People Confess The Worst Impulse Purchase They Ever Made.

People on Reddit were asked: "What is the worst impulse purchase you have ever made?" These are some of the best answers.

2/29 A 7.7 pound bucket of Nutella imported from Italy. After the third day or so I got sick of eating it so I spread it over my body and pretended I was a baby elephant taking a mudbath. My roommate at the time was not impressed. Good times, would buy again though.


3/29 I invested $15,000 into Bitcoin. Or $803.15 now, I guess.


4/29 One time my friend got drunk and took a Xanax. A week later an overhead projector showed up on his front door.


5/29 Kinect for Xbox. All the games that use motion control are awful. The voice command is awesome though.


The future is here, and its user interface is terrible.


6/29 Google glass. It will change the world much in the same way that the segway did.


7/29 A treadmill. Also known as the most expensive clothes rack ever.


8/29 A boat. No, not a $400 dinghy that was on sale at Bass Pro Shops; not a $50 canoe with a hole in it from Craigslist... A $46,000, 26 foot long cabin cruiser. I "got a deal" that I apparently couldn't refuse. I have used it three times in the past 4 years. It costs me $200 a month to store it. I cry every time I think about it.


9/29 50lbs of glitter! It was at a yard sale, and I just had to buy it. $7.


10/29 My dad was scrambling to buy things off the list my mom gave him. He'd waited til the last moment, Christmas Eve, to try and get all the things. Went into Dick's Sporting Goods, and one of the employees said, "Ping Pong tables are 20% off today, only three hundred dollars! Can I interest you guys in considering to buy one?" Or something like that. And I [kid] you not, my dad was like, "Sure." Literally pulled the wad of cash out and put it in the lady's hand, and said, "Should I meet you out back, or what." We don't even use the damn thing. He does. He goes all Forrest Gump on it and plays by himself. He's really weird.


11/29 Played an epic game of manhunt when I was 18 with like 40 people. After this I decided buying a night vision monocular would ensure my victory in future games.

Blew like 300 on a scope which I never used. :(


12/29 My first pack of cigarettes.


13/29 VIP room entrance at a strip club. I had to pay $250 just to get in. Plus the drinks, and the tip. The worst part: I didn't even get any action. Worst impulse buy a horny 21 year old male can make.


14/29 Got drunk, ordered bagpipes.


15/29 Buying one of those oversized lollipops from one of those shiny candy stores. They seem like such a good idea buying and they taste so sweet until about 10 licks in when it starts getting really pasty and gross and you just regret everything you have ever done in life.


16/29 I um, just bought a life-size replica of Sephiroth (from the game Final Fantasy 7)'s sword on Amazon. It's 78 inches... taller than me at 6ft1. According to reviews it takes two people to unsheath it/wield it.

My wife is going to flip when it gets delivered later today...


17/29 Does anybody else remember those carpet slider things? Like, the really smooth gray things you velcro'd to your feet and it was supposed to make it feel "frictionless" on carpet? I bought one and it literally didn't do a damn thing. Worst purchase ever.

And it left scratches all over my hardwood floor.


18/29 One time I bought a huge [Maneki-Neko] cat statue that just waves its arm....forever. I gave it to my girlfriend on Valentines Day because I forgot a present.


19/29 I once got suckered into buying about $400 worth of skin products at one of those mall kiosks. The worst part was when Mom called me in a panic, thinking someone stole my debit card, and I had to tell her, " was me..."


20/29 I bought 6 inch heels. I am already 6'2" so I'll never wear them in public, but THEY WERE SPARKLY!


21/29 I did 2 of my worst impulse purchases in one day. I got my first salary at my first work, at the age of 18. I decided to spend it on something cool, so I bought a 300$ guitar, needless to say I didn't know how to play. When I got home my parents started screaming at me about how I am immature and can't plan my expenses, so I went out and decided to buy something very practical that would definitely prove them wrong. I came home with 500$ frying pan.


22/29 A sex swing that I never used, ex-girlfriend wanted one and my horny [self] bought that the next day. Never used [it] and just threw it away.


23/29 Half a kilo of 99% anhydrous pharmaceutical grade caffeine. What am I even going to do with it? I don't even consume that much caffeine normally so I don't know why I bought a half kilo of it. Just putting it into mason jars caused me to stay up for almost an entire day because of the dust I inhaled.


24/29 A surf board when I lived in Saskatchewan, Canada.


25/29 The first 0.99 cent in-app purchase for a free game... five hours later, I'm down at least $10-15 bucks.

In my defence, without the extra boost I wouldn't have beat the level, and I needed to beat the level.


26/29 Last year I decided to buy what I never could in my childhood.

4000 Pokmon cards. To this day I don't know what made me do it.


27/29 I thought I was a hotshot after flying those mini rc helicopters around my house for months. I dropped 400 dollars on a 2 blade collective pitch heli that was very large. I read the manual and learned how to trim it correctly. I powered it up slowly and it wouldn't get off of the ground. I thought I hit one of the trim buttons but it was something else and it launched full power into the air and made it 15 ft up before abruptly inverting and driving itself into the ground at 30mph.

All of it was destroyed. I threw up.


28/29 I was blacked out on Everclear and we had a DD drive us to Walmart to get Kool-Aid as a chaser. I left Walmart with a $750 TV that night. And no Kool-aid.


29/29 When I was 16 and got my first debit card - I had a few hundred quid in my bank account which my mother saved up for me since I was a kid. I fired up eBay as soon as I got my card and spent it all within the space of a couple of days buying things like a Spongebob pencil case, old issues of magazines I used to read and felt nostalgic about and glow in the dark condoms when I very much wasn't getting any.



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