26 Fed Up People Share Their Worst 'F*ck, Not Again!' Story.

Everybody has had one of those moments where you just get finished going through something horrible, sad, comical, or annoying only for it to suddenly happen again. Or sometimes these kinds of things just keep happening over and over again.

Sometimes all you can do is throw up your arms and scream "f*ck, not again!!!!"

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1/26. Getting arrested because they think I'm that other girl with the same name that likes to commit armed robbery and other fun felonies.

It usually takes about 12+ hours for them to believe me.


2/26. Return from funeral, designated bad news family member calls again.


3/26. The last few nights the same guy rang my doorbell at around 10:30 PM, stood out in the rain with an umbrella, and stared at my door with an intense look. Hell no I ain't answering that sh*t.


4/26. For some reason, my cousin seems to have a disposition for falling off of cliffs without getting seriously injured. When he was 8, he rolled down a 100 ft slope and barely avoided being dumped into a huge raging river. Got away with two stitches and scratches.

When he was 13 fell down a cliff at Glacier National Park, only sprained his wrist (cliff was about 200ft).

At 17, this past year, we went camping and I even told him "stay away from the cliff!". Guess who fell down the damn Cliffside at 2 in the morning drunk off his a*s? My f*cking cousin. Only needed 7 stiches in his hand.

Every damn time.


5/26. Diseases caught from unsanitary food.

I live in a 3rd world country. Typhoid? Got it! Amoebic dysentery? Been there! Monthly diarrhea? Check! I've had to describe my sh*t so many times to doctors, I'm awesome at talking sh*t.


6/26. Well, the past 10 girls I've been interested in have all been lesbians. At this point I'm almost afraid I'll fall for a straight girl and break my streak.


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7/26. My dog had horrible diarrhoea one night. After endlessly cleaning her sh*t all over the house and nearly suffocating on what smelled like satan's a*shole, I got into bed and was about to fall asleep until I heard a fart..and satan came back a second later.


8/26. I work in an aged care facility which also houses quite a few residents with dementia. When I first started I was not expecting the sights I would encounter.

My first day was a gradual introduction to the processes of this facility. When I say gradual, I actually mean I was mopping sh*t-filled rooms for six hours. Of course the alternative was trying to reason with someone who had just smeared sh*t on the walls.

Then I came back the next day, it became obvious that this was regular occurrence. "F*ck, not again" was honestly muttered more than once.

And even though I've been here two years, I keep finding myself saying "f*ck, not again". EVERY MORNING.


9/26. Car accidents and general emergencies that lead to 911 calls.

I swear I have called emergency services for legitimate reasons more than anyone I know.

Witnessed a Marine MP who I worked with shoot himself in the head in the bathroom at work and was the first and only person to respond until I called for help. We kept him alive until the medevac helo showed up but he died on the way to the hospital unfortunately. It would have been better if the shot would have just killed him right off the bat, poor guy.

Watched a dirt bike with two guys not wearing protective gear smash into a tree at about 40 MPH in a National Park. No idea where they came from but it happened about 50 yards ahead of me, they just came tearing through the intersection I was approaching. Driver's entire right half looked like black pudding, ended up having to keep him sitting down because he was in shock and kept wanting to "walk home". The passenger was dazed but unhurt because his buddy's body acted like a cushion and we was just pushed back onto the ground when they hit the tree. He was in shock too and the first thing he asked for was a ride and "Did you call the cops?" I said "I called whoever shows up." Which is awesome because it was a federal park and park police DO NOT FUCK AROUND. He kept repeating that they "had to go now" until I shut him up and showed him the condition his buddy was in.

Found a girl OD'd in the McDonalds parking lot near my house. She was wearing business attire and I suspect(ed) someone drugged her...

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She drove there somehow, found her because her car was sitting nearby with the door open. She lived.

Watched a man roll his F150 like a toy in an ice storm because he was passing me going too fast and lost control when he aggravatedly changed lanes in front of me and hit the slush on the white dotted lines. I guess I was going to slow for him. Turns out I got to pull him out of his overturned vehicle. This one of them that I took of this incident after my buddy and I pulled the driver from the back driver-side window.

Found an 85+ year old lady wandering down a bypass with no idea what she was doing. Nobody else stopped for help until I did, then we had a crowd.

Now I work in law enforcement (forensic investigator), so I think I'm just a magnet for this stuff.


10/26. Made Mac & Cheese, poured the cheese packet content into boiled water, drained said water.


11/26. Sent an email to a couple of the professors at my university, the main purpose of which was an attached file. Forgot to attach the file, sent another e-mail like, 'Woops sorry everyone, forgot to attach the file! Please find it attached here' - forgot to attach it again. This alone still makes me cringe, but as if this wasn't enough, a few months ago I started working with one of these professors as an assistant to a major conference he's organising for next year. It was up to me to send out the 'Call for Papers' email to the 300+ people on our mailing list. Guess what happened, again. Greatly enjoyed the sea of e-mails I immediately received about the mystery file that was never attached. Thank you for the gentle reminder that my life is a never ending nightmare of incompetence.


