25 Things Romantic Partners Should NEVER Have In Common. He’s Your Dad, Too?!

There are many things that couple should share, but not everybody stops to think about what romantic partners definitely shouldn't have in common...

Here are twenty-five things some people think belong on the list.

Many thanks to Reddit user Dolferan for posing this question. You can check out more answers from the source at the end of this article!

1/25. A fear of spiders/bugs. Imagine both being too scared to kill the bugs in the house so they slowly get infested.


2/25. Pooping schedules in a one bathroom apartment.


3/25. Exes.

My husband and I have two exes in common. He was pretty pissed off that one of them, who wouldn't let him sleep with her, slept with me.

It's been over a decade ago that we found this out (and almost 20 years since she and I hooked up), but man, was he upset.

The other woman we have in common? Neither of us was too upset over her.


4/25. Parents.


5/25. A Facebook account.


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6/25. I'm sure there are plenty of examples of this working, but profession/specialist subject.

I'm a literature postgrad who has only dated engineers, scientists etc. (not deliberately). I've got loads of good friends who do English but when the debating and the competing gets out of hand I just think how awful it would be to date someone from my field.


7/25. Recessive genes for genetic disease.


8/25. Bad money management skills.


9/25. A propensity for hoarding.


10/25. Your main hobby. To be married for a long time and have a happy marriage it is important that each partner has something that is "theirs". It's fine to have shared hobbies but everyone needs something that they can call their own.

Definitely show interest in your partner's hobby but because it is not something you have a deep focus on that allows you to ask questions and learn while your partner feels more "in control" and owns that conversation.

Obviously you will have the same situation in reverse for your favorite hobby.

For instance, my wife breeds and rides horses. I hate them. But I enjoy hearing about the fun she had with her horses in the evening.

I love comic books and fishing. She enjoys hearing my stories about the things I am passionate about.


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11/25. The desire to be dominant in bed.


To which someone responded:

It's worse for both to desire to be submissive. Source: me and my SO. Since she's even turned off by submissiveness, I just take the dominant role since it makes her happy.


12/25. A phone.


13/25. Workplace, I'd say.


To which someone responded:

100% agree.

I used to work with a married couple (Still work with the wife, the husband put in for a transfer to another office when things fell apart for them). After they separated, and eventually divorced, the wife told me this as an explanation for why working together contributed to their divorce:

"If you live with your partner, and you leave for work in the morning, you have a routine - you maybe talk a little bit over breakfast about what your day is going to be like, and you kiss each other goodbye. Then when you come home from work, you kiss each other hello, and you're happy to see each other. You spend some time together, you talk about how your respective days went. You have things to tell each other. You enjoy each other's company.

You don't realise how significant that is - the small talk, the time together in the evenings, the small shows of affection - until you don't have it. We didn't kiss each other goodbye in the morning, or hello in the evening, because we were never apart. We didn't have small talk about our day because we had the same day and both knew how it went. We had spent so much time around each other during the day, working, that when we got home I would watch TV and he'd go play video games. We didn't want to spend time together as a way of winding down from the day's stress, because we had been part of each other's stress. Time together only feels like quality time if you've also been able to spend some time apart. Spend all day every day together, and you'll start hating each other."

Really stuck with me. Not dating a colleague was a general rule for me before, for other reasons, but after she told me this, it became pretty much the golden rule for me.


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14/25. Exact snack and dessert tastes.

We can enjoy what the other likes, but are happy to let them have the rest of that disgusting cheesecake, how can you eat that garbage?

It means nothing to my husband to give me the last chocolate covered strawberry, but I'm incredibly appreciative because I love them so much.


15/25. Toothbrushes.


16/25. Immune system. Otherwise your kids are way more susceptible to disease.


17/25. Anger issues.


18/25. Favorite Starburst flavors.


19/25. I know couples that share :

- an email address

- Facebook account

Really odd.


20/25. Highly addictive personalities.


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21/25. Everything.

By this I mean you should have at least some things that are completely different. Some different interests, different likes and dislikes, different friends.

You want to be with another person, not a carbon copy of yourself. Beware people who suddenly like everything you like without ever previously having mentioned it before. At best they're trying really hard to connect. At worst they're manipulating you.


22/25. You should not prefer the same brand and cut of socks. My husband is always stealing my goddamn socks.


23/25. Chicken wing part preference. Drum vs wing.


24/25. Siblings.


25/25. Favorite cereals. If you do, good luck getting a bowl of corn pops in the morning.


Bonus: Neither of you should be on fire.



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