Students Share The Most 'Fireable' Thing They Ever Witnessed A Teacher Do At Their School.

People on Reddit were asked: "What is the most fire-able or illegal thing that you have witnessed a teacher or boss do and get away with?" These are some of the best answers.

1/25 I had a 8th grade english teacher leave his projector up while emailing two different woman very graphically about how his wife was out of town for the week


2/25 A gym teacher in my junior high, with the assistance of some lackey students, locked a mentally disabled student in a bathroom stall and poured buckets of water over the stall door on him.

Word was the kid, being mentally disabled, had had some sort of accident and this was their means of "cleaning" him. The teacher wasn't fired. He was offered early retirement at his full pension. There were no repercussions.


3/25 My old science teacher was ex-ASIO (Aussie CIA type thing) and water boarded a kid during class as a science experiment. It was awesome, and now we know why it's so dangerous.


4/25 When I was in high school we had a series of 'bomb threats' made by bored kids who wanted a half day off school. As a result, we had to do a bunch of lockdown drills. My Spanish teacher at the time was a really sweet alcoholic, beloved by his students. Super nice guy.

So one day we have to do a drill in his class. He looks over the instruction sheet the administration has passed out, then rummages in his desk and pulls out an 8" hunting knife. Holds up the knife with a grin and says, "Hey, if the bombers come in here, it's 30 to one! We rush them, yeah!" No idea why he had that knife in his desk.

He was fired a few years ago for pulling an unlicensed firearm in a local restaurant.


5/25 Female teacher told an entire class: "If girls don't want to lose their virginity they should have anal sex."


6/25 When I was in high school I was the schools student photographer and yearbook editor. Well, I was asked by several administrators, majority of the administration were females, if I can photoshop them to make their boobs look bigger. I did.


7/25 There was a science teacher at my high school who was teaching freshmen at the time. One kid just wouldn't quit disrupting class no matter how many warnings she gave him, so after maybe the third or fourth warning, she very normally walked back to the kid's desk and slapped him in the face. He actually fell out in the floor but got back up and sat in his desk. He didn't say anything the rest of class.

His dad actually worked for the school board, so after school he went back and told her he wasn't going to tell his dad. She replied with "I don't give a [crap] what you tell your dad."


8/25 This teacher would actually drink in the middle of class. Like, literally tell kids to do work then take a hit from a small flask he had in his coat pocket. This was in high-school. He was only "transferred" because of an accusation someone made against him.


9/25 One of my high school math teachers would look at porn during class. Pretty much all of the students knew that he was doing it, but no one said anything because he was genuinely an amazing teacher and we didn't want to lose him. The year after I graduated, a younger student saw him looking at porn when they went back to ask him a question (his desk was at the back and the computer faced the opposite direction of the students) and he was ultimately fired. I feel oddly conflicted by it.


10/25 My old German teacher used to cuss out the principal in German, etc. Best teacher ever, but had no censor. Still working in the school surprisingly.


11/25 Junior year in high school. American politics teacher had enough of the token dumb blonde cheerleader not understanding what he talking about. He blurts out "You're so dumb you're going to need a tattoo on your inner thigh saying 'insert here'." She didn't understand the insult.


12/25 My Year 7 science teacher used to finger herself sitting at her desk, when she'd lean on the desk she'd make sure she sat on the corner and would begin to slowly grind it. Occasionally did it to student desks when she was helping them with questions.

This went on for a few years and no one but her students were any the wiser. Until one day, a porno of her went around the school. Turns out she was a porn star and not long after that she left.


13/25 One time a female home ec teacher at my school walked into the boys locker room while people were showering. All the guys (including me) sandwiched ourselves behind the shower towers like sardines so we wouldn't be seen while the coaches escorted her out. It was very awkward for everyone involved, and nothing really happened to her in terms of punishment. It gave her quite the reputation, though.


14/25 My best friend started sleeping with one of our professors (who also happened to be one of our bosses at a research center) in grad school. At my university, this isn't such a big deal and students can date professors. However, she was on his Master's Thesis Committee, meaning that she had grading power over him, which was against school policy. This really frustrated me because I was [working hard] on my thesis, with little guidance, while he did not give a [crap] and she would help him a lot. Everyone thought he was a genius. They both left at the same time - she got a better position and he went to a different program. But it still pisses me off that he breezed by.


15/25 In year 8 we had a replacement teacher for drama who despite being domewhat of a hippy was not a drama teacher, he was known as a very lazy teacher however.

Anyway, our drama classes were two hours long, his method if teaching us was to play 'games', one of which was called 'quiet'. This game involved turning the lights off in the windowless room and lying on the carpet for two hours without talking.

We played this game 4 out of the 6 classes we had him.


16/25 My principal [had sex with] the counselor in her office. During school hours. A student walked in.


17/25 Not many illegal things went down by the teaching staff at my high school, except for that one time a teacher slapped a student. The kid in question was an insufferable fool. The type of guy who thought he was funny and WOULD. NOT. SHUT. UP. He'd be the only one laughing at his antics.

The English teacher from Poland (yes, I don't know - she spoke with an accent, but hey, she knew her stuff really well) was known to be pretty strict, so other students egged him on, saying they knew he wouldn't act up in her class. So he went all out.

She didn't do anything aside from the normal sit outside of class and detention routines, but after a month, she just had it with him. While he was jabbering over her lesson, she stares at him, throws her book down on the ground, marches over to him, slaps him and yells something in very terse Polish. No idea what she said. Probably something about how Hawthorne would not be disrespected in her classroom, I don't know.

Anyway, we all gasp. Collective silence. Someone actually cheers and we all start clapping. Boy starts crying. Teacher walks back to her book, picks it up and tries to resume teaching, but it's not going to work. It takes a couple of minutes for her to calm down, and finally, she apologizes to the kid, to the class, tells us to read on our own and excuses herself.

She never came back. It was unfortunate because she was a good teacher.


18/25 My first grade teacher was verbally and psychologically abusive; she never lost her job, but they did make her stop using lunch denial as a punishment.


19/25 Professor at my college asked the only Black guy in class if he liked watermelons.


20/25 My 8th grade teacher lifted me up by the neck while squeezing. A buddy said I turned purple and looked like I was dying.


21/25 Once in middle school a teacher grabbed a kid's lunch, took a messy bite out of it, and then threw it in the garbage bin. This was all because the kid was eating his snack before recess instead of after.


22/25 My very pregnant speech teacher walked into class and shouted "Never name your children Elizabeth! Elizabeth is an [ADULTERER'S] NAME!"

Elizabeth started to cry.


23/25 We were in grade 6 in the a first story classroom. This kid wont stop clicking his pen, the teacher asks him several times and he wont quit it. The teacher is obviously over asking so takes the pen and throws it out the window. After the lesson, he says the kid can go fetch his pen. Kid goes off to find it.

Kid doesn't come back. Small voice floats through the window... turns out, the pen got stuck in the tree outside and the kid is now stuck in the tree with his pen. Teacher goes out (awkwardly dodging the principal) and proceeds to tell the kid to jump and he will catch him.

He missed. The kid broke his arm. Kid's mom laughed when she heard what happened and said he deserved it.


24/25 My third grade teacher told a girl in my class, "No wonder your parents didn't want you."

Yes, she was a foster kid. Everyone knew.


25/25 A teacher from my hometown wrote a bomb threat on a sticky note and stuck it to a wall in the school. The security cameras saw her put the note there. She is still teaching at the school.



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