24 Surprising Things Most People Don't Know About Shrek.

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2/34 Nicolas Cage was offered the role of Shrek but turned it down because he didn't want to be associated with an ogre. He stands by the decision saying, "When you're drawn, in a way it says more about how children are going to see you than anything else, and I so care about that."

3/24 Mike Myers originally recorded Shrek's voice in a natural Canadian accent before the film was test-screened. After watching it he decided that it didn't sound right and asked to re-record all his lines with a Scottish accent, which is the voice his mother would use when reading him bedtime stories. It cost an additional $4 million to re-record his parts over 20 sessions.

4/24 The production team and writers consulted marriage counsellors for input about how people act when a relationship is struggling to make Shrek and Fiona's marriage difficulties realistic in Shrek Forever After.

5/24 At the time of release Shrek 2 had the biggest opening ever for an animated film, topping Finding Nemo and Toy Story 2.

6/24 The song "All Star" was used as a placeholder until a new song could be found but test audiences loved it. The producers kept the song and asked the band to sing "I'm A Believer" for the credits as well.

7/24 Shrek has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

8/24 Myers was in New York when producers realized that the line "What are you doing in my swamp!" had never been recorded. Producer Jeffrey Katzenberg flew to New York and had Myers quickly record the line in the back of a limousine.

9/24 Chris Farley was originally cast as Shrek and recorded 80% of the dialogue before dying of an accidental overdone in 1997. The role was recast with Mike Myers who insisted on a complete script rewrite to remove anything that had been written with Farley specifically in mind. He also didn't want to be influenced by Farley's interpretation so didn't listen to any of the previously recorded dialogue. Shrek's "air quotes" is an homage to Farley who used air quotes for his SNL character Bennett Brauer.

10/24 Head story artist Walt Dohrn would perform all the voices of characters during storyboard meetings for Shrek Forever After. When they couldn't find an actor who could match the hilarious voice he had for Rumpelstiltskin they cast him instead.

11/24 Writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio did not return for Shrek 2, despite the fact that they'd be nominated for Academy Awards for Shrek, because they felt the storyline should have remained a traditional fairytale.

12/24 The principal actors of Shrek never met each other and recorded their lines separately. John Lithgow was disappointed that he never actually got to work directly with Mike Myers or Eddie Murphy.

13/24 Steven Spielberg was slated to produce the film in 1991 when it was pitched as a hand-drawn animation starring Bill Murray and Steve Martin.

14/24 "Shrek" means "monster" in Yiddish and is derived from the German word "Schrek", meaning "terror".

15/24 Shrek was reviewed by DreamWork's lawyers before it's theatrical release because they were worried Disney would sue for the satirical references to Disney films and theme parks.

16/24 The special effects department took mud showers to study and perfect mud for Shrek.

17/24 For the Italian premiere of Shrek 2 the distribution agency purchased the commercial space on a sports newspaper: La Gazzetta dello Sport, which is famously printed on pink paper. For the premiere the issue was released on green paper and half the proceeds were donated to charity.

18/34 Eddie Murphy is the only actor to be nominated for a BAFTA for a performance in an animated role. He was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2001 but lost to Jim Broadbent for Moulin Rouge!

19/24 Shrek was the first winner of the inaugural Best Animated Film category at the Academy Awards in 2001, beating out Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Monsters, Inc.

20/24 Janeane Garofalo was cast as Princess Fiona but was fired without explanation after the death of Chris Farley. To date she still doesn't know why she was let go.

21/24 Butterfly Boucher recorded a version of David Bowie's "Changes" specifically for Shrek 2. Bowie was so impressed with the cover that he provided backing vocals on it.

22/24 The original title of Shrek Forever After was "Shrek Goes Fourth" until producers decided to not pursue a fifth movie and finish the series with the fourth.

23/24 Larry King's cameo was the first time that he had ever played a character other than himself in a movie or television show.

24/24 Eric Idle accused producers of ripping off Monty Python and the Holy Grail over using coconuts as horse sound effects in Shrek the Third. The producers defended the decision two ways: coconuts have been used as horse beats for years and the reference was actually done as an homage to Monty Python, not as a ripoff.

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