29 Forgotten And Underused Words You Should Be Adding Your Vocabulary.

This article is based on "Another 20 Forgotten Words That Should Be Brought Back" and "11 Amazing Words We Should Be Using". If you're interested in reading more, check out the link at the bottom of the article. Definitions are provided by Oxford English Dictionary.

Brush up on your vocabulary and try using one of these words every day. If you get to the bottom of the list you'll have been using new words for almost a month. Give it a try!

1. Chork: (n.) the noise shoes make when they're full of water

2. Mondegreen: (n.) a misunderstood word or phrase from mishearing something, especially lyrics to a song

3. Gallimaufry: (n.) a dish made up of throwing together odds and ends of food; a hodge-podge

4. Uglyography: (n.) bad handwriting; terrible spelling

5. Mollycoddle: (v.) to pamper; to treat in an over-indulgent or excessively protective way.

6. Overmorrow: (n.) the day after tomorrow

7. Eucatastrophe: (n.) a happy ending, especially in a fictional narrative

8. Ultra-crepidarian: (n.) one who ventures beyond his scope; an ignorant or presumptuous critic

9. Mumpsimus: (n.) a person who adheres to old traditions even when proved wrong; someone who is ignorant of reform

10. Guttle: (v.) to eat voraciously; to devour or swallow greedily

11. Blither: (v.) to talk nonsense

12. Nameling: (n.) a person with the same name as someone else

13. Jirble: (v.) to spill a liquid by shaking the vessel; to pour out unsteadily

14. Cachinnate: (v.) to laugh loudly

15. Lummox: (n.) a large, clumsy person

16. Assiduous: (adj.) constantly endeavouring to please; diligent to the business at hand

17. Desultory: (adj.) random; jumping from one thing to another; wavering

18. Rococo: (adj.) excessively ornate or intricate

19. Bloviate: (adj.) to talk at length, especially in a pompous manner

20. Thrice: (adv.) three times

21. Deliciate: (v.) to revel and luxuriate in oneself

22. Egrote: (v.) to fake being sick

23. Jehu: (n.) a fast or furious driver

24. Zarf: (n.) a cup-shaped sleeve for hot beverages

25. Filemot: (n.) the colour of a dying leaf

26. Tacenda: (n.) things better not mentioned

27. Opsimath: (n.) a person who starts studying later in life

28. Degust: (v.) to taste attentively so as to appreciate the flavour

29. Saudade: (n.) nostalgia; melancholy

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