28 Women Share The Most Surprising Thing They Learned About Men After Moving In With One.

There's a steep learning curve any time you move in with someone. But there will always be some surprises that were less expected than others.

Here are twenty-eight things women were surprised to find out after moving in with a guy.

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1/28. They love using my beauty supplies. Body scrubs, lotions, facial masks, anti-aging cream all tend to be popular items.


2/28. How much they play with their balls during the day.


3/28. I learned that men can have a lot of dribble after they pee. I learned this because he went pee, then came back and whipped out his dick and splattered my face...


4/28. That when men have a cold, the world is ending. They can have a stuffy nose and sore throat and I would think they had cancer. One day I will go through the very intense and painful process of childbirth, and then maybe I will understand how a man feels when they're sick for a day.


5/28. He can wiggle his penis.

You know how some people can wiggle their ears, or just the tip of their nose? If we're laying around in bed, he sometimes 'waves' at me.

I didn't know it could move that much on its own.


6/28. They have different "rules" about things.

A shirt is not dirty unless it's smelly, wet, or has fresh stains on it. They'll wear it again before choosing to wash it. Making the bed every morning is not required, it's a waste of time. "But what if we have company?" "Why would they go look at our bed? If they did, what's wrong with it being unmade? They might *gasp!* know that we sleep there?"

It's a lot of practicality and efficiency vs making things look nice and "wasting" time.


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7/28. We've been living together for over a year now, and I think my girlfriend is still shocked at how often I have an erection.

"We just had sex! Why are you hard again??"

"You were bending over..."


8/28. Pooping time is sacred and a great time to catch up on the news and browse some reddit.

Can be slightly inconvenient when I need the bathroom and he's been in there for 1/2 an hour though.


9/28. Something I've noticed since moving in with my SO is how much I enjoy having someone to help me out with stuff.

I've always had kind of bad roommates who tend to not do their fair share of the work (to be fair, I'm a neat freak, so my standards are definitely set higher than the average person's). My SO, though, is always willing to help me out with anything I ask.

I also love having a perpetually available adventure buddy. Even if I just want to go to the grocery store, he's always willing to come with me.


10/28. After living with his mother and sister for so long he really had no issues with feminine hygiene products. Also, he loves to brush my hair.

Overall, I was surprised by how much cleaner he likes things and how much better he is in the kitchen than I am. Don't get me wrong, I like a clean apartment and I can cook well enough to get by. But I came home one day and everything was spotless. I mean, professional-level cleaning. And the laundry was done. And dinner was ready - and it didn't come from a box.

Basically I'm going to marry him as soon as possible.


11/28. That he can sit in front the computer/video games from morning 'til it's dark out without once getting up to pee, make food or turn on the bloody lights.


12/28. That when taking a dump their penis can accidentally touch the rim of the toilet bowl.

I had lived with a couple other dudes before my husband and never knew this was an issue. Then we bought a house and both of the toilets needed to be replaced. He spent a stupid amount of money at Home Depot on these toilets with elongated bowls and I was perplexed and irritated...until he explained why.


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13/28. They don't need 3 meals a day. They just need a giant meal once or twice.


14/28. How often men seem like they have something wrong, but they don't. For the first couple of months that we were living together I was convinced that he already hated living with me because there were so many times that he would zone out and not speak and give short answers.

Turns out that he would just have something on his mind completely unrelated to our relationship.


15/28. I learned that sometimes when a man is very very hungover he will take a sad sitting down shower. Discovered my fianc sitting on the shower floor like a drowned snuffleupagus


16/28. He does not care if the shampoo I have makes him smell like roses all day.


17/28. Despite his balding hair, he insists on buying voluminizing shampoo.

Babe, that's not going to fix it.


18/28. That's not a stain from glue, lotion, or a hair product: that's semen.

Pockets must be emptied of all spare change and small pieces of garbage immediately after coming in the door, and deposited in random caches around the house.

This was also when I found out how awesome it is to wear his shirts, and have someone to tell me my cooking is good.


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19/28. Shaving is a sacred ritual. My husband closes the bathroom door, and takes his time shaving, then he comes out flawless.


20/28. I can roll over, wake my boyfriend out of a deep sleep, wiggles my eyebrows and say " you horny?" We do the sexy times, He is happy, I am happy, he goes back to sleep, I take shower and do whatever.


21/28. My wife learned that I cannot poop and hold a conversation at the same time. If I'm on the porcelain throne, then I demand solitude. I will not answer inanities like whether my blue shirt needs a wash or the kitchen is on fire.


22/28. Most men don't have a garbage can in their bathroom.

Hey guys, if you want to impress your lady friends, put a god damn garbage can in the bathroom! We have stuff we need to put in there sometimes!


23/28. This might be just specific to my boyfriend, but I was surprised at how much he was willing to compromise. He stopped leaving the toilet seat up, he hates vacuuming but he'll mop, and if I cook he cleans. I was honestly expecting cohabitating to be a real struggle, but it has strengthened our relationship tenfold.


24/28. How fun it would be to be able to make spontaneous plans.

How wonderful to have someone to snuggle with before you fall asleep.

How much more intimate it is to share the details of your day in person than over text.

How hard it would be when he moved out.


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25/28. They hate spiders too.


26/28. He wanted to get one of those little rugs that go around the toilet so he could "miss". Evidently he believed those rugs exist to be peed on.


27/28. My husband will turn on the bedroom a/c to its highest setting and then pile three heavy blankets on top of himself. Then complain that it's too hot. Every. Single. Summer. Night.


28/28. Upon moving in with my BF I learned that men can survive with just the bare minimum.

He moved into our apartment about 3 weeks before I did. He lived there with no paper towels, hand soap, lamps, iron, kitchen table, bed frame, or real food in the fridge. When I finally got there and brought it up to him he didn't realize that those things were missing. I am still working on decorating and putting the place together and he's just like, "whatever you want babe". I'm like, "We need a kitchen table" and he says "If that will make you happy."

NO it will make this apartment not look like a trap house. SMH. He's perfectly content and happy.



Well the first surprise was moving in with my Dad and I was shocked that he never cleaned or cooked. Had a maid for cleaning and ate out for every single one of his meals. And my goodness, men are good at painting the wall with their piss.

The second surprise was moving in with my SO. Shocked to learn he is incredibly clean, able and willing to cook, and never gets piss on the wall.

So I guess the thing I learned that would have been surprising to me as a teen is that all men are just as variable as women are. I blame my delay in realizing this on being raised in an all female home and not really having any male role models.



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