21 Real Life Superheroes That Will Make You Believe The Day Can Be Saved.

Everybody has a hero inside them somewhere, and some people just have to let it out. Don't let anyone tell you your dreams are impossible.

Here are 21 real life super heroes who are out saving the day. Enjoy! And make sure to check out the sources at the bottom for even more.

1. Wheel Clamp Man

City of Origin: Perth, Australia

Sometimes a hero has to work in the shadows to do what they feel is right. Well, hero might be a stretch for Wheel Clamp Man, but hes definitely someones saviour.

His chief heroic activity is actually a crime. Dressed in neon tights and a fake moustache, and armed with his trusty angle grinder. He patrols Perth for illegally parked cars and actually cuts the wheel clamps off. Saving grateful motorists a hefty fine and earning him a troubled relationship with the authorities.


2. Terrifica

City of Origin: New York City, US

Terrifica donned her persona with a specific crime to stop, preventing women from being taken advantage of when theyre out having fun. Patrolling the nightlife of New York City, Terrifica has made quite a name for herself before she retired.

She even had her own nemesis, the sleazy player Fantastico.


3. Knight Warrior

City of Origin: Salford, UK

You dont need fancy gadgets, a good workout or any kind of training to be a superhero. You just need the desire to do good. Thats what Knight Warrior believes at least. The 19 year old UK superhero works as a gardener living with his mother by day, but by night he patrols the streets handing out meals to the homeless and breaking up rowdy pub fights.

According to him his secret weapon is his flashy costume, stunning them into silence. I guess in real life its hard to be angry enough to fight when a guy in colourful tights shows up. After a particularly bad night, he's hung up his cape. But no superhero actually stays retired right?


4. The Flashing Blade

City of Origin: South Shields, UK

Mysterious like the night, The Flashing Blade made a dramatic entrance one fateful night in 2007 and hasnt been seen since. A gang armed with chains and knives attacked two unarmed detectives. However, before anything could happen, he kept like a panther into the group waving a katana and shouting Leave him alone! Hes a police officer! (Story continues...)

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The sword caught one of the attackers on the arm, causing the rest to run and flee before The Flashing Blades signature technique. Described as a man in his 40s with a moustache, he made his exit after making sure the officers were safe and hasnt been seen since.


5. Shadow

City of Origin: Somerset, UK

Like Batman, Shadow is a hero that works in the dark. Eschewing the flashy pomp of his contemporaries, Shadow has taken up the mantle of the ninja four nights a week stopping muggers and drug dealers. His super power? A hearing aid that amplifies his ability to find distress.

His most notable heroics include stopping a carjacker by throwing a pair of nunchucks at him. Tying him to the lamppost by his own legs and calling the police to handle the paperwork.


6. D.C.'s Guardian

City of Origin: Washington DC, US

Truth, justice and the American way. DCs Guardian dons an American flag inspired costume with a mask to conceal his true identity. His reason? So anyone can see themselves behind the mask, inspiring the hero in all of us.

Somewhere between superhero and activist, Guardian is most well known to citizens for patrolling the streets handing out copies of the Bill of Rights.


7. Dark Guardian

City of Origin: Manhattan, US

Like the Punisher, Dark Guardian is the type of hero who goes after a specific kind of target: drug dealers. Equipped with a strong physique and years of martial arts training, he keeps the parks safe by scouting the area after dark and shining a flashlight in the perps face before shouting his catchphrase This is a drug free park!

He was actually caught on video in Washington State Park breaking up a drug deal. A viral hero for the digital age.


8. Captain Australia

City of Origin: Brisbane, Australia

Simultaneously competing for best dad ever and most embarrassing dad ever, Captain Australia is a father of two by day and a superhero by night. Taking to the Brisbane streets in his makeshift costume (those are gardening gloves). (Story continues...)

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Hes still learning the ropes, but this takes my dad could beat up your dad to a whole new level.


9. Thanatos

City of Origin: Vancouver, Canada

Proof that just because something is dark and scary doesnt mean it cant also be good. Thanatos based his name off the greek personification of death and made a costume to fit.

His main focus however is community involvement, passing out food and clothing to people stuck out on the cold Vancouver streets. Hes been operating for about three years now, earning the respect of his hometown for his down to earth heroics.


