24 People Share Stories Of Their Most Bizarre Celebrity Encounters.

It's rare that we get to come across celebrities. Some stories can be happy, some can be unfortunate, but the best stories are the ones that are just plain...weird!

Below are 24 stories of people who had an incredibly bizarre experience with a celebrity. Check them out!

1/24) Bill Nye pulled into the parking lot while my friends and I were hanging out. We thought it'd be funny to go ask him how to make bombs. He said that he would love to 'show us how to blow ourselves up'.


2/24) I met Alan Rickman as he was going into a theater. I blurted out, "I think you're awesome!" He stopped, turned around, looked me right in the eye and said: "Likewise", with a smile.

I have loved him ever since.


3/24) Not technically me, but got into a cab and the driver immediately started telling me his last fare had been Ralph Fiennes. Apparently Fiennes noticed the pictures of his son on the dash and driver admitted his son was a massive fan of Harry Potter, so Ralph offers to give him a call. So the guy calls his son and says 'I've got someone very special here who wants to talk to you', Ralph takes the phone and goes straight in, full Voldemort voice, with 'So I hear you think you're a strong enough wizard to defeat me??' Apparently for the next few minutes all the cabby can hear is lots of tough talk and then a lot of shouting 'expelliarmus!' 'you'll never defeat me!' and then a very convincing death gargle. Ralph passes the phone back, signs a bit of paper which the cabby showed us 'To George, The greatest wizard I have ever duelled' and then tips very well. pretty cool I thought... Not a lot of kids get to duel Voldemort over the phone.


4/24) James Franco spoke at my university last year. I waited around after his talk with my friend because she wanted to try to get a photo with him. He was a great guy and took his time with all of the people there. I took the photo, we had a nice chat with him, and as we were heading off, she gave him a hug. I just looked at Franco and said, "Dude, don't I get a hug, too?" He simply responded, "Come here, man."

It was a great brohug.


5/24) When X-Men was being filmed in my city, I was working at a grocery store. We had people come in from the film throughout, and I was working a closing shift one night and Patrick Stewart and Halle Berry came in and Patrick and her were walking down an aisle and she had two big security guys with her. There wasn't that many people in the store but as they came towards where I was working the security guards positioned themselves to I guess "protect" her from me or something. Thing is I don't give a dang about Halle Berry. So I walked by them, completely ignoring her and looked at Patrick Stewart and said "you're way better than Kirk." He gave me a smile and nodded at me and one of the security guards cracked up a little like "he doesn't even care it's Halle Berry." I mean, you don't run into Picard every day.


6/24) I met Bill Clinton at a book signing and asked him if he likes squids. He said "Well to watch or to eat"? "To watch," I responded. Bill was about to sign the next guy's book and he pauses, cocks his head in my direction and says, "Yes I do".


7/24) Obama bought me a hot dog

He came to my university with David Cameron in the spring. I was among a group of students invited to sit by him. He was asking everyone around him if they wanted hot dogs, but they were all reluctant to say yes. I was just outside of his "offer-a-hot-dog" radius, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. So, I reached over and said "I'll have a hot dog!". He gave me a weird look, and then turned around. Later, after the hot dogs came (he bought other people hot dogs too), he looked back at me and asked, "Did you get your hot dog?" I replied with a firm "MYEAAAH THANK YOU!"


8/24) I met Lil' Jon at JFK when I was about 14. My brother and I noticed him but were too afraid to go up. Our Aunt shamelessly went over and said "Are you little John?'. He responded calmly "yes ma'am, I am". Totally shook my perception of him.


9/24) One time I was in a Subway in Orem, UT and Gerard Bultler walks up behind me. I look at him, he smiles at me, and then we both pretend that he isn't himself. I say, "You look like Gerard Butler, he's one of my favorite actors." He said, "I get that a lot," and winks. Then he asks, "Well, are you a true fan of his?" And I say, "Of course!" He asks if I knew what he used to do, I reply with, "He used to be a lawyer, before giving that up to pursue acting," and then we spent the next twenty minutes discussing law, politics, and why someone would give up a successful career in law. Then, we shook hands and parted ways.


10/24) I met Mel Gibson one time (pre-racist meltdowns.) My uncle was one of his assistants and at the time, they were talking about how Mel was about to buy a jet. My uncle says: "Don't you want to at least see it before you buy it?" Mel responded "What am I gonna do? Walk around and kick the tires?"


11/24) Last winter I was in the British Virgin Islands and I ran into Morgan Freeman. He was sailing around down there and his boat was on the same dock as us.

First night there, a little girl was fishing next to our boat right off the pier. She caught a fish (pretty small one). Morgan Freeman walks by as her dad is helping her take the fish off the line. They don't speak any English (they were Spanish), but he says to her anyway "Wow! Looks like I'll be having dinner on your boat tonight!" Little girl just lit up like a Christmas tree. Really cute.

Also, his boat is named "Afro-desia" Brilliant pun.


12/24) Years ago, I'm with some friends at this shitty bar in New Orleans. A friend of a friend is playing an acoustic show, and we're the only ones in the bar. Out of nowhere, this giant crowd comes into the bar, and out of nowhere, Nic Cage emerges. Where we're sitting, between us and the stage, is a dance floor. He falls to his knees, and starts doing this weird dance thing. It looked like the pic of Hendrix when he lit the guitar on fire. He does this for a very short amount of time, then he hops up, goes " Woooohooo" and saunters out the bar, quickly followed by all of his followers. It was surreal.


13/24) A buddy of mine was having a smoke outside a bar near Detroit, when Bruce Campbell strolls by. It's a little after 1 am and he's wearing ray ban shades. One of his friends sheepishly asks "Excuse me, are you Bruce Campbell?". Bruce stops, tips his sunglasses, and responds with "Well, someone's gotta be".


