25 People Were Asked: 'What Life Hack From The 90s Doesn't Make Sense Anymore?'

Ah, the good ol' days of slinkies, tamagotchis, and MapQuest. We look back on the 90s with nostalgia and wish we could bring back some of our favourite fads, but there's some aspects of the decade that just really wouldn't work in the land of iPhones and YouTube.

Redditors were asked: "What is your 90s / 00s pro tip that probably won't work today?" These are some of the best answers.

1. Waiting for a phone call and don't want your parents to hear it ring? Call the movie theater and listen to today's listings until you get a call waiting beep.


2. If you want to flirt with someone, go up to them and snap one of the rubber sex bracelets off their wrist. Now they have to have sex with you! If you're DTF, wear a bunch of rubber bracelets. Someone can come up to you and break one, indicating that they are also DTF. You can buy these at Claire's.


3. If your mouse is lagging, take out the little ball and clean it. It's probably just dusty.


4. If you have a quick message for someone, and you are near a payphone but don't have 25 cents, dial 1-800-COLLECT and when it asks to say your name, say the message real fast.


5. When you're watching scrambled porn around midnight on the Playboy or Spice channels, make sure you have Cartoon Network or ESPN on your "Last channel" button just in case mom or dad check on you.


6. Frost those tips to get mad p*ssy.


7. Never shut down your computer unless you see the "It's now okay to shut down your computer"


8. If you get a prank call, just dial *69 to call those f*ckers back and confront them.


9. Cutting the knees out of your jeans with scissors won't look authentic until the holes are too big to be cool. Use a belt sander to get that worn-and-torn look without having to wait absolutely forever because you bought Levi's because that's the brand that's available and affordable, not the high-end expensive brand so regular folks have to buy cheap sweat shop knockoffs that disintegrate immediately.


10. When you get a 2-day rental from Blockbuster in the evening, you actually have until the morning of the third day to return it without a late fee.


11. If you want to download a song, start downloading before bed. It should be at like 99% by the time you wake up


12. If the game isn't working, just take it out and blow on it.


13. When leaving your car hide your radio.


14. If you don't have any more room in your packed bags before flying somewhere, wear cargo pants and cram a bunch of stuff in the pockets. To avoid getting gouged on drinks at the airport, stuff a couple bottles of soda in those pockets, and a plastic flask.


15. Print out the directions from MapQuest before you go somewhere.


16. Save yourself a lot of time and invest in a VHS rewinder.


17. When you get upset throw your phone at the wall because its indestructible


18. Keep a disposable camera in your glove compartment.If you get into a car accident you can use it to take photos for insurance purposes.


19. When your best friend wants to spend the night at her boyfriend's, just use three-way calling. Have her call your house from her bf's, switch to the other line and punch in her home number, then connect to two calls and cover the mouthpiece and snicker as she tells her mom she's staying with you.


20. Run home and delete the messages on the answering machine after you got in trouble at school.


21. Pad all important files to 1.45MB so they're too big to be stolen on a floppy disk.


22. Make sure you always carry extra AA batteries for your portable CD player


24. Put that chicks name in your MSN status if you dig her.


25. Fold tape over dollar. Put in soda machine and pull it out. Free soda and change, repeat. Doesn't work anymore....stupid technology.



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