28 Mischievous People Explain How They Got Banned For Life.

Let's face it - we've all made mistakes. But some mistakes have more serious consequences than others, and sometimes being banned from a space is exactly what we deserve...

Here are twenty-eight banned people telling their side of the story.

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1/28. I pretended to be a sexy Russian girl on Instagram, with zero pictures, flirting with random men.


2/28. I was at a hotel party where a guy got smashed in the face with a one gallon vodka bottle. The police told us if we ever came back to their city that we'd be arrested.


3/28. I was told to take my business elsewhere after telling the service desk at a local grocery store that there was a little boy looking at the adult magazines and that I couldn't believe they didn't monitor that department batter. Upon inspection, there was a little boy sitting on the floor, reading Popular Mechanics. The service desk person just looked at me, and I said well, it IS an adult magazine!


4/28. A couple friends and I ate McDonalds at a Kmart table display, in store. We were reprimanded and banned for misbehavior.


5/28. I got banned from using the toaster in the cafeteria for putting a pancake in it.

It was a really soggy pancake and I wanted it crispy, but it just got stuck and lit on fire.


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6/28. I beat a game at the arcade too many times. I had the timing all worked out, so I got the grand-prize every time and the arcade owner didn't like that.


7/28. I was "banned" from my tiny town's CVS for not shoplifting.

A few years ago, while pregnant, I had my first yeast infection. Being the grown woman I was, I waddled down to the closest drugstore to have a gander at their fine selection of lady products. Having never purchased this particular product, I didn't know what I needed and this was a sensitive thing I didn't really want to ask for assistance, so I used my phone to comparison shop and found the other pharmacy chain carried the products for cheaper. I had an internal argument of "is the price difference enough to warrant the extra drive, stopping and hauling this belly into another store?" while absentmindedly picking up and placing the same product back on the shelf a couple times. I decided that it was, so I carefully replaced the not at all discrete package of miconazole nitrate exactly back how I found it and quietly headed for the door.

Two steps away from freedom of this embarassing trip when I here "MA'AM, I'm going to need to see inside your bag!" huh? Me? What? I turn around to see the slack-jaw yokel of a manager, with her hand on her hip and a smug look of "gotcha."

"I'm sorry?" I responded, looking for clarification.

"Yeah, I saw you snatch that off the shelf, let me see in your bag!"

I thought "surely she must be confused, I should explain." I tried explaining the situation to no avail, she demanded to see in my bag. I consider my purse to be private, so I was not down for that.

I should add here that I had seen the manager while browsing (small store, nearly empty) and she had been doing inventory, so at this point I ask if she would like to accompany me back to the aisle I was in and use her inventory scanner to see if any was missing. She huffed but followed me, scans the item and counts what's on the shelf; its all there. Expecting an apology or something, I stepped back and looked at the woman, there was to be no apology.

No, instead she went on to say she knew I had stolen SOMETHING and generally accusing me of petty crimes. Of course, I get mad. I tell her to check my (MFing GD) bag and opened it to show her the emptiness within (wallet, keys). She knows she has nothing at this point and tells me to get out of her store, that I was banned from the property, blah blah. She stuck with it so hard that she gave me her name and store number when I said I was calling corporate to complain about the incident... She was fired shortly after.


8/28. I followed too many people too quickly on Twitter.


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9/28. Club Penguin. Swearing. 24 hour consequence.


10/28. I got banned from a water slide from a power hungry lifeguard (at the rec center) for taking the stairs 2 at a time. I had gotten into the habit of taking all stairs 2 at time so it was just habit. A**hat waited till I got all the way up to the top to tell me that I couldn't go down and made me do the walk of shame past all the other kids. 15 years later and it still makes me furious!


11/28. My entire second grade class got mushroom themed items banned from our school in forth grade.

