24 Pet Owners Were Asked: 'What's The Worst Thing Your Pet Has Ever Done?'

Pet owners of Reddit were asked: "What is the worst thing your pet has done?" These are some of the best answers.

1/24 I was feeding my snake (live mice) and the mice dodged his attacks. He ended up biting himself and tried to eat himself. I had to pry his mouth open with a butter knife to get himself off himself.


2/24 I was peeing with the door open (dude) and my bunny came hopping in the room. I said hello and such. Bunny looked at my pee stream and before I knew it she jumped into the toilet bowl. Such horror as she was sitting in there chest deep in gross toilet pee water and getting splattered with fresh pee still as I didn't have enough time to stop the hose without hitting her stupid dumb face with my stupid dumb wiener pee.


3/24 My cat once caught a falcon, but didn't kill him. He dragged the bird into the house and set him free. Great, thanks Carlos for this. I always wanted a nearly unharmed predatory bird in my house to shit all over my place, while you are just lying there on the couch watching the show how I am trying to get the bird out of the house. Next time, just kill the stuff you hunt, okay!?


4/24 We have the world's stupidest dachshund. One time he sneezed next to a kitchen cabinet and hit his head on the door. He barked at the cabinet for hitting him.


5/24 The next door neighbour's kid was terrified of dogs. We had a big labrador, and whenever he came near, the kid would cross his arms and freeze. The dog just pissed on his leg as he stood there frozen.


6/24 We had this plant that had fake, long, thin leaves on it and my stupid cat would not stop eating the leaves, which resulted in him puking bits back up twice. So I took the plant and put it up in my closet. He was so pissed off about it, followed me the whole way right around my ankles, trying to trip me. He stood at my closet door for twenty minutes meowing, wouldn't let me touch him.

So a week later I was running late for work and I left my closet door open without thinking about it. I come home to find the plant dragged into the living room, leaving bits of fake dirt and rocks all over the carpet, cat piss all over my closet and the stupid plant, and like eight piles of cat vomit with little thin pieces of green leaves in it. Little f*cker waited for me to slip up once so he could do it, too.


7/24 Our cat shit into the sound hole of my guitar. Whenever someone [complains] about getting a pick out of their guitar, I tell them this story.


8/24 Had a sulfur crested cockatoo rescue in the house for a few months. Awesome bird, MASSIVE and so f*cking loud.

Made a shepherds pie, took forever to make and was my pride and joy I was going to live off for the week (it was massive). Left it in the kitchen to cool until I heard excited squawking. The cockatoo flew into it and was treating it like a bird bath, dunking his head and flapping his wings in the gravy. Then shit in it.

The pie was a total loss.


9/24 My dog herded 5 sheep into the ocean. They just disappeared into the sea. Grandpa wasn't happy.


10/24 As a kid we had a Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) named Boris. He would eat anything. He once chewed up our cordless phone and swallowed the battery from it, which began leaking acid in his stomach. I think my parents had to pay around $700 to have it removed. Another time he somehow broke into the pantry and ate an entire bag of prunes. Then the prunes did what prunes do, and he shit all over the house.


11/24 My new kitten peed in my grandma's knitting bag when I was little. You cannot imagine the fury. I was pretty sure she was going to make me return her.


12/24 My cat would frequently come home with a dead mouse in his mouth. We couldn't figure out where he was getting all these mice til the neighbour came by and told us Mr. Chips (the cat) was climbing into the neighbours Python glass enclosure and taking the snakes food (i.e. the mice).


13/24 My cat shat on my mother's shoulder while we were driving.


14/24 Oh my god. When my little Tater was just a puppy, he got off of his leash and ran all over the yard. Then he made his way out into the street. A car was coming. He didn't get out of the way.

The car went right over him. I cried so hard. But thankfully, he was so tiny then that all the car did was literally go above him. But he's learned his lesson about the streets.


15/24 This little shit has eaten $200+ in phone chargers and ethernet cables in the year I've had him.

I've tried buying him more toys to offset boredom. I've tried rubbing the cords down with apple bitter, apple vinegar, lemon juice, and even hot sauce (the only result is the funny face he makes while chewing). I have tried spraying him with water or distracting by throwing toys/treats across the room. Nothing!

I am indeed talking about an asshole cat.


16/24 My cat laid down on my chest and farted silently in my face.


17/24 My cat wanted pets at some random time in the middle of the night. After waking up both of us, my wife shoved him off the bed. So he jumped back up and proceeded to teabag her. Literally rubbed his little cat sack across her face.


18/24 Dog took massive dump in my apartment. Then the roomba scheduled to run mid-day did its job. Spread poop f*cking EVERYWHERE!

Technically the dog just pooped in the house and didn't drag that filth around by himself so I decided against punishing him. I did however start a new "no poop in the house" training regiment the next day.


19/24 When I was sleeping my cat jumped from the headboard on my bed to my face and proceeded to use my sleeping face as a spring board. Cut up my face good and woke me up in a complete panic.


20/24 My cat sprayed into my PC fan on the side of the case. It corroded everything that is of value. I got the PC for my 21st birthday & I had it for a few weeks. I was left with 1 stick of working RAM.


21/24 Not worst, but definitely stupidest. My one dog follows me everywhere like Mary's little lamb. One evening I gave the dogs baths and left their jingly collars off while they dried, which put them in stealth mode. Went to set the towels in the laundry room and then shut the door to the room on the way out.

Fast forward an hour later, I see one dog walking around and realize that I haven't seen the other one in a while. Search all over the house, last place I look is of course laundry room. My stupid dog was just sitting there. Never occurred to him to bark or anything, he just had this look on his face that said "This is my life now. I live in the laundry room."


22/24 I was changing clothes. My cat decided to attack my tampon string.


23/24 Broke and couldn't get the usual wet food flavour that my cat loves. He ended up peeing in the basket of freshly laundered clothes just before I have an interview the next day. Had to go to self service laundry at 2am at night so I have clothes to wear to the interview the next morning. Fun time :/


24/24 When I was a teenager, I came home late one night and closed my bedroom door behind me without realizing that our male cat had followed me in. I woke up to the cat pissing all over me. That mattress had to be thrown.



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