12/26. "We know that you have aspirations to own your own business, so we're going to give you more responsibilities at work. ... What's that? More money? Well, no, we don't really have the resources for that. But as soon as [event] happens we can discuss moving you up to management."

This happened at my last job and i didnt stand for it. It's happening right now at my current job, and I don't have a fallback job or any prospects. So, I'm now in charge of a bunch of stuff the managers decided wasn't their job, and not getting a single cent for it. Worse, I'm losing high tip shifts because all this "management" work moves me to daytime instead of evening shifts. Yay service industry.


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13/26. Shingles, 4 times and counting. Always on the right side of my torso, the one I like to sleep on.

Damn stuff hurts and that is an understatement, just a tee shirt rubbing against those bumps is like getting hit with a hot poker.


14/26. Drinking till 4am doing karaoke and trying to be in the conference the following morning at 9am.


15/26. Eating something with hot peppers then rubbing my eyes.


16/26. Every morning when I wake up late to work.


17/26. I supervised one person at a previous job. For the first six months, she was amazing. Always showed up on time and required little oversight. Then a position opened up in a different department. It was more of a lateral move than a step up, but she wanted to interview for it and I had no objections.

They decided to go with another candidate and thus began the downward spiral. She started calling out. The excuses ranged from legitimate ("not feeling well") to absurd ("it rained here last night, there's water everywhere and we're stuck in the suburbs of this major metropolitan area!") so we had a sit down.

She expressed annoyance at not getting the other position, but assured me that she wanted to stay with the organization. I explained that the constant absence was creating more work for me and sending the message to colleagues that she is disgruntled. This resulted in her going back to being the ideal employee - for about two weeks...

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It got to the point where every Monday and Friday (the "favorite" days to call out) I dreaded going to my office and seeing the phone flashing to indicate that I had a message. "F*ck, not again" was the mantra for the last few months she was there.


18/26. ACNE. Oh my god, thought I got over that a couple years ago, until one day it decided to infest my face again.

F*ck acne.


19/26. I'm a fairly heavy sleeper, so for a long time I've had a loud alarm clock placed across the room so that when it goes off I'm fully awake due to the time it takes to get up, walk across the floor and turn the thing off.

Recently however my body decided it wasn't going to let me get in the way of sleep that easily, so now whenever its been going off I'll unconsciously get up, walk across my bedroom, tear the clock out from its socket and then drag it back into bed with me. I've woken up snuggling my alarm clock enough that I now have to place multiple alarms around the room in order to make sure I don't just spoon my household appliances.


20/26. Late period, every month lately, I'm careful, but the paranoia is real. I'm going to have start buying pregnancy tests in bulk I think.


21/26. First dog I ever had liked to chase animals. I always hated taking her on walks because if she saw so much as a squirrel in a tree it was off to the races. She'd chase the poor bastards for blocks if I let her.

Well, one morning I was out walking her like usual. This was early summer. For those who may not know, in my area early summertime is prime time for geese to flock into the neighborhood in droves. Now, you have to understand that geese are some mean animals. Anyway, we're walking down the cul de sac when dog spots a huge flock of the feathered hellspawn. Immediately she begins her pre-hunt ritual - head is down, tail is wagging furiously, she has the "I'm gonna mess you up" growl starting up in the back of her throat. I look up to see what she's growling at, and my life flashes before my eyes.

Before I have time to finish thinking "oh f*ck", she goes tearing off after this flock, which scatters. Dog and geese go flying out behind the neighboring house, where I lose sight of them...

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For a few split seconds, I heard my dog's happy yips and barks. And then those yips and barks turn to whimpers. And the next thing I see is my dog, tail between her legs, running for dear life back around the side of the house, with an absolute hell storm behind her. I'm talking at least 20 or 30 very angry geese. I don't think either of us have ever ran so fast in our lives.

She never chased animals again.


22/26. Everyday I wake up and switch on the wrong light switch on the wall.

Every day is think 'F*ck, not again'.

At this point it's just muscle memory, I don't think it'll change until I move house...


23/26. Every few days my friend must make sure I know all of his weird a*s fetishes...


24/26. I have a friend that was arrested for drunk walking after she couldn't find a ride home from a sober driver. The same year I drove past her lying on the ground handcuffed. She was arrested again for drunk walking, again nobody could give her a ride. The police called me to come pick her up as soon as possible. They even maced her. This was a small college town, so no cabs.


25/26. Discovering my second wife's "sexy" pictures she sent to her boss, about four years after my first 10-year marriage ended after my first wife's affair.


26/26. Six of my last girlfriends have gone on to marry the next guy they started dating...is that enough to start using the "good luck chuck" reference?



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