One kid in my class brought in a large red and white toadstool mushroom eraser, named Bob. Soon after, my entire class turned into a cult revolving around Bob, God of mushrooms and recess. If you weren't interested, too bad. You were pressured into joining. Some kid set up a shrine in their cubby. I was bullied into drawing comics about glorious Bob and his adventures. People started bringing offerings to his shrine.

The school got involved 2 months in, after all of the forth graders AND a couple classes of the 3rd graders joined the cult of Bob and started setting up shrines around the school. We had an assembly as to why peer pressure is bad and the reason behind the ban of mushrooms.


12/28. I got banned from Gatti's from winning the Jackpot on one of their dumb machines too many times. Got like 12000 tickets that one day. A giant Pixie stick was like 50 tickets so I cleaned them out and had enough left for like a bouncy ball. They asked me not to come back.


13/28. I was asked not to return to a local pizzeria which does not offer pineapple, after a few incidents of raising protest about it.


14/28. I got banned from an online forum because some crazy lady was stalking me because I said something she didn't like. It happened like 7 years ago.


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15/28. Got banned from a museum because I told tourists about a loophole to get in for free. Security must've picked up on it and I was told to leave.


16/28. Not really banned, but I got kicked out of a local Subway for abusing my free refill privileges. They started enforcing a "two free refills only" rule after that.


17/28. Cici's Pizza because of my cousins.

They took the "all you can eat" as an invitation to scarf down 26 slices a piece. I just thought I was cool hanging out with the older crew, ended up being banned.

We didn't even get a "bye, thank you."


18/28. I got banned from a local bar that turns night club called The Grasshopper. I walked in with a few of my co-workers after a long day of work. We were all having some drinks to unwind. There was a juke box in the corner and we were all taking turns putting on our fav songs. Brad was telling us about how he went out to a club a few weekends ago and when a Justin Timberlake song came on, his cousin's friend (who happened to be gay) hit on him because he thought he looked like Justin Timberlake. He said he thought it was flattering.

I got kicked out and banned from this bar for queuing up 5 Justin Timberlake songs in a row.


19/28. I actually feel like such a loser cause the only thing I can ever say I got banned from was my college internet.

It was the age of Napster, and we didn't know any better. The admins took their jobs a LITTLE too seriously and brought the ban hammer down HARD on entire dorms.


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20/28. I once went to walk in to a bar when the bouncer pulled me aside and said I was banned. I'd never even been to that bar before. Or now that I think on it maybe I could have when blackout drunk.


21/28. Friend of my wife got busted writing prescriptions. Got banned. From the state of Georgia.


22/28. Pokemon Go for having sh*tty cell phone reception.


23/28. At about 15 I got banned from the local youth club (along with a bunch of my friends) for drinking in the disabled toilets. We were passing a bottle of vodka between us.

Also got banned from the town's Woolies for shoplifting pick and mix.

I was THAT kind of kid.


24/28. When I was 4 I was banned from the local nursery for such hijinks as - fastening the girl in front of me's pigtails to her chair - so when she stood up her hair was yanked - and locking a nursery teacher in a cupboard - as well as being a little terror that bit, threw food and wouldn't nap or play nicely.

I never got total clarity on how I accomplished these feats as a FOUR YEAR OLD! Dad said I tied the girls pigtails, Mum said I pinned them (in which case it was the nursery's own fault for letting a 4 year old have pins) and apparently I managed to lock the nursery teacher in the cupboard by putting a chair under the door handle when she went in for something - this also suggests some pretty lax supervision at this nursery.

My mum had to find me another nursery school.


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25/28. I got banned from a bar for tipping the owner's GF a significant sum while she was bartending. What a dick.


26/28. I got banned from a Circuit City for toppling their gum ball machine years ago. No wonder they went out of business!


27/28. I joined my friend's Xbox Live party with no invite, and I was banned.


28/28. The local mall with my three best friends. We all ended up yelling "SWAGGITY SWOOTY WE'RE COMING FOR THE BOOTY" and doing the crab walk down the escalator.



"It wasn't me!"

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