25 Gamers Confess The Hardest Decision They Ever Had To Make In A Game.

People on Reddit were asked: "What was the hardest decision you had to make in a video game?" These are some of the best answers.

2/25 I had a guy character (am a guy) with a feminine name on Runescape. Guy offered me 100k to 'cyber.' Thought about it for 30 seconds...and was 100k richer the next time I logged out. On second thought it was one of the easier decisions I made...


3/25 What to drop in order to stop being over-encumbered.


4/25 'Should I toss this baby penguin off of this floating mountain?'


5/25 The first little sister in the original Bioshock.

You just dropped in this bizarre submarine city, alone and lost, and you have this little girl at your mercy. The guy that helped you since you stepped into this world is telling you that she's evil and you have to kill her. A random girl you just met is screaming that you have to let her live. All while the little girl is crying and begging for her life. With no clear indication that any of the two choices is a good decision.

At the time it was a shock for me. It was the very first time that, while playing a game, I had no idea what to do, what I should do, what I was supposed to do. Also the very first time that a game managed to make me feel bad about the act of killing someone. I remember letting her go, because I couldn't bring myself to kill her even tho (at the time) I was convinced it was the bad decision and that it would come back later to bite me.


6/25 Pokemon. You've just finished the game and now you want to play again. But the Pokemon who've come with you on your journey...

Delete Save File?


7/25 Pick up item and have to walk back to sell it, or leave it and be able to run back and sell all my other sh*t? Just kidding, pick it up. Every time.


8/25 Go back and cash souls, or push through and hope there's another bonfire before the boss.


9/25 Finishing Red Dead Redemption again, or just roaming around at the farm stage. John for life.


10/25 The choice in the walking dead series by tell tale games where you can either let go of Ben's hand and he fall to his death or you pull him to safety. It was hard because Ben was so useless and annoying yet when I let him die I felt guilty.


11/25 Quitting Civ 5 at night so I can get some sleep before work the next day.


12/25 Dropping my Companion Cube in the incinerator. There was nothing else I could do, but I agonized so long over that.


13/25 Shoot Lee or let him turn? It didn't help that I couldn't see or think because I was crying so much.


14/25 Should I let him trim my armor?


15/25 I recall a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV that made me feel this way.

It was completely standard on paper: just drive to a spot on the map, find some scum criminal, take him out. When I got to the destination, it turned out to be a disgusting meth den, littered with spaced-out addicts. My target was writhing on the ground, high out of his mind. He didn't even notice that I came in with a shotgun aimed at him. The moment was so sad and strange.


16/25 Megaton or money.


17/25 To kill the council or not to kill them (mass effect).


18/25 If I should use my Megaelixer or not.


19/25 To smash my pad through the tv screen or against a wall after a Fifa loss.


20/25 This War of Mine. Sentence two elderly folks and their adult son to a slow death by starvation by stealing their food, or go home empty-handed and let your sick member die from weakness? Beat the homeless refugees to see if they have any scraps worth stealing, or run out of water because you can't make any more filters?

It's the only game I've ever played that I literally had to put down because it was so upsetting. I think I played maybe 10 hours and I haven't touched it since.


21/25 Sparing or killing Paarthunax in Skyrim.


22/25 What to name my characters on WoW.


23/25 Mother f*cking skill point allocation.


24/25 Crusader Kings 2 is a great game for this. At one point I was King of a prospering Italy, and married a Byzantine Princess in order to get an alliance with the powerful Empire to my east. Upon the death of the old emperor his son inherited the empire, but my wife had a strong claim on the Byzantine throne, which the vassals in the empire promptly decided to press. The new emperor crushed the rebellion and imprisoned my wife/his sister.

This put me in the position that I couldn't press her claim with my superior armies anymore. However me and my wife had a son together, and I knew he would inherit her claim on the imperial throne if she died.

So I had the possibility to arrange to assassinate my own wife so my son could be made emperor of Byzantium. I arranged for her to be "attempted" to be busted out of prison, an operation during which she'd be killed by the guards. When I pressed the button to give that order, I realized that game had laid bare the darkest most machiavellian corners of my soul. But then I conquered Byzantium for my son, and knew that I was a great father after all.


25/25 Imperial or stormcloak, completely wasted the CWO that I install every time I start a game. I have never picked a side.



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