28 Of The Most Amazing Facts From 'Django Unchained'.

As exciting as it was controversial, 'Django Unchained' was a box-office smash when it came out and featured a star-studded cast.

Below are 28 of the coolest facts you might not've known about the movie. Check them out!

1/28) During the filming of one of the dinner scenes, Leonardo DiCaprio had to stop the scene because he was having "a difficult time" using so many racial slurs. Samuel L. Jackson then pulled him aside telling him, "Motherf*cker, this is just another Tuesday for us."

2/28) When Leonardo DiCaprio's character Calvin Candie smashes his hand on the dinner table, the actor accidentally crushed a small stemmed glass with his palm and began to bleed profusely.

DiCaprio ignored it, stayed in character, and continued. When Tarantino yelled 'cut', everyone gave DiCaprio a standing ovation. This cut was used in the final movie. DiCaprio's hand was bandaged and he suggested the idea of smearing blood onto the face of Kerry Washington. Tarantino and Washington both liked this, so Tarantino got some fake blood together.

3/28) When Dr. Schultz puts the dynamite in the tooth atop the wagon, he is actually whistling the Django theme song.

4/28) The teaming between Django and Dr. Schultz is actually quite realistic, because in the 1840's, many German revolutionaries and progressives left Europe for the U.S. where they often became active in the anti-slavery movement.

5/28) Among the actors who were considered for the role of Django were Will Smith, Idris Elba, Chris Tucker, Terrence Howard, Michael Kenneth Williams, and Tyrese Gibson.

Quentin Tarantino actually wrote the role with Smith in mind, and Smith's agents and manager wanted him to accept it, but Smith ultimately decided to pass. Tarantino then offered the part to Jamie Foxx, who accepted.

Cuba Gooding Jr. lobbied for the role of Django but Quentin Tarantino would not consider him. According to Gooding, it is his biggest disappointment.

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6/28) This was the first movie in over 16 years where Leonardo DiCaprio did not get top billing.

7/28) Quentin Tarantino stated that originally the mandingo fight scene and the scene with the dogs were longer and more violent, and that he had to cut it down because he didn't want to 'traumatize' the audience.

8/28) This was Leonardo DiCaprio's first role as a villain since The Man in the Iron Mask. He was uncomfortable with how horrible and explicitly racist his character was. Tarantino assured him that he had to be as mean and horrible as possible, and said people would hold it against him forever if he didn't take it all the way.

9/28) Despite their high-billing, Leonardo DiCaprio does not appear until 63 minutes into the movie, while Samuel L. Jackson doesn't appear until 86 minutes into the movie.

10/28) After an accident in training where Christoph Waltz was thrown off his horse and broke his pelvis, Jamie Foxx gave him a gift to make him feel better about riding a horse: a saddle with a seat belt.

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11/28) Jamie Foxx used his own horse that he got as a birthday present a few years prior. His horse's name is 'Cheetah'.

12/28) The name "Django" is a Romani name meaning "I awake."

13/28) He alluded to his pelvic injury backstage after winning the Golden Globe, stating, "Riding a horse wasn't much of a challenge. Falling off was."

Waltz's injury necessitated that King Schultz's early scenes on horseback be accommodated by a horse-drawn wagon instead.

14/28) Calvin explains that via the study of Phrenology, he is able to find the three dimples on Ben's skull, which represent submissiveness.

Phrenology was a phase of real Psychology when it was actually believed bumps on different skull locations represented different traits like creativity, athletic ability and so forth. It's now considered quackery by modern medical standards.

15/28) The US $12,000 paid for Broomhilda's freedom equates to just over US $318,000 at the time of the movie's release in 2012.

16/28) While Kevin Costner turned down the role of Ace Woody, this is second time he has rejected a role offered to him by Quentin Tarantino; the character of Bill in Tarantino's Kill Bill films was originally written with Costner in mind and eventually offered to him, but he refused.

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17/28) In the final draft of the script, Stephen was written to be a more brutal character. For example, in the barn scene after Django was captured at Candie's mansion, he was supposed to torture Django by burning off his chest nipples with a hot poker.

You can still hear the dialogue from this scene, spoken by Samuel L. Jackson, on the film's music soundtrack.

18/28) In the finished draft of the script, the character of Billy Crash was written to be much more brutal and sadistic, but was changed for the audience's sake. His death was changed as well. Instead of shooting Crash to death at the end, Django takes a knife and throws it into his chest.

19/28) Quentin Tarantino has said that out of all the characters he has created across all his movies, Calvin J. Candie is the only one that he completely despises.

20/28) While filming on location in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Quentin Tarantino rented out a local movie theatre and showed a vast amount of samurai and Western movies from his own personal collection.

21/28) Jonah Hill was supposed to play a bigger role in this film, but had to drop out at first due to his commitment to the movie The Watch. He was originally cast to portray a character named Scotty Harmony, the son of Southern slave buyers who would purchase Broomhilda to become his lover.

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22/28) Christoph Waltz originally turned down the role when first given the script because he felt it was too tailored to his persona. Quentin Tarantino insisted and wouldn't take no for an answer. Waltz agreed under one condition: his character had to be pure, and never once act in negative or evil manner. Tarantino sent him a hand written letter that simply said "Of Course, Mein Herr!- Q" Waltz sent a telegram back "Mein Herr, Of Course!- CW"

23/28) On top of the glass cutting up his hand, Leonardo DiCaprio injured himself a second time with a hammer that broke and hit him in the head. For filming, the hammer he handled was made of foam and the glass smashing was nothing more than a sound effect.

24/28) When Quentin Tarantino first met Franco Nero, the actor who portrayed 'Django' in the 1966 movie Django in Rome, he told Nero that he first saw Django, when he was working in a video store.

He then proceeded to recite lines and even sing the songs to Nero from all his movies. Nero was blown away that he knew them all.

25/28) Sacha Baron Cohen and Kurt Russell were signed on for roles early on, but both had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.

26/28) In a nod to Tarantino's other movies, the scene in which Samuel L. Jackson is describing what will happen to Django after he is shipped to the mining company, Jackson's character ends his monologue by saying "And that will be the story of you.", which is a line from Kill Bill: Vol. 2.

27/28) About halfway through the film, Dr. Schultz declares: "I, for one, don't intend to die in Chickasaw County, Mississippi, USA". Unfortunately for him, that is exactly where he ends up dying.

28/28) The shootout between Calvin Candie's henchmen and Django was not originally in the script. Instead, he and Broomhilda were going to captured immediately after Dr. Schultz' death.


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