24 Tourists Share The Most Unexpected Thing They Saw In The UK.

Non Brits that visited the UK were asked: "What was the most unexpected thing you saw when here?" These are some of the best answers.

1/24 How in the early hours of the morning, there was trash EVERYWHERE from everyone going out to the pubs. But by 9am, everything was spotless again and beautiful.


2/24 I thought England would be all posh accents and tea and crumpets. I stayed in South London and it reminded more of the 'hood where I'm from in the USA.


3/24 It took me a while getting used to being asked "you alright?"


4/24 Went during summer, and everyone stood on the streets with their alcohol, no one is actually in the bar.


5/24 Everyone is f*cking terrified of wasps & will run around flailing their hands wildly screaming in an attempt to anger the wasp.


6/24 First of all I love the UK. Two things I was not aware of 1. That you really measure in MPH (was there by bike an everybody honked the horn). 2. That your girls wear not much when they party, whatever weather it is.


7/24 I went to a school in London for a few days. Someone had a banana case. I didn't even know that existed.


8/24 I'm Italian and my main experience with brits before I visited the UK were ghostly, pale, constantly shirtless people who turned bright red after a few days. The UK was surprisingly multicultural.


9/24 Foxes! What the heck. I'm from Australia and it was still weird to see animals prowling around your garbage.


10/24 Beggars being so polite...

Beggar - "Sorry to bother you sir, do you happen to have a spare 20p?"
Me - "Sorry mate, I don't"
Beggar - "Not to worry, thanks anyway and have a nice night"

..... What the hell!! I was really taken back by this, now i always just feel guilt walking through the town.


11/24 Nobody is afraid of the massive flocks of pigeons in London. How are you not afraid of ALL of those pigeons?


12/24 Your love for baked beans. Baked beans even in a KFC? Really?


13/24 Signs telling me that I had to pay more to eat in. Mate, what the f*ck is that? Shit like this is why we started our own country, with blackjack and convicts.


14/24 The ciders. Holy Cow. There are like 3-5 cider taps in every pub and they're all different from pub to pub. Old Rosie is like the nectar of the Gods.

That and the real ales. Oh good lord I miss the real ales.


15/24 I visited London in 2013, and I was surprised by all the places that had Free Wi-Fi. As long as you had an account for the Cloud, you could get Wi-Fi almost anywhere. Even the London Eye had it!


16/24 The tube. Contrary to the hell that you always rant about my tube experience was quite pleasant. The trains ran intricately and smoothly.


17/24 A bit lame, but I nearly got killed by looking "left then right" as an habit before crossing.


18/24 I saw one of those Buckingham palace guards sneeze. I'm pretty sure that's punishable by death by drawing and quartering.


19/24 It was more what I didn't see. I had just arrived from Australia in January. It was 8am on the train and it was pitch black. Sun not up. That was just insane to me.


20/24 Student studying in UK for a year. When it rains, nobody actually gave a f*ck about carrying an umbrella and they just continue to walk as if nothing happens. People actually go bonkers about sun coming out. In my own country, people who go on walks at 3 in the afternoon are either construction worker or wanting to be burned to death.


21/24 The incredible amount of different flavours of chips (crisps?). Until I visited a UK supermarket, Tesco I think, I only knew salty, paprika and bolognese.


22/24 Booze in supermarkets. Getting your beer and food in the one shop? F*cking brilliant.


23/24 Went to St. Paul's Cathedral. I was of course amazed by the architecture, the sculptures, and the various pieces of art and history. But I did not expect that, behind the church's High Altar, is an area entirely dedicated to the US as thanks for their alliance in WWII: the American Memorial Chapel. It's beautiful and deeply reverent. Kept in a glass case, there's a massive tome that lists the names of every American Soldier, Sailor, and Marine stationed in the UK who died in the war.


24/24 Single windows. Why you people take pride in being cold I'll never understand.




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