25 Astounded Students Recall The Dumbest Thing A Teacher Has Actually Said To Them.

It's a bit awkward when the person expected to teach says something utterly... well, let's just say "uninformed." And it can be touchy to bring up the fact that a teacher is wrong. Sometimes, you just have to let things go...

Here are twenty-five times a teacher said something dumb in class.

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1/25. A girl in class asked to use the bathroom during a test. The teacher said no. She said she was on her period. The teacher then said "prove it. Bring me the wrapper (of the tampon)."

He was fired for this.


2/25. Went to catholic school, had a nun for sex ed (I mean, what were they thinking?) class in...6th grade?... Was told if we masturbate too often we'll run out of semen, as the body doesn't produce more, we're born with the amount we have for life...I'll admit, it curbed my want to do it...for about 2 days, then I figured it was worth the risk.


3/25. I had a teacher who didn't like students leaving his class to use the toilet. We were aged 16-18 at the time and every time a girl asked to leave he'd say: "Do you really need to go? ... will there be a puddle on the floor if I don't let you."

Well there will... but it won't be what he's thinking...


4/25. In a geography class, my teacher gave us a quiz on population densities. We had to calculate the population densities of a few areas and then rank them from highest to lowest. Population density = population / area.

I got my quiz back a few days later and noticed that I lost a mark because I had an area with a population density of 0.03 ranked higher than a population density of 0.01. I redid my calculations to make sure it wasn't just a calculation error, and then went to talk to her to see where I went wrong or to get my mark back. I confront her about it, and then:

"But 0.01 is greater than 0.03!"

Have you ever heard a teacher say something so fundamentally wrong that you had to stop for a moment to make sure that you haven't made a horrible mistake?

I argued it with her for a bit (the entire class could hear us) before I finally decided a mark wasn't enough to make a teacher hate me and sat back down.

The next day she decided to make a joke about me not knowing how numbers worked during the lesson. I was kind of pissed off at that point, so I offered to ask my math teacher for her next period. She confidently told me that I could just go right now and ask a math teacher, so I did. After explaining the situation, I got the math teacher (who gave me a very confused, concerned look) to write and sign a piece of paper saying that "0.03 is greater than 0.01".

My geography teacher asked me if I finally understood, I gave her the piece of paper, and she didn't talk to me for the rest of the day.


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5/25. I was 16 and told by my substitute science teacher that it is impossible for fraternal twins to be boy/girl. I am a fraternal twin girl with a twin brother.

The teacher was not convinced and I was sent out of class for causing a disruption.


6/25. A friend's world history teacher told his class that Confucius once remarked "It is wasteful to try to kill a fly with a cannon or a bullet." Someone mentioned that Confucius lived thousands of years before gunpowder was invented, in response to which the teacher argued he was right for some time. The next day he told the class "Even though he wasn't right, they shouldn't have questioned him because he has authority and experience."

He is not teaching at our school next year.


7/25. Teacher: Ok class, today we are going to learn about President Roosevelt!

Me: Which one?

Teacher:...President Roosevelt

Me: Oh I'm just asking because there were two

Teacher: No, there was only one president Roosevelt

Me: Well, if I recall correctly, there was Theodore, then Franklin

Teacher: No, there was only one (rolls her eyes, gets this annoyed look on her face and starts going through her "president" flashcards)

Teacher: (Suddenly looks shocked but also even more annoyed), hmm I guess you're right; anyway...


8/25. My biology teacher was asking us for examples of extinct animals, one person said dragons and she agreed with him. I was later sent out of class due to attempting to contradict her.


9/25. In grade 6 we were doing space topics for a week or so IN SCIENCE CLASS. I asked my teacher why the moon was so bright at night, she said "It's because it's a star up close..."


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10/25. "Snakes regurgitate their waste through their mouth, they don't have any other holes."

I've had pet snakes since I was 5, I knew she was wrong. Had to get a book to prove her wrong. She gave me detention for arguing with her.

I took the matter to the headmaster. He agreed she was an idiot and removed the detention. She was fired 2 months later. She marked students down for submitting work that contradicted her religion.


11/25. I had a high school teacher tell the class that if we all sent a letter to Congress saying we were being taxed without representation, we would not have to pay taxes. She was not joking. She taught economics, American history, and civics.


12/25. "If you turn two pages at a time, you can read a book faster." and "If you find a word you don't know, just replace it with the word 'elephant', and keep reading." Seriously. Year 4 and 5.


13/25. Not me, but one of my younger brothers. In 4th grade, he had a teacher that was new to the district. I had helped him with his math homework, which was simple multiplication (note that I am 5 years older and was a year ahead in math, so 9th grader taking 10th grade math).

He comes back with his graded paper a couple days later with a few of the problems marked wrong. She had marked 0xn=0 as right, but nx0=0 as wrong. He tried to tell her she had erroneously marked them wrong. She says, no, he had the wrong answers. He asked how. She proceeds to tell him that "Zero times a number is zero, but a number times zero is the number."

Even after my mom sent in a note, she refused to admit that she was wrong and never changed his, and I assume everyone else's, grade.


14/25. I knew a teacher that hated germans. So at the start of a school year she would have students do a "family background" project. After the projects were turned in, she would be mean and unfair to the students with German backgrounds.