10. The Crimson Fist

City of Origin: Atlanta, US

At only 56, The Crimson Fist might seem like an unlikely hero. All the best ones are underdogs though right?

On his first night on the beat, he witnessed a citizen being attacked in a dark alley and ran in without hesitation. Managing to rescue the man and fulfilling his calling as a guardian of the night.


11. The Redbud Woman

City of Origin: Beijing, China

On the hypothetical real life Avengers that I am definitely going to put together, The Redbud Woman would be the heart of the team. (Story continues...)

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Spotted several times wearing her signature mask and cape, she is often found handing out food to Beijings homeless population. Proving that the real superpower is a heart of gold and a desire to help people.


12. Zetaman

City of Origin: Portland, US

Evil shall fear the light, thats the motto of Zetaman. His 30,000 volt taser is definitely going to scare any would be criminals. Hes never had to use it however, or his steel baton. Sometimes a flashy image is all you need to keep the streets safe of evil.


13. Geist

City of Origin: Rochester, US

Describing himself as a responsible, white collar worker by day, Geist adopts his dark persona by night to let out his inner ghost. His speciality is vandalism, patrolling city structures to keep them clean. Literally and figuratively it seems.


14. The Statesman

City of Origin: Birmingham, UK

By day a banker, The Statesman helps people protect their money by more conventional means. But by night, he patrols the city looking for burglaries to stop sporting a trusty flashlight and his Union-Jack inspired tights. (Story continues...)

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Id definitely trust this hero with my money.


15. Life

City of Origin: New York, US

Life attributes his heroic values to his upbringing. Just like trusty old Clark Kent, Life doesnt do the right thing because of the fame or a tragic backstory. He just wants to do good.

That doesnt mean he cant have a fashionable costume though, and he equips himself with hygienic supplies and food to give to the needy. Wherever they may be.


16. Nyx

City of Origin: New York, US

Picking up the great responsibility of justice at the tender age of sixteen, Nyx took her name from the Greek goddess of the night. She began in Kansas City, but now spends most of her time in NY helping out the homeless. Heres hoping for a Greek-god themed team up issue with Thanatos.


17. Mr. Xtreme

City of Origin: San Diego, US

A seasoned veteran of the superhero community, Mr. Xtreme has been keeping San Diego safe for almost seven years now. By day a security guard, hes earned a couple gadgets that brings out on patrol with him. Carrying a taser, handcuffs and three cans of pepper spray.

He admits that he doesnt have to resort to that very often, but as a superhero who works with the law hes instigated his fair share of citizen arrests over the years.


18. Pheonix Jones

City of Origin: Seattle, US

If these people made a superhero team together, Pheonix Jones would be the angsty no-nonsense fighter of the group. His costume is built for serious protection, with a bullet proof vest and amor plating thats saved him from a few potential knife wounds over the years. (Story continues...)

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Inspired to take up heroics after his car was broken into without a single bystander even trying to intervene, Jones has already made a few headlines. He was arrested in 2011 for pepper spraying four people when he became involved in a street brawl.


19. Super Hero

City of Origin: Clearwater, US

A former professional wrestler, Super Hero picked up a different pair of flashy tights to fight crime. He has his own bat mobile, a 1975 Corvette that he uses to help stranded motorists along the highway.

Hes also the co-founder of real life superhero team Team Justice Incorparted, a non-profit that recruits other superheroes in the US.


20. Superbarrio

City of Origin: Mexico City, Mexico

The only person on this list to have had the honour of becoming immortalized in comic form, Superbarrio has been operating as a satirist, activist and superhero for quite some time now. He doesnt resort to violence, rather he prefers to use his persona to organize rallies against corruption and injustice.

He was featured in the comic Crisis, and in 1996 declared himself a candidate in the U.S. election.


21. Master Legend

City of Origin: Orlando, US

One of the oldest and most experienced heroes on this list, Master Legend has been operating since he was 16 years old in the 1970s. Thats right, before super heroes were even cool.

His long career has attracted a lot of attention over the years, including an article in Rolling Stone, a documentary film and an upcoming television pilot on Amazon. Just like his name, a lot of his exploits have become myth in the superhero community. But he is perhaps most well known for helping Super Hero set up Justice Inc. With a costume like that, hes the Batman to SHs Superman.


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