25 People Share What Happened When They Ignored The 'Don't Try This At Home' Warning And Survived.

We've all seen or heard the "Don't Try This At Home" spiel in some form or another, and it usually just goes in one ear and out the other, because it should be common sense not to do those kinds of things. Well, that's not the case for everyone...

Here are twenty-five stories from survivors who tried that thing at home.

Many thanks to Reddit user IAmZenja for posing this question. You can check out more answers from the source at the end of this article!

1/25. Friends and I were putting stuff in the microwave. Eggs not only explode, but they're hot as f*cking napalm.


2/25. Me and my friend decided to golf off each other when we were around 14.

The initial idea was to drive off the tee that was in our mouth, but common sense kicked in and we decided against it. But still wanting to go through with it, we decided to do it... with our butt cheeks... *cringe*

I went first as the hitter, and it went way better than I expected. I lined that sh*t up and drove it as far as I could, while still caring for my friends buttox safety. Not a scratch on him so I was ready to be hit off.

I laid down on my stomach and put the tee in place, and my friend lined his shot up once and goes all in for his swing. He follows through and puts the driver right into my a** cheeks, and at that moment it felt like every thing I once knew was wrong. And my a** was hurting like hell, but that's besides the point.

Listen to the advisory kids.


3/25. When i was like 10 or 11 my friends and I used to imitate jackass, but our "show" was called dumbass. I was the biggest one out of all of us so I took the brunt of the damage.

One of the dumbest things we did was have me stand on an office chair and another of my friends drop kicked it. I ended up falling face first onto the floor. I wasn't too injured, but it hurt.


4/25. When I was like 10 I jumped off my ~15ft deck with an umbrella.....Yea, don't try that.


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5/25. My brother an I got the bright idea to see what happens if you put one of the Co2 cartridges used for BB guns into a fire place.

Long story short the resulting explosion filled most of the main floor of the house will flying chunks of burning wood. Mom was not amused.


6/25. Dry ice and a little bit of water in a plastic bottle. Bad idea.

Bottle expanded but did not explode. We basically had an armed bomb laying on a soccer field next to a playground. We had to make it explode somehow so my dad took a long stick and hit it a couple of times. The bottle finally exploded and my dad heard ringing in his ears for about a year. We did not find any traces of the bottle.


7/25. Remember lawn darts?

My group of friends made our own rules. Two teams, one in the front yard, one in the back. One member from each team on the side lawn from where you could see both teams at the same time.

The goal was to rifle that fucking dart (we only had one, lost the others in a game of "woods darts") over the house, and make a member of the other team, rightfully afraid for their life, move out of the way of the dart.

One point if you made them move. Minus one point if it landed within arm's reach and they didn't move.

This game lasted until someone's parents came home and were horrified when they saw what we were doing.

The 80s were a simpler, bloodier time.


8/25. I tried to make a potato launcher out of PVC pipe, one summer day. The guy on the YouTube video said not to try it at home without adult supervision, but of course at the ripe age of fifteen I wasn't about to let that stop me.

So I went to the garage on gathered all of the required materials (my parents probably wouldn't notice a bunch of PVC and their sack of potatoes was missing anyways), and proceeded to build my masterpiece...

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I figured that just having it shoot straight would be kinda lame, so I decided to pseudo-mod it by cutting a slit into the edge of the PVC cap to act as a sort of scope. Thing is, I forgot to shave off the ends that were stuck on the 'barrel' and proceeded to fire off my first round.

I ended up getting potato bits everywhere in my garage and almost cut my arm open on a flying piece of PVC.

Remember kids, do not try this at home is a valid warning.


9/25. My friends and I recently used our pool skimmer to have a pole vaulting tournament as seen on a Nationwide commercial.

The fact that the idea came from an insurance commercial should have been enough to deter us. Ended up vaulting all the way to the far end of the pool and smashed my feet into the wall. Besides my two sprained ankles, everyone else was fine.

Pool skimmer worked really well as a pole.


10/25. I had the great Idea to fire some fireworks inside my house.

You can try it at home but I would not recommend it, it was fun though.


11/25. Split a cucumber by throwing knives at it.


12/25. Decided to make my own fireworks.

Apparently potassium nitrate (or stump remover) and sugar mixed together makes for a pretty good smoke bomb. The way you make it is you mix the two ingredients together and put it in a pan over a small flame. the heat melts the two together into a chocolatey brown goo. If you put that goo into a cardboard toilet paper roll and stick a wick in there you have a pretty big smoke bomb.

The first time I did it we had a lot of fun smoking out an entire park. Then I decided we needed to go bigger. This is america after all. So I doubled the ingredients and started cooking it on my stove. Stupid me forgot that the video said MEDIUM TO LOW HEAT and I had the burner on high. Halfway through cooking it the heat caught the mixture on fire and started going crazy. I got my brother out of the house and dumped water on the mixture. For the next 2 hours you couldn't go in my house because the smoke was so thick you couldn't see more that 2 feet in front of you...

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My parents were crazy mad at first because the ceiling was burned, the counter tops charred, and the floor was even melted a bit. Then once they got the insurance money their attitude changed completely.

We now have a brand new kitchen that was way nicer than our last one.


13/25. I was staying at my friend Ben's house, who was a bit of a latchkey kid.

