27 Photos That Prove We Must Do Something To Save Our Planet. NOW.

This article is based on the article "Apocalypse NOW! Dramatic photos from around the globe record mankind's destruction of the planet from wasteland forests to slaughtered wild animals and oceans overflowing with garbage." If you're interested in reading more, check out the link at the bottom of the article.

The ozone. Climate change. Deforestation. Despite carbon taxes, Change.org petitions, and numerous global protests, the destruction of our planet doesn't seem to be slowly down. The Foundation for Deep Ecology and Population Media Center released a series of photos to show just how badly humans are destroying the planet.

1. The view over the overdeveloped metropole of Mexico City (with more than 20 million inhabitants).

2. An elephant killed by poachers left to rot.

3. The rainforest in flames - goats used to graze here.

4. Trails of excessive air traffic over London.

5. A massive truck delivers a load of oil sands for processing. Oil sand is considered the energy source of the future.

6. A simple herd farmer cannot withstand the stink of the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia.

7. A waste incineration plant and its surroundings in Bangladesh.

8. A fire storm ploughs through Colorado - increased incidences of wild fires is a result of climate change.

9. The scars left behind from the mining of oil sands in the Canadian province of Alberta.

10. A nighttime spectacle in downtown Los Angeles - the energy demand is unfathomable.

11. In Oregon, this thousand year old forest fell victim to the chainsaw for a new dam.

12. The area around Almeria in Spain is littered with greenhouses as far as the eye can see - simply for a richly filled dinner table.

13. Poachers pose proudly with the coat of a Siberian tiger.

14. The Mir Mine in Russia, the largest diamond mine in the world.

15. A dead albatross shows what happens when we litter. A living dumpster.

16. And yet another megatropolis - a bird's eye view of New Delhi (over 22 million inhabitants)

17. Paradise almost lost: the Maldives, a popular vacation spot that is threatened by rising sea levels.

18. The beginning of Black Friday at an electronics store in Boise, Idaho.

19. Tons (literally) of broken electronics end up in developing countries and are stripped for precious metals by using deadly substances.

20. The blunder of the Brazilian rainforest is being repeated here in Canada.

21. A landfill for worn-out tires in the desert of Nevada.

22. While the entire world watched the events of Fukushima, a massive heat and power station was burning just a few miles away. All attempts to extinguish it were fruitless.

23. This polar bear starved to death in Svalvard, Norway. Disappearing ice caps are robbing polar bears of both their living space and food.

24. To the last drop: an oilfield in California and its merciless overexploitation by humans.

25. A massive waterfall from the melting pack ice. These masses are the only meltwater on Earth and the undeniable proof of how swiftly climate change is advancing.

26. A lignite power plant contaminates the air with its emissions.

27. The Indonesia surfer Dede Surinaya rides a wave of filth and trash in Java, Indonesia.


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