I opened the door and he kissed ME. I turned and yelled "your boyfriend is here!"


2/22. My twin brother had a huge stash of inappropriate magazines in his closet and I always wondered where he got the money to buy them.

One night I walked into a nearby convenience store with some friends and the guy behind the counter threw me out. I had no idea why. When my friends asked he told them he had caught me stealing porno mags the week before.


3/22. My twin brother recommended a restaurant to me. Said that he and his wife went there all the time, good food, really friendly staff...

So I took my wife there. Food was as advertised, but the service... somewhere between cold and openly hostile. Like they resented our presence. I was puzzled by the contrast between what I'd heard and what I saw.

Suddenly from the front of the restaurant, explosion of laughter, much rapid talking, suddenly the waitress is there, smiling and all... just as my brother and his wife walk around the corner.

They thought my brother was cheating on his wife with some blonde... Yeah, it's funny now.


4/22. My father spent a year abroad before returning to enroll in the same college as his twin brother. The first few days were pretty standard, acquaintances of my uncle mistaking my dad for him, business as usual. That was until one girl approached him, publicly mind you, and with a wink said "you were really great last night...

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I gave your number to a few friends, I hope you don't mind."

Naturally my dad went from there to immediately seek out and congratulate his brother on his good fortune...and hopefully share in the spoils. On the way he found himself receiving a disproportionate level of sly smiles and sidelong glances from some of the groups he passed.

By the time he finally found my uncle, he was thoroughly perplexed. Surely his brother couldn't have been this lucky, they were good-looking guys, but this was just ridiculous. My uncle flushed and faltered when confronted by my dad. He stammered and tiptoed around the issue before my dad finally got it out of him. How had he managed so prolific a penile pedigree?

He hadn't. Turns out my uncle had spent all his money in the first few weeks and had turned to desperate measures for cash. He had been working as a stripper, doing mostly private parties, but naturally word got around.

So for the rest of the year my father had to contend with the fact that a good number of the people on campus had effectively seen him naked.


5/22. Not me but a co worker has two sets of twin daughters.

The younger pair are identical and both work at the same McDonald's. The manager often puts one on the pay window and the other on the food window just to mess with customers.


6/22. I went to a party once, and my bald identical twin bro had yet to arrive. His girlfriend was already there, so I gave her the obligatory friendly hug, then sat on the other side of the room to hang out.

This other guy, a mutual friend of his and hers, kept staring at me, then staring at her, with this real nervous "WTF" look on his mug. For about fifteen minutes, every so often, this guy would look around nervously and then furiously text on his phone...

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Then my brother arrives. He kisses his girlfriend and says hi to everyone, and this guy blows up.



7/22. Not an identical twin but married to one. When I was dating my wife, she and her twin sister had a bunch of friends over. I walked over to her and put my arm around her and she leaned into it. I leaned in for a kiss but then she pulled away. I thought, well maybe she's not comfortable with a little peck in front of our friends since we hadn't been dating for too long.

Then I scanned the room and made contact with my girlfriend. I looked back in awe that I had my arm around her sister (who was messing with me until things went too far). I then tucked my tail between my legs, walked over to my girlfriend, put my arm around her and said, "well, will you give me a kiss?"


8/22. My brother and I look startlingly similar, even being almost 2 years apart.

I've gotten harassed by teachers, faculty and other members in grade/high school for being 'in the wrong room' or 'this isn't your lunch schedule' or had people get furious that I didn't know what they were asking for/about (homework, sports practice, whatever).

What takes the cake is I had leg surgery in highschool and somebody called me out for 'faking my injury' because he saw me at practice at night, and in a wheelchair during the day.

Don't flip somebody out of a wheelchair at school. Seriously. Who fakes broken legs to be cool?!


9/22. My twin had recently committed suicide and I was at a bar drinking away my rage and a friend of his came up and flipped out on me saying how awful of a joke it was and took everything I had not to remove their teeth with my fist.


10/22. My father is an identical twin.

He was mistaken for my uncle while walking with a woman hand in hand down the street in London, England...

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The witness was a friend of my aunt, and immediately called her to accuse her husband of infidelity. She was at that moment sitting beside my uncle in Ontario, Canada.


11/22. I've been called my twin sister's name my whole life... So one day I accidentally introduced myself to someone as her. When I caught and corrected myself after, they thought I was straight up nuts for not knowing my own name.


12/22. Not a twin but dated one of two identical twins. They used to play pranks on me where they would pretend to be the other one / switch places to test me.

That all stopped when I walked up to the wrong one, grabbed onto her butt, and told her some of the very explicit things I had planned for her booty later that night.

