21 Walmart Employees Share The Weirdest Thing They Ever Saw A Customer Do While Shopping.

Walmart employees were asked: "What are some of the craziest/dumbest things that you have seen customers do while shopping at Walmart?" These are some of the best answers.

1/21 Wore a batman mask while riding a bike through the grocery aisle until they crashed into a display of coke cans.


2/21 One time I was talking to my coworker while putting movies away, this guy walked up to us and was watching me, and kept rubbing his nipples. We both asked multiple times if he needed help and he kept saying no. He proceeded to follow me around while rubbing his nipples through his shirt for about an hour and a half, the managers wouldnt do anything.


3/21 Middle aged man with his daughter, she was probably 3. She was having a hissy fit as 3 year olds tend to do. He was dragging her and then hit her so hard. If he had hit me that hard I would have bruised badly and cried, and I'm an adult woman. She immediately is on the ground crying and his yelling alerted a manager close by. As I'm grabbing a phone my manager grabs my arm and says "Don't call the police, it's not your business" and she walks up to the man with a huge smile and says "How can I help you?"

You bet I called the police anyway. She found any reason to try to fire me after that. So I quit about a week later.


4/21 I used to go to the Mcdonald's inside the store for my breaks instead of the break room because it always smelled like sh*t. I witnessed a guy, on multiple occasions, come into the Mcdonald's with a 5 pound container of potato salad, and eat it ALL while I was on my 15 minute break.


5/21 This guy was coming through my lane (also night shift) and all he bought was a 20 oz Mountain Dew. He seemed nice, made regular cashier chat. Transaction finished.

Me: Enjoy your Mountain Dew!
Him: Thanks. I'm gonna drink it and pretend it's your juices.

And then he walked away.


6/21 The maddest I got was when this older lady kept asking me questions, which I don't mind, but kept rudely disregarding everything I was saying because I'm a girl. She insisted that she could charge an iPad with a Tracfone charger then parked her wheelchair(Walmart's automatic cart wheelchair things, she wasn't disabled), in front of my register so "nobody else could take her spot in line while she went to find a MAN who knew how to do his job."


7/21 I worked for Wal-Mart for a summer in college. My very first day was a Saturday and I was told to report to the back of the store at 9 a.m. I showed up as a crowd of Wal-Mart employees gathered in the layaway area for the weekly store meeting. I stayed towards the back, being the new guy and all.

Midway through the meeting, an ancient old lady showed up, hunched over and shuffling behind her cart. She approached me and loudly asked me "Where's the bathroom?" I pointed across the gathering at the bathrooms in layaway. She shuffled past me and it hit me. The smell, oh my god the smell.

It was a mixture of hot porta potty, roadkill and burnt hair. It was viscous, like opening a trash can filled with rotting possums on a sweltering summer day. I couldn't just not smell it by not breathing. It forced itself upon my nostrils, and this category five sh*t wind was heading for the heart of the Wal-Mart employee pow wow.

I was preoccupied trying to restrain my gag reflex, and before I could warn my new colleagues, she had already reached the center of the room. The eye wall of Hurricane Stank had made landfall. I could see everyone in the vicinity turn visibly green as they comprehended the rotten misfortune that had befallen them.

As the door to the women's room closed with a gentle thud, the entire room erupted in unfettered gagging. One lady puked in the water fountain, another in a trash can. Since I had weathered the storm already and had a chance to recover, I stood at the back of the crowd and beheld the sight. A masterful mass crop dusting, the likes of which I may never witness again. Bravo, old lady. I can only imagine you sold your a** to the devil. What a hell of a welcome to Wal-Mart.


8/21 One day, I had finished cleaning the women's bathroom, and noticed that the toilet bowl in the handicap stall was cracked. So I put up out of order signs in and on the stall/toilet (couldn't lock it so the plumber could get in) and notified the manager. So the manager gets there and decides to close the entire bathroom. It's one of those that has a tiled 90 degree bend entry, so there's not a door to the bathroom. I put a chain across the entry, and like 4 very obvious signs.