15/25. I was making small talk with a teacher from my high school that was chaperoning me in an after school activity. I asked her where she went to high school, after she told me, she asked me where I went to high school.


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16/25. In middle school I had an argument not only with my science teacher, but my whole class, that a mile was in fact longer than a kilometer. They all were telling me I was dumb and didn't know anything.


17/25. I was writing spelling sentences in 2nd grade. For the word "practice", I believe, I wrote "I practiced karate in the dojo." My teacher would not accept that Dojo was a word. She thought I meant dog. Super Mario RPG taught me that word.


18/25. All of the ink in my pen ran out during class, and I wasn't allowed to ask for a pencil in my elementary school history class. We were required to copy the teachers handwritten notes from these big chalkboards that spanned each wall...

My teacher at the time was this grumpy old lady. I raised my hand several times to ask the teacher who told me to put my hand down and copy the entire 4 boards before asking any questions. None of my classmates had an extra pencil, and I couldn't get anyone's attention to try to throw me a pencil discretely, so I did the only thing I could think of at the time. Being a huge smarta**, I started copying the notes in yellow highlighter, partly to spite the teacher and partly to look busy and kill time while I waited for her to finally answer me. She got up to check on everyone's progress and when she got to my desk, she freaked out.


"Copying the notes."

"With this?!" (She snatched the highlighter from my hands)

"Yeah it's all I had, you wouldn't let me ask for another pencil so it was the best I could do."


I honestly never heard anyone say that before, so I started laughing which was the worst possible thing to do while she was enraged. The whole class was completely silent and I quickly realized that was the wrong move. She sent me into the hallway to wait for the rest of the period and called my parents in for a conference. They took my playstation 2 away for a whole month for being insubordinate and wouldn't even humor the idea that my teacher said she would crucify me.

The rest of the year students would joke about being sacrificed in her class if they didn't do their homework assignments or copy the notes in time. She was never penalized.


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19/25. Year 10 (so I was 15), put in a group with the two "best friends" of the class who decide that, instead of discussing the topic (I dunno what it was, the class was English), they just talk about random stuff (sports and crap). Obviously, I have nothing to do since we're meant to be discussing the topic.

Teacher sees me doing nothing, comes over, tells me I should be doing something.

I say "they aren't doing anything either, they're just talking about personal stuff".

She replies "yeah but at least they LOOK like they're doing something"

So I ask her "...so you don't care what we do, as long as we 'look' like we are?"

She hesitates and says "Well... yeah"

And that was the day I lost faith in the educational system.


20/25. In 3rd grade I wrote a story about a dog named Ferdie, which was short for Ferdinand. I never explicitly pointed out the nickname relationship in the story, and everywhere the dog's name appeared it was marked as a spelling error, resulting in a C+ overall grade.

I was confused and approached my teacher to ask what was going on, and she said that I had misspelled 'Freddie'. I said no, it's Ferdie, short for Ferdinand. She said, oh, okay let me fix that, took the paper, crossed out the C+ and wrote as big as you please, "F, for lying!"

Long story short, this event pushed me to math and science where I could prove that I was right.


21/25. Once a math teacher was really offended with my notebook with a picture of a monkey on the cover. We all gave our notebooks to her so she can grade our homework and later she called me up and told me to change my notebook since it has a monkey on the cover and what is she supposed to think.


22/25. Guidance counselor: "you won't even get accepted to that school and even if you did you'll never graduate", thankfully I did both without his "optimistic nudge". When I was young I did not realize as much that losers walk in all professions of this life.


23/25. In the uk.

Had an accounts and finance class when I was 16. Had a trainee substitute teacher one day and she clearly didn't like me. Obviously thought I was a smartar*e. Maybe I was but I was 16 and got top grades in this class. Unknown to her, I am deaf in my left ear. Since birth and it was on my school files. All my regular teachers and classmates knew.

She was trying to make me look like a jerk and asked me a really obnoxious question. I genuinely didn't hear her and said "pardon."

She then responded in a really cheeky voice "are you deaf or something?"

Couldn't resist at that point........

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"Yes miss, have been since birth. Nothing in my left ear. What was the question again?"

Complete silence as she's just realized she's insulted a "disabled" kid. Everyone else was sniggering and the smug grin on my face probably didn't help. My mates were shocked as I've never shot somebody down, never mind a teacher. She changed the subject but we could all see her trying not to break down.

Got called to the heads offices so she could explain, got persuaded not to make a complaint against her.

I've never been cheeky to a teacher but I hope she learned something from it.


24/25. An English teacher once instructed me to capitalize all pronouns after commas.


25/25. Hard to choose. In high school my French teacher translated the sentence "Tout le monde avait l'air miniscule" to "Everybody was carrying a small wind". When I suggested it might mean "Everyone looked very small" she insisted her translation made more sense. The text was about a girl standing on top of a tall building, looking down.

In English class we were reading a text about the Northern US, and the text mentioned mountain lions. That made my teacher remark that this made no sense as there are no lions in America. When the rest of the class chimed in, I said that a mountain lion is a cougar / puma.

To this my teacher replied that cougars aren't lions and that I didn't know what I was talking about. So take your pick.




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