Needless to say one twin found it hysterical while the other one less so. Pretty much for the following three years we dated the other twin used to say "Goodnight and guard your booty" every time we went to bed.


13/22. When we were in the 6th grade, my brother decided he wanted to stay at home because he wasn't feeling well. So far, there had never been a day where only one of us was at school but I didn't think anything of it. I was walking down the hall and all of a sudden I was pulled in by a teacher who I had never seen before and she started yelling at me (and I mean yelling at me) because I had skipped her class and I had the audacity to walk in front of her class right after.

It was really awkward to just say, "Uhh, I have an identical twin brother... My name is J". She of course, thought I was making a terrible excuse and I had to go get another teacher that knew I had a brother to come tell her that I was telling the truth. She never bothered me again!


14/22. Embarrassing I guess...more just totally terrible. We were out with friends and he decided to go to one of the back rooms which was set up for a private party with bottles of spirits everywhere. Well he decided to take a bottle and run off...

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Cut to me in the club and some bouncers come up to me and take me to a back room saying "Oh you're messed up mate, we saw you on camera stealing a bottle bla bla". I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about and they thought I was just playing dumb to get away with it. "Stop it mate, we got you on camera" "..."

Somehow finally convinced them I had a twin so they fished him out and they eventually say we need to come back tomorrow to settle the 'damages'.

That didn't happen.

Fast forward to about 2 weeks after I'm staying at my GFs mum's house and get woken up by her mum at 6am: "Harggot, the police are here" "what..".

Got arrested and put in the police van where my twin is already sitting.

Interviews...long waiting...dissapointing polystyrene 'lunches'. Get off with a warning. Thanks Jon.


15/22. Some girl decided to suggest that I date a guy that looked very, very much like me. Yes, those were her words.

"There's this guy, who looks so much like two should get together!"

'Is his name (name)?'

"Yeah!! You've met him?"

'Yes, that is my brother!'


16/22. A friend and his wife go to the same supermarket every week. His identical twin also goes there, with his wife.

One day, after summoning up the courage, the cashier pulls my friend's wife aside and says:

"I'm sorry to have to tell you this but I've seen your husband here several times with another woman."


17/22. Not a twin but a mistaken identity.

I was working at local grocery store as a cashier. My next customer was a lady maybe mid-30s, she walked through my line looked at me and said, "When did you start working here?"

Me - "Uhh... bout a year ago I guess."

Lady - "Does your dad know you work here."

Me - "I sure hope so since my mom works in the Pharmacy."


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A look of pure shock ran across her face as she gasped, "Ermergerd, I thought you were my son..." I did not know how to react I just stared at her. "You look just like him, this is weird."

Me - "Well a little since you are his mom" I laughed.

I never saw here alleged son to know if we looked that similar. And every time after that she would come there my line and call me Junior. That was when it got weird.


18/22. My friend Daniel got caught stealing. He said he was his twin, Alex.


19/22. My friend Alex got caught stealing. He said he was his twin, Daniel.


20/22. My sister and I had been asked all through out school if we had ever switched classes. So our Senior year of highschool we finally decided to do it. I wore and outfit of hers and did my hair like hers and vice versa. I sat through her art class no problem. The teacher never f*cking noticed. She sat through my American Government class and the teacher waited until the last few seconds of class to make the announcement, "I'd like to thank Kate for visiting our class today, please tell Becky we hope to see her back here tomorrow." Did I mention my American Government teacher was f*cking awesome?


21/22. My grandmother was an identical twin. Her sister passed away before I was born. She didn't like to tell stories from when she was little, but she did tell me one mistaken identity story.

She was in their bedroom one night when they were really young and saw her sister through the window. She started talking to her sister to see why she was outside at night. Then she realized it was her reflection. My grandmother had mistaken herself for her twin.

One day I was looking through her photo albums and came across some pictures of her twin in her coffin. That picture haunted me until I actually had to see my grandmother in her coffin.


22/22. When I was in grade school, a boy there had a crush on my twin sister who was in his class. He would sometimes get us mixed up and talk to me as if I were my sister.

This wasn't anything new, I just play along and relay the information to her later. One day though, he came over and started rubbing my back as I was eating in the cafeteria and telling me how pretty my hair was. He left and I just thought it was weird (I was 6) and shrugged it off. As I was walking out of the cafeteria I saw him in the hall, and he walked over and grabbed my shirt from the front and looked down it at my chest. He went "OoooOOOooh!!" Then ran away.

I was VERY confused and talked about it later at the playground with my friends. They told me to tell the principal, who said he would "handle it". 10 minutes later I see him being dragged out on the playground to say sorry.

We were pulled out of that school the next year.



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