14/24) I was having lunch at a cafe in Culver City with a friend when Nick Swardson walked by our table. I said "hey Nick! Can I get a high five? I loved you in Grandma's Boy!!" So, he gave me a high five and then asked me if there was room for another at our table.

We were both somewhat confused but moved over and made room for him, so he sat down next to us and took a cookie wrapped in cellophane out of his pocket and said "Hey, do you guys want some of this cookie? I just got it at the counter, it's so good!!" and proceeded to break us both off a piece. He asked how our day was going and if we were enjoying our food, then said "it was great meeting you guys, I'm going to go get really drunk now! Take care and keep being awesome!" and walked off.


15/24) My older brother was at a bar in LA during the night of one of the huge award shows. When he was reaching for his beer Amanda Seyfried (Karan in Mean Girls) took it and walked out of the bar without looking back. The guy next to him patted him on the back and offered a drink on him. It was Tom Hanks. What a class act.

16/24) I saw Aphex Twin on a train to London. I walked up the aisle and said "hey, you're Richard James, right?" He replied "Yeah, you want a sweet?" and proceeded to give me a steak and cheese flavoured hard candy... It actually tasted like steak and cheese...


17/24) My story: I met Bill Clinton when he was doing book signing for My Life. I told him he was the sexiest president we've ever had and he shook my hand twice. My friend did not get a second handshake.

My mother once literally ran into Dennis Rodman face first while rounding a corner in a Vegas casino. His security team was all over her for a moment until they realized she was just some drunk lady. Apparently he was very nice.


18/24) Not me but my dad. He's pretty oblivious to the celebrity world and Laura Linney moved into the apartment next to us and came over to introduce herself. After speaking with her for a few minutes my dad realized he recognized her and said "Wait I know you...did we go to college or something together?"


19/24) I literally ran into Tom Selleck a few years back. I was working at a store that sold cowboy hats and other assorted western things, and on this particular day, I had to dust off a bunch of cowboy hats that were on the tops of the hat racks. As I was carrying these hats through the store, making my way to the back room to clean them, I accidentally ran into someone and got quite a bit of dust on their shirt. I stared at the dust on their shirt, apologizing like crazy, then looked up - lo and behold, it was Tom Selleck. He was super nice. So was his mustache.


20/24) I've told this story before but my friend and I always "call out" everyday people that we think look like famous people. Example: see a red head "Hey look! It's Ron Howard!". We were in a bar in Boston and I saw a guy at the bar and I go "Hey look! It's Sean Penn". She goes "Bad call. Looks nothing like him". I look closer and go "Holy crap! It IS Sean Penn!". So I go up and thinking I am all cool I start talking to the guy who was with him. Sean eventually just turns to me, puts out his hand and says "Hi. I'm Sean". I am dying inside but trying to play it cool. We start talking and I tell him how I am a big fan of his but also his brother Michael Penn (musician). He proceeds to pull out his cell phone, call his brother and he hands me the phone!!! So I am talking to Michael Penn on Sean Penns cell phone. Michael tells me to call Sean "Sean-ie" cause he hates that. I do it and Sean cracks up laughing. Seriously one of the best nights of my life and why Sean Penn will always be ok in my book.

21/24) When I was a little I was having Chinese food with my mom in some hole in the wall place in Vancouver, and Steven Tyler came in, and saw me and said I was so cute, and gave me his bandana.


22/24) When I was about 10 I was in Chef Mickey's at Disney world, I had about 20 strips of bacon on my plate when a voice from behind me say "easy on the bacon young man" and there was Arnold Schwarzenegger. I told him he was the terminator and he laughed and signed my arm. I'm pretty sure my mother has a picture of my signed arm at the house.


23/24) I met Ken Jeong from The Hangover in Hawaii, and I walked up to him and said, 'You can suck my chinese nuts'. He looked at me kind of weirdly and laughed, we talked for a little bit but he was in a rush to get back to his family. I realized maybe he isn't as weird as he was in The Hangover and he seemed really calm and normal. But then, just as he left back he yells out to me..... 'TOODALOOO!"


24/24) Not me, but my dad. A couple months ago, he and his girlfriend decided to take an impromptu weekend trip to Vegas. They're sitting at this bar and notice this guy in a crazy outfit walk in. The paparazzi is trailing him and they get stuck behind a velvet rope near the entrance of the bar. As this guy is trying to sit down, these photographers keep snapping pictures.

My dad thought this was pretty rude. He pulled out his phone and started snapping pictures of the paparazzi. They start yelling at him and demanding to know what the hell he thinks he's doing and he just tells them that if they can take photos of someone who doesn't want it, then he can take photos of them.

After a couple minutes, a bodyguard from the guy's table approaches my dad and his girlfriend. My dad figures that they're too close and starts saying, "Sorry, we'll move down a bit," but the bodyguard interrupts him and says, "No sir, Mr. Rodman would like to know if you would join his table." They walk over and to their surprise, it's Dennis Rodman.

He thanked my dad for what he did and told him how it was one of the funnier reactions he'd ever seen to the photographers. He bought them a couple drinks and they sat and talked for a while; apparently he kept saying my dad was a funny guy (granted, my dad has a pretty decent, if dorky, sense of humor and jokes pretty much constantly).

Eventually my dad said they'd go back to the bar and leave him alone for a bit; he thanked them again. After another few minutes, the bartender brings over a bottle of champagne and opens it for them. My dad, being a wine lover, recognizes it as a bottle that runs several hundred dollars and stops the bartender in a panic, assuming he'd misheard their order. The bartender said it was taken care of, at which point Dennis Rodman taps my dad on the shoulder, says, "Enjoy it," and walks out.



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