The movie Daredevil had just come out, and I was maybe 12? It was 2 in the morning and we were busy skating around the front of his house, annoying his neighbors.

I got the awesome idea that we should light the skate rail we had on fire, JUST LIKE IN DAREDEVIL! So, I grabbed a can of gasoline that was sitting in his garage, and proceeded to coat the rail with it. After coating the rail with the gasoline, I lit the gas and it was a little lackluster. I figured, "let's just throw some more gas on this THANG!" so I did.

The gas trickling out of the can caught fire and the can exploded in my hand. Luckily, my reflexes saved my a** and I let go of the can just as the flame hit it. Ben's lawn was completely aflame. I just walked inside and didn't do anything about it because I didn't want to get in trouble.


14/25. Ugh, I cringe whenever I remember this.

When I was 12/13, the movie Jackass was really popular and my friends and I would watch it almost daily. We thought they were all so cool and funny for doing stupid sh*t for the sake of a laugh. Well, we would try to recreate some of the stupid gigs they performed. One day while my mom took my friends and me to the grocery store my friends convinced me to pull a "prank" on some dude shopping.

I grabbed a huge pack of toilet paper, walked right up behind this dude, and threw the TP at this guy's back. He turned around and screamed at me (a little nerdy twelve year old girl in glasses) and walked away. I have never been more mortified since then and from that day on I decided that Jackass was actually really stupid and immature.


15/25. Probably every wrestling move on my brothers in 2000/2001. Sometimes went wrong and hurting them (ex. powerbomb on wooden edge of the bed).


16/25. You know those parkour videos? I tried doing some of that when I was twelve. I jumped from a bench onto a small wall and I landed on my belly. Ugh, that was painful. I couldn't breath and my thighs hit the edge, so I couldn't walk either.

But I looked cool, right?


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17/25. I was told to not try making small firecrackers at home. I still have all 9 of my fingers, and I had fun too.


18/25. My brother and I made thermite in high school and melted a Gamecube, among other things, with it. I feel like Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman told us not to try that at home at least once.


19/25. My brother and I would play WWE with some of our friends as kids. And the jackass would never let anyone win, so one day he came after me when I had one of the championships, I forgot to say that he had the other two belts.

So he and I had a match, and at one point I decide to go for a powerbomb, I couldnt lift him up all the way and dropped him on the air conditioner, "accidentally". He was on the ground, lying in the fetal position in a puddle of water so I went for the pin, and the b*stard puts his arm up.

I remember the kids that were doing commentary screaming out of shock. I waited for him to get up and went for a superkick, I "missed" and he pushed me into the bottom left corner of the window, and that piece broke and I got a cut on my forehead.

I wanted to cry so bad but he tackled me into the wall, put me on the bed and did a "rock bottom" from the bed onto the floor. He pushed me off the goddamn bed. He pinned me, and won my damn cardboard belt. He held all the titles in our little wrestling group at the time, and I still hate him for it.


20/25. Did the pseudo-jackass stuff growing up. No friends died. This was from around ages 8 - 16.

We tossed batteries/soda cans/aerosol cans into each other's camp fires as practical jokes.

One time we stood in a giant cardboard box (from a fridge) and chucked knives through it while we took turns standing inside the box.

Faked a skateboard accident with a half pipe and ketchup in our front yard and stayed in character when a lady called police. Police were not happy.

Potato guns were fun and not dangerous. Until Connor took a potato to the chest.

We detonated pipe bombs in our backyard and hid behind thin plywood.

Shot each other with "one pump" BB guns.


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21/25. I saw a dude at a science expo pour a small amount of "alcohol" into a glass primo sized container and light it into a pretty blue rolling flame. I procured the glass jug, "alcohol" and proceeded to make a blowtorch/jet engine thumb frying device.


22/25. I wore a baseball hat a little too much, and had this huge ass clogged-pore skin type thing on my forehead. It looked like a pencil eraser smack dab in the middle of my forehead. Had it for 2 months with no change. I researched online and found that with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a few friends, that I could use Wart Freeze-Off and might have some luck with getting it off.

I told my doctor and she laughed in my face. She said 'Good luck with that, let me know how it works out'. I took that as a challenge, and just to make sure, verified there was no major facial nerves that I might accidently freeze.

In the end, it worked better than I thought. I essentially killed all the cell tissue, and it fell off, and healed up fine.

10/10 would do again.


23/25. When I was about 10, I folded myself into a sleeper sofa with the help of my cousin. Here's why this is an incredible bad idea:

You cannot breathe You cannot move You can shout for help, but your cries for help will travel at best 5 feet because your mouth is smothered by a mattress The spring mechanism in combination with your weight will make it nearly impossible for someone to pull the mattress back out, unless they are very strong or you are very light

My cousin had to run upstairs to get a grownup to flip the sofa on it's side so I could roll out. If I did this stunt while I was by myself I probably would have suffocated very quickly.


24/25. I hit a basketball sized hornet nest with a baseball bat. Much stinging. Much pain.


25/25. I drank antifreeze on purpose. It's both spicy and sweet at the same time -- not in a chinese food kind of way, in a chemical reaction on your tongue kind of way. It's delicious and if you taste it you'll understand why animals and children will drink it.

Not recommended.



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