People Share The Time A Drunken Family Member Accidentally Revealed A Family Secret.

Alcohol has a special way of coaxing the truth from someone's lips, doesn't it? Here, 29 people share the time a drunken family member accidentally revealed a dark family secret.

1/29. That we didn't visit my grandfather for 10 years because he had pissed off the Russian mob and they threatened to murder my family.


2/29. This weekend we drove two hours to visit my wife's cousin to see her new place. We aren't even close, but my wife and I both thought that it would be nice to finally get to know this cousin outside of family gatherings.

We were expecting to see her new baby, but knew her husband was out fighting the forest fires.

There was no baby, she said he was with grandma so we all could have fun. Okay, cool.

She was so happy to see us. We were surprised, because we don't know her that well, but she was so sweet and happy that everything was great.

So she starts drinking, I mean, we all do, but she really starts drinking.

She reveals through the night that the child isn't just being babysat, but he's actually in his grandmother's care because as it turns out this cousin is depressed, suicidal, and thought about taking her son with her, so she called the police on herself.

I'm so glad she made that call, but everyone else in our family is furious at her for being such a burden. My wife and I have worked with unstable people before, and this is a pretty sad yet common reaction to cries for help.

Now she's isolated with literally zero people around her for weeks at a time because everyone hates her for calling the police on herself.

Again, nobody cared enough to tell my wife and I that this was going on.

This girl has literally no friend in the world and is all alone all day every day. She just needed the liquid courage to reach out.

The next morning, she wakes up, still plastered, and tells us she's ready. She asks us to take her to the emergency room so that she can get checked in, because she wants to die. Outpatient therapy isn't working.

So we ask her to text her husband and tell him what's up, but there's no way we aren't going to take her; this was a very real cry for help.

So we took her to the ER where she sobered up, and I helped her get herself checked in. By this time my wife and I knew what this was because postpartum depression is big in my family.

I stayed with her in the room and helped encourage her to answer honestly, I got in contact with her mom and then wife and I went back to her home and cleaned it up when the deputy or whatever drove cousin to the in patient therapy.

After getting her checked in we received all types of nasty messages asking about what "that stupid woman" did now. We didn't respond. When we got home my wife's mom (who also didn't know about all of this) asked us why she had been receiving emails and phone calls all day, and we told her.

Turns out my wife is this girl's only Facebook friend. We both just feel so sad that this girl has had to go through this much without anyone actively trying to help her. They all just punished her for being broken.

Some people see a scared and mentally unstable girl as nothing but a problem, and wants them to just disappear. I'm so sad for her, but I'm glad we decided to visit.


3/29. My dad got drunk when I was a teenager and said, "You know, I asked your mom to abort you when I found out she was pregnant. I wasn't ready to have kids and she lied to me about being on birth control."

Awesome. Thanks for that special memory, Dad.


4/29. I found out I had a twin who died in the womb.


5/29. I found out that best friend got pregnant and nobody knows that her step brother is the father. They had been seeing each other before their parents even met and married. Small world.


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6/29. My family only drinks tea, but one day I was told that one of my uncles wasn't dead, but was locked into a psychiatric hospital for stalking a woman, breaking into her house, and threatening her with a knife. Later, he mistook a random woman in a train station as the woman he was stalking, and almost strangled her to death.


7/29. My mom got drunk one night and told me that the man who was supposedly my father, wasn't in fact, my father.

I already knew, actually. When I was 18 my "father" came to visit me and asked if we could take a paternity test, because he had never believed I was actually his. So we did, and then he found out I wasn't his, and basically just stopped talking to me.

I didn't tell my mom I knew. He refused to talk to her. I just kept it inside for years. Then when I was 22, my drunken mother told me about it, and I told her I already knew.

I told her I wasn't mad at her and that I believe she probably had my best interest at heart.

But I don't really believe that.


8/29. I found out that this was my dad's second marriage. Mom got drunk at Olive Garden and was commenting about the people next to us who were around 24 and having marriage problems. I was 21 at the time.


9/29. I found out my father had a son at the age of 13 with a married woman. The son is named after my father and the husband doesn't know the child is my father's.


10/29. My father came home one day drunk while I was in my room gaming. Barges in and says, "I just had sex with Rebecca." Rebecca was his secretary and a long time family friend. I didn't know what to do or say, since I was just 15 at the time, so I kept my mouth shut. Fast-forward 3 years and my parents are getting a divorce. Fast-forward to today my and my dad is married to Rebecca.


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11/29. My brother revealed that he's actually just my half-brother, while drunk at my cousin's first birthday.


12/29. When I was in high school, I was studying one night when my dad came home super drunk, which wasn't unusual because he was a heavy drinker at the time. He started telling me stories about his high school experience, such as his girlfriend getting an abortion without him knowing, and he was devastated when he found out since he thought it was all his fault. Then he just left the room immediately after saying that.


13/29. When I was young- about nine or so, I think- my dad sat me down after a few glasses of wine, and he says to me, "Son, I'm drunk. My father told me this when he was drunk. And you'll tell your son this, someday, when you're drunk."

He then proceeds to pull out some old book on true crime, and flips to a chapter dedicated to this Maltese guy who murdered his wife, sister-in-law, and mother, before going on the run with his lover... whom he also later killed, back in the 1950s. And my Grandfather (who was also Maltese) had done some digging on the family tree, and was about 90% certain this dude was his half brother.


14/29. Found out my mom had a lesbian experience while she was married to my step-dad.

So there's that.


15/29. My great grandmother was racist and not afraid to voice her opinion on any of my friends that might look a little ethnic. One night, she started drinking my dads tequila. That's when I found out she was fluent in Spanish because she was born in a polygamy compound in Mexico.


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16/29. I took my wife's mother to the bar the night before Easter because she had a fight with her boyfriend and didn't want to go drink alone. She revealed to me all of her sexual fetishes and fantasies.


17/29. I found out that he only reason I was conceived is that my parents were drunk and had an accident, and that my younger sister was conceived by my mom cheating on my dad with her ex-husband, whom she remarried after she left my dad rather than admit to cheating on him when she got pregnant.


18/29. That my brother and his current boyfriend of 3+ years met on Grindr, not at Planet Fitness.


19/29. She isn't a family member but a very close family friend. Recently while I was at her cottage she informed me that my father, who I haven't seen in about four years, was at one point a millionaire drug dealer who smuggled drugs into Mexico and Jamaica on his yacht.


20/29. My uncle Jeff once barged in on family dinner at a gathering and said, "I'm coming out as gay." He must have been really hammered, because he'd been married to my uncle Anthony for eight years.


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21/29. Due to my mother being drunk, I found out that her and my father stole some marijuana out of my closet as a teenager. My family is non-active Mormon, so they hinted that they knew I toked but didn't condone it. The next day we went snowboarding and they rolled up on me and my buddy twice in the same spot, one run after the other. My mom said that the second time, they waited for us to leave, went to the exact same spot, and smoked my weed.


22/29. Last time I got drunk with family, I admitted to smoking pot in Amsterdam and came out as