Older People Confess The One Thing They Like Best About Millennials.

Older people on Reddit were asked: "What do you like best about the younger generation?" These are some of the best answers.

1/25 I like how these kids coming up actually give a [crap] about each other. Has there ever been a time in history when racism, homophobia, abuse, bullying, sexism, and just generally being a [jerk] were so universally demonized in the general culture?


2/25 Thanks to the Internet, they've been exposed to a lot more of the world than I could ever have dreamed of when I was a kid. This has made them more tolerant and accepting of other cultures. I'm quite proud of how easily my kids will befriend people from different backgrounds without giving it a second thought.


3/25 I think you have all grown up in the midst of a polarized culture and come out, surprisingly, with pragmatic views much more often than your elders. I have many peers and relatives who are still posting political screeds on Facebook, but I rarely see that from the current generation. You guys know you live in a crowded world and you just seem to get along better with people.


4/25 Mostly, I like that (most of) you haven't thrown in the towel. This is such a hard time to be young. I don't know if I could have cut it if I had to live at home for years after college and work in jobs that didn't challenge me. And yet, I see the kids of this generation really stepping up. Space X, alternative fuels, 3D printers...all big answers to big problems.


5/25 I like how they stay off my lawn.


6/25 Probably won't believe me but way less violent. I read a lot about bullying but it has probably become more psychological and less physical.


7/25 Honestly, I like how well and willingly they communicate with people of older generations.

When the Baby Boomers (my parents, young people's grandparents) were young, their equivalent of "#YOLO" was, literally, "Don't trust anyone over 30." The standing opinion was that people over 30 at best weren't with it, and at worst, were completely full of [crap] and trying to pull one over on you, sublimate you into proper society and kill your dreams.

Needless to say, growing up as the first wave, Gen X children of the "Don't trust anyone over 30" generation didn't make for a lot of awesomeness in the communication department. It was replicated in a somewhat diluted fashion. "Parents Just Don't Understand." (Thanks, Fresh Prince!)

But now, it seems like teenagers and 20-somethings will actually ASK me for my opinion and treat my advice like wisdom, not proof that I'm inherently disconnected and untrustworthy. It's nice! I feel like this bond might even help a few 20-somethings avoid the same stupid mistakes I made at that age because it was still considered gross to talk to older people and treat them seriously.


8/25 I love that you are starting to think beyond disruptive technology and embracing things that have the potential to disrupt society. Yes, things like Anonymous and Occupy are important, but I think it's equally important that young people are inventing things like car sharing and Kickstarter.


9/25 Their social progressiveness. My sense is that bigotry and hate is more highly concentrated in older generations.


10/25 You kids can handle a much more complex Pokemon metagame than I could. Not just the newer typings, but the movepools, held items, abilities, and like 600 new Pokemon. That's a lot of variables to plan your team around!


11/25 I'm a private tutor for hs and college kids and was briefly a public school teacher. Many are self-motivated and savvy enough to at least google topics of interest. Many are more skeptical than my generation. Most are capable of managing their own time and not afraid to text or email about scheduling.


12/25 The attitude that young people have towards mental health is vastly different than most Baby Boomers. Young people are going to therapists, encouraging others to go to therapy, and talking openly about their own mental health in ways that the older generation doesn't seen capable of.


13/25 I have to hire and fire people at my company. I go on people's Facebook pages and see what kind of people they are. The younger they are, the more they post. I know who's trash talking their previous employer and why, if someone is late or no show I generally get the truth through social media [sites]. They are so good with technology and yet they show no common sense when using it. Either way it makes my job much much easier.


14/25 I really like the younger generation. Most of the ones I know in their 20s and early 30s are focusing on whatever quality they can give their lives, regardless of their financial situation. I know a lot of it is imposed upon them by a [bad] economy, but instead of sitting around whinging, they are going out and doing what they can with what they have.

Can't afford a car? That bike becomes a very sweet ride. Can't afford to vacation the Pacific Northwest with a trailer and such? Ok, cheapest transit up to the north, and then bike trip down the Rocky Mountain trail with a backpack, with some work along the way to pay for some little extras. I haven't seen the boomers do much of this when it wasn't a "lifestyle choice". I've seen the younger gen value making the most out of every moment they can with who they choose to share them with, and while I've heard that referred to as narcissism, I haven't seen that. Caring very much about the time and moments you have and who you share them with matters.

Best roasters in town? Younger gen. Best bakery? Younger gen. Best bike shop? Younger gen. Best firearms instructor? Younger gen. I could go on, but a lot of these people are and were never afraid of hard work, they just want to make that hard work count for themselves and their own futures, more than someone else's. I get the best and most friendly service at these establishments, and there is never any question about whether I'm getting the best quality product.


15/25 With the younger generation's anti-prejudice beliefs about everything from homophobia to racism and sexism, plus instant global communication, this generation is more capable of truly loving one another than any in the past.


16/25 The fact that things which used to be considered nerdy are now more socially acceptable. Everyone games, to some extent, for instance.


17/25 What amazes me about kids these days is their ability to learn new things so quickly, the overall adaptability, especially when it comes to technology.

I guess being immersed in it from day one allows for a quicker learning process, but I am much slower even it comes to learning new things.


18/25 They seem a lot more genuine in many ways. People my age tend to cloak ourselves in a protective layer of irony and detachment rather than actually feel anything. Frankly, it's exhausting. I'm glad sincerity has come back in style.


19/25 They don't judge each other as much. I worked at a pretty rough school, and although I was with ages 5 all the way to 11/12, I spent most of my time with the 9-12 age group. And even though some of them had some bad, judgemental parents and a rough home life, very rarely would they call each other names. Most of their disagreements and fights revolved around actions, not character traits, which was a pretty big change from when I was their age.


20/25 They believe in equal rights for all. These [politicians] in office are 50 and 60 and out of touch. I think the world will be a much better place when the 20 year olds are 60.


21/25 As a whole they have fantastic teeth, much better and ubiquitous orthodontia.


22/25 There's so many things to celebrate about the youngest generation. There has been and always have been bullies. But today's youngins video these nasty people and prove they are what they are or did what they did. Youngins are more likely to find and give help in anonymous internet crowds. Youngins have grown up with information at their fingertips and are far more willing to argue and fight against authority.

I believe the decrease in hard core right wingers and religious fanatics is due to the fact that a youngin can easily fact check things that are told to them. Now mean people and "politician/businessperson" are a stereotype and "victims" are supported in media, online, and other areas where public opinion is noted. With Facebook, youtube, and texting secrets are less likely to be kept.

Youngin are taught in school to work collaboratively, think creatively, ask questions and solve problems. Youngins have grown up in a world that is unstable and the US has been at war for most of their lives. They are harder, more cynical and yet they believe in and support each other. This gives me hope.


23/25 Their access to information gives them the ability to be the most informed generation in History. A child in a rural area no [longer] has to [rely] on their drunk uncle's advice on sex, sociology, politics, and music.


24/25 I will always talk crap about Hipsters. But, in all honesty, it's the best fad to ever happen. The Emos didn't really do anything besides open up sexual ambiguity and perhaps minutely raise awareness of depression. Punk Rockers (which I may or may not have been) acted political but really were just angry kids. Hippies... drugs.

Hipsters are politically active, creative/crafty, socially-accepting, and conservational. Veganism, vegetarianism, supporting local business, buying used products... Maybe they do it to be cool. Maybe they genuinely care. Doesn't matter to me. Thanks for being hipsters. Your pretentiousness is worth it.


25/25 I like the optimism and liberalism of youth. In their eyes, there is no reason the world can't be saved. I miss that feeling.



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