The manager is standing there still, I'm on the phone with a plumber. This... very large... women barrels down on us, blows past every sign I've posted, goes straight past 3 empty, unblocked toilet stalls, and plops herself onto the cracked handicap toilet. I'm not about to chase this beast into the bathroom, and neither is my manager.

The toilet holds until the deed is done. Then, we hear a crash, followed by a horrified scream. The beast comes raging out of the bathroom, soaking wet from waist down. Just raging like a lunatic.

I slink off to "meet the plumber" and let my manager deal with it. Also, I was giggling hysterically at this point and had to get away before she ate me or something.


9/21 I saw a girl looking at the toys, maybe 7 or 8 years old. I noticed that she'd been there for about a pretty long time which wasn't too unusual (parents drop off kids as they shop) but something seemed wrong. I asked her if she needed any help and she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said she couldn't find her mom. Well no big deal, people lose their kids/parents all the time. "Follow me, I'll get on the phone and call them! We can sit on this little bench and wait."

So we paged them and no one showed up. About an hour passed and still no one. My managers are getting pretty concerned. I buy a lego set out of pocket and we sit on the floor of the fitting room and put it together so she doesn't panic. Another coworker buys her an ice cream cone. Probably at hour two now and management lets me know that they've called the police because the cameras show the girl has been in the store by herself for six hours. She didn't know her phone number. About five police officers show up suddenly and I keep hanging out with her because I felt like 7 year old me would have been scared sh*tless. They take my statement and eventually the parents call the store and the cops drive the girl home (about 10:30PM by now). Apparently the parents "forgot" she ever went with them and assumed she was at a friends house...


10/21 A woman managed to open and drink an entire bottle of wine inside the store before anyone noticed. She then proceeded to vomit most of it back up.


11/21 At around 9:30 or so, this portly redheaded women, in a blue tracksuit comes through my line. I don't really remember what she bought, probably just normal stuff... Her total came to $13.85 and she starts pulling out cash to pay. She then hands me 7 $2 bills. Now, I don't know how common they are other places, but this is in Nebraska. She basically would have had to purposely ask the bank for this sh*t and she had a stack of them. I know we accept them, and it's definitely legit money, so I accept it, hand her her receipt and think that's it.

She turns away, then turns back and just says. "Do you know where the nearest Fazzoli's is?" My mind just completely sh*ts the bed. I haven't gone to a Fazzoli's in years. Does Fazzoli's still exist? I tell her that, no, I don't know where the nearest Fazzoli's is. She responds with, "It's on 124th and Main. Now you know!" and just zips off. I'm convinced I met a space alien trying to pass itself off for human that day.


12/21 Things were usually pretty tame but when people were shopping for rugs they'd open up the whole rolled up package, take off their shoes, and walk all over the carpet as if testing it out for whateverthef*ck.

I just found it so crazy and disgusting because I'd have to roll them back up. The aisle always smelled like feet too.


13/21 I had a couple come through my checkout at almost closing time...after I'd worked a 12 hr split shift...when I rung in a $25 electric toothbrush. Wife decides she doesn't want it. So I void it out Then husband says how he DOES want said $25 electric toothbrush. So I put it back through. They have a huge fight over it & wife subsequently blames me. Somehow. She tells my manager... All the while her husband is telling me how sorry he is for what a "horrible c*nt" his wife is being to me. Wtf


14/21 One day a customer approaches me and asks for the RV supplies. Given this Walmart was located right off a major freeway we got a lot of RV'ers so the question was common. I gave her the usual polite answer that this Walmart just didn't carry RV supplies and either direction on previously mentioned freeway for 15 minutes would get her to a Walmart that did.

She stared at me as iff I had just started talking an Alien language and she slowly repeated me "There ain't no RV supplies here??" Her tone suggested she was in utter shock at this revelation.

Me: "Yes Ma'am thats correct"

Her: "This here is a false Walmart!" She starts to rant at me, waving her arms around for dramatic effect. "This is false advertising! This ain't no Wal-Mart at all. I'm going to sue you, and the managers and everyone working in this false Walmart!! This Is A False Wal-Mart!!" She is bellowing as loudly as she can and actually walking away from me at this point. Her rant goes on and on, repeating basically the above, all the way to the front door. It took all of my willpower to not start laughing at the ridiculousness of her display.


