21 Parents Share Something They Wish Their Kid Hadn't Admitted To Them.

Parents of Reddit were asked: "What's something your kid(s) have admitted to you, that you wish they never would have told you?" These are some of the best answers.

1/21 "What are all those dark spots on the wall by your bed?" "Boogers."

I shouldn't have asked.


2/21 "I hate my new gold-digging step mother and her two bitchy rat-faced daughters". My son then proceeded to detail words and actions of the three of the above. He was already in therapy, so I mentioned it to the therapist who wasted no time bringing them all in for a family therapy session.

My son repeated what he told me. His dad defended his new wife. She abruptly left the room after she told my son to f*ck off (he was 12) and my ex ran after her. My son refused to ever live with/see/share any part of his life with his dad again. I don't so much wish he never told me. I wish it never happened how it all went down.


3/21 "It feels goodly weird when I stretch my penis out like this."


4/21 I told my blind son when he lost his first tooth at age 6 that he looks like a jack-o-lantern. He immediately ran over to the full length mirror and twisted his head every way he could to try to see his mouth (he has a little peripheral vision). When he couldn't see himself he climbed back in bed with me and said, "Daddy, I wish I could see my smile." Broke my heart.


5/21 My son admitted to me that he had sex with 2 girls while I was in the kitchen baking him a cake for his 16th birthday. One was keeping watch at the door while the other had sex with him, then they switched. I remember them shyly leaving the house after I yelled down the hall to tell him his cake was finished. We have always had open dialogue about everything, but this was one piece I could have gone without knowing.


6/21 I wish they hadn't told me about the old man my wife was having over on weekends while I was out of town. =/


7/21 I have been very open with my daughter (18F) about relationships, sex. etc. I can't say I really WANTED to hear today that she is having sex, but on the other hand, I'm glad she told me so I can get her some birth control.

It's just really uncomfortable when your child (who is now an adult) tells you she's having sex. But I didn't express that of course, and talked to her again about birth control, condoms, emotional stuff with relationships, etc.


8/21 He told me he was a huge Nickelback fan. I have not talked to him since.


9/21 My elder son was, at the time 2. He walks up to me with this disgusted look on his face, grabs my hand, pulls it towards his mouth and spits out a chewed up turd. He then says "Daddy, I bite poo."

I wish to god I hadn't seen, known of, or been nearby for that.


10/21 It's not that I wish I didn't know - it's that I wish there was nothing to know.

Heroin addiction. 20 bags a day, 30 on Fridays because party! She's 30 days clean. I know what the statistics are. I'm not expecting miracles. I'll take every day I have.


11/21 My daughter went into a serious downward spiral around age 15. She was suicidal, and eventually ended up being institutionalized. I was visiting her, and she told me one part of her story which was she was raped in her school bathroom. That hurt like hell to hear.

The doctors were also helping her deal with something else - hearing voices. When I was sitting at the same visit, I asked her: "so, do you hear voices right now?" She said yes. I paused, and then asked her: "So what are they saying?" And she said....

"Kill yourself. Kill yourself now. Kill yourself. Kill yourself now."


12/21 My son was 8. He looks up at me from an app game he's playing and says with a completely serious face and tone, "Daddy if you were a zombie I'd hit you in the face with a pie...Then stab the pie. I'd be sad, but I'd have to man up."


13/21 After a rough day of me being cranky because his behaviour was driving me nuts, I went into my 7 year olds room while he was in the shower and found a picture he had drawn, of a stick figure in the middle of two rows of stick man heads, the speech bubble for the heads said 'ha ha ha ha ha ha' and there was an arrow pointing to the middle stickman with a comment that read '(his name) the worst boy in the whole world'.

This broke my heart. I ended up crossing out the 'hahahaha' bits and replacing them with 'we love you' and 'your the best' and crossed out 'worst boy' and replaced it with 'most wonderful boy' and left it on his desk for him to find. When he found it and came in to see me, the happy smile on his face made it all better again.


14/21 My daughter agonized over her decision to finally choose to have an abortion. We talked about it endlessly.


15/21 My son told me he was tired of living in his body. He is 14 years old and has Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Even though he always has a smile on his face, I always questioned in my mind whether or not he was in pain. He is developmentally and mentally age appropriate, speech is normal, and his disability is mainly physical. He walks with a walker, wears leg braces, and is constantly fighting his muscle tone.

The sentence that he spoke killed me. I wasn't ready. We cried together, and because he's a friggin awesome kid, he ended up wiping my tears and telling me it was ok. Most days are great, but the ones that aren't are really sad. I love him, and I wish I could take away his pain.


16/21 That he got my new car to 143. Yes, I know it's fast, but don't tell me you took my less than 2 month old car out and drove it that fast.


17/21 My 6 year old son told me that we couldn't leave my mom's house to make the long drive home until her 15 year old foster son woke up. I asked him why. He said "He promised me candy after he touched my private parts last night". Absolutely everything came to a screeching halt. I don't remember much from the rest of that day.


18/21 Even though I knew it was coming, I wish I hadn't heard my daughter say she knew Santa wasn't real. It was very much a reminder that my once little baby wasn't a little girl anymore.

It's not as serious as the rest of the things here, but with Christmas coming it's been weighing on my mind a lot.


19/21 My son has just started speaking complete sentences. Sometimes he doesn't know how to convey his feelings. He hugged me the other day and told me he was sad. I asked him why and he said, "Because you can't put me night night today". His mom and I are separated and I was dropping him off. I wanted to cry right then.


20/21 My son recently told me that his step mom is his mom. Hands down, that has been the hardest thing I have ever heard to date.


21/21 I was trying to figure out who was cumming in all of our empty shoe boxes but my 13 year old son told me he did it. I gave him a time out.



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