25 Things Americans Do Regularly That Would Shock Non-Americans.

People on Reddit were asked: "What do Americans do without a second thought that would shock non-Americans?" These are some of the best answers.

1/25 Your drink sizes are nuts! I got a lemonade and it was in the biggest drinking vessel that I have ever seen!


2/25 Shooting.

I can go to the local range and rent an AR15/M4 variant, P90, Ruger Scout any Glock semi-auto, Smith and Wesson, etc. (if I didn't feel like bringing my own) and spend the day punching holes in a piece of paper from a distance.


3/25 I'm in the UK, but an American asked me where the nearest drive through bank was as they couldn't find one, I literally had never even thought of it before!


4/25 Turn right on red.


5/25 Have a national uproar over a nip slip.


6/25 Tips. Not only at restaurants, but at the hairdresser, salon, hotel (if someone carries your bags in), etc.


7/25 Declawing cats so they don't destroy furniture. In most countries it is forbidden under the laws against cruelty to animals.


8/25 Talking to a perfect stranger for no reason.


9/25 Election season starting nearly two years in advance.


10/25 Czech foreign exchange student told me "It's f*cking weird how you say 'How are you?' What answer do you want? Honest answer or say 'I'm good'? Even then, the question still makes no sense"


11/25 As a shocked non American; Treating a flag like it's some kind of sacred item. Pledging to, not letting it touch ground, folding rituals etc. It's just a piece of cloth.

All a bit cult-esque to me.


12/25 Drive everywhere!


13/25 Tossing an object to someone rather than handing it over (e.g. a beer, car keys). I tried that in Europe and it did not go over well.


14/25 Wait for the water to heat up before getting into the shower.


15/25 Wear their shoes inside. NO. IT'S DIRTY.


16/25 Refer to something as "only" 300 miles away.


17/25 As a Brit - garbage disposal in the sink. That shit scares the life out of me.


18/25 It's been said before but the Pledge of Allegiance is the most nazi-like thing we in Europe have seen in 70 years.


19/25 Eating their fast food in their car in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant.


20/25 Saying hi to strangers, speaking to strangers in eateries, bars, on the bus, grocery store etc.


21/25 One thing I could never figure out is why Americans still use the imperial system. Maybe not so shocking since they're infamous for it, but still, after all this time?!


22/25 This isn't that interesting but oftentimes when I am abroad I speak at what I think is normal volume and people are like, "Why are you yelling, are you drunk?"


23/25 Sending children away to a camp for weeks at a time over summer.


24/25 Drive 1km to buy snacks. To be fair, American cities generally lack adequate pedestrian paths.


25/25 Calling America "The Best Goddamn Country in the World"



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