26 Things Most People Don’t Know About Michael Caine.

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2/26 Michael turned down both male leads in Women in Love because he refused to do on-camera nudity.

3/26 He released a compilation CD called Cained with UMTV record label in 2007. He loves chill out mix tapes and has made dozens over the years.

4/26 Caine was Peter O'Toole's understudy for The Long and The Short and The Tall at the Royal Court Theatre in 1959. When O'Toole left to film Lawrence of Arabia, Caine took over the role for the remaining months.

5/26 Michael created a film production company with Mike Hodges and Michael Klinger called "Three Michaels Film Productions". They produced one film together in 1972: Pulp.

6/26 After graduating high school Michael did two years of mandatory national service with the Queens Royal Regiment, serving in Germany and South Korea.

7/26 From his marriage to Patricia Haines he has a daughter Dominique, named for Dominique Francon of Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

8/26 Caine's least favourite character to play was Pierre Brossard in The Statement. He says that all the other characters he's played had a sense of humour to make them accessible but Pierre was humourless and too intense for Caine.

9/26 In the 1960s Michael was drinking 2 bottles of vodka and smoking upwards of 80 cigarettes every day. He stopped smoking cigarettes after a lecture from Tony Curtis at a party in 1971 and quit cigars by 2003.

10/26 Michael Caine's all time favourite actor and inspiration is Humphrey Bogart.

11/26 To date, he is the only man to have earned an Academy Award for a performance in a Woody Allen film. All other Academy Award winners have been female.

12/26 GQ Magazine listed him as one of the 50 Most Stylish Men in the past 50 years.

13/26 Michael hated garlic, a smell and taste he associated with his service in the Korean War where everyone would eat it as a snack. Only after becoming a restauranteur did he develop a taste for it again.

14/26 Four of his films have been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture: Alfie, Hannah and Her Sisters, The Cider House Rules, and Inception.

15/26 Caine read for Yuri Zhivago in Dr. Zhivago and did screen shots with Julie Christie but ultimately recommended that the director look to Omar Sharif whom he considered better for the role.

16/26 Educating Rita is Michael Caine's favourite film and the performance that he is most proud of.

17/26 Michael Caine is one of three actors, including Laurence Olivier and Jack Nicholson, to be nominated for an Academy Award for acting every decade for at least four consecutive decades.

18/26 In his spare time Michael has written trivia books such as Not Many People Know That and Not Many People Know This Either. The proceeds of his books go to the National Playing Fields Association, a not-for-profit organization in the UK that protects and funds sports and recreation.

19/26 Michael has an older maternal half-brother named David but Michael wasn't aware of David's existence until their mother passed away. For his entire childhood Michael thought his mother was visiting a cousin in the hospital who suffered from epilepsy - in fact it was his brother. David passed away in 1992.

20/26 Caine has won two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor: one for Hannah and Her Sisters in 1986 and one for The Cider House Rules in 1999. Unfortunately he wasn't present to accept his award for Hannah and Her Sisters as he was filming Jaws: The Revenge at the time.

21/26 One of Michael's passions and interests lies in the restaurant industry. He has shares in five London restaurants including two French-style bistros and owns a brasserie in Miami, Florida.

22/26 Three of Caine's most popular films have already been remade: Alfie, The Italian Job, and Sleuth. In two of the remakes Caine's original character is played by Jude Law.

23/26 In 1980 Caine was nominated for two Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Actor for his performances in The Island and Dressed to Kill. He lost to Neil Diamond in The Jazz Singer.

24/26 Michael Caine was actually born Maurice Micklewhite. He chose Caine as a stage name in reference to the 1954 film Caine Mutiny.

25/26 In 2000 he was granted knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II. He accepted the honour under his birth name as a tribute to his father.

26/26 Michael's all-time favourite film is The Third Man.

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