15/21 Had a really rough looking guy come into the store one morning. Pretty sure he was on meth. He proceeds to walk throughout the store concealing things in his coat from electronics to hardware, etc. Finally he goes to leave the store and I try to stop him but he runs. He runs off property and I follow which I'm not supposed to do but I lose him as he rounds a corner. We call the cops and give a description but they cant find him right away. I get a call about an hour later, apparently he had ducked into the nearby car dealership, locked himself in the bathroom, and crawled up into the ceiling tiles. Cops had to taze him to get him down. The guy had warrants in like three counties.


16/21 Had a guy arrested once because he picked up a small cooler and then emptied about $50 worth of shrimp into it in the bathroom and tried to walk out with it.


17/21 This... guy would come in about once a week and would ask me all sorts of personal questions. He had a daughter (I think, he had zero resemblance to her) who would check out Disney princesses while he spoke to me. Every time he looked at me, he had this look in his eyes that made me really uncomfortable. It was sort of the way I imagine predator looks at prey, like with a little bit of analysis and desire at the same time. I'd try to scurry off into the back room whenever I saw him. One day he approached me and asked if I would want to go out for dinner with him. I politely declined, and he said "Oh, it's because of your boyfriend isn't it. He's that guy who looks like ____ in the ___ department isn't it?" I was afraid that he even knew or paid attention but bf and I ended up both quitting shortly after for unrelated reasons.


18/21 I was working in Missouri at a Walmart at the time and they had a deli section near the front restrooms, complete with tables and chairs. This made it an ideal spot for taking my breaks and such. On one occasion I head from my register towards the women's restroom. I round the corner and spot an old man and woman (probably in their 70's) talking to the woman behind the deli counter. Seems legit. Except the old man had no pants on. No underwear. Wearing a Hawaiian tourist type shirt, sunglasses, socks up to mid-calf and some loafers. Dude is completely bare from the waist to his socks...

I double take, cause that's a lot of saggy ball to take in. I stand there and gape, this is the LAST thing I expected to see when running to the bathroom on my break. The old lady is holding the guys pants, trying to convince the man (her husband I think) to put his pants back on. The guy is too busy talking about the price of our chicken strips with the deli associate. Deli associate is fully aware that this old man, with his balls that sagged so much with extra skin he could have used THEM as his pants, is butt naked the whole time, and still she manages to sell him some chicken tenders. Completely nuts man. Pun intended.


19/21 One time I had this lady come into my line around 11 at night. I was super tired and I was supposed to have been gone by 10, but got roped into staying. So, I'm all out of f*cks at this point. This lady, who was completely normal until the end of the transaction, when it comes time to pay, lifts up her skirt and shoves her arm between her legs and comes back out with money. CASH. TWENTIES.

This lady looked around- I don't even f*cking know why she looked around, cause there were people watching her and that didn't stop her- she casually glanced around and then lifted her skirt up, reached under and magically pulled bills from what I'm guessing is her vagina. I didn't see vagina, but that money was damp, yo. And I took it! I was so done, I just grabbed the money and threw it in the bottom of my till. Then she says, as I hand her the change from her Coochie Currency, that she finds it nasty that women put change in their bras. Like....what the actual f*ck.


20/21 I was stocking pharmacy/HBA (shampoo etc) on the overnight shift. It was about midnight or a little after. I was stocking aspirin, and there was a mid-20's guy in the same aisle. Every time I bent down to pick up another handful of bottles, he would sidle up close, and sidle away when I stood up. At first I thought he was nervous about asking for something, then I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye, and...he was jackin' it. Straight up jackin' it in Walmart. I calmly put down my stock, walked away, and found the nearest manager. He ran out so they didn't really do anything.


21/21 Making a complaint about the "person" in the self-checkout machine being rude and rushing her. She actually thought someone was sitting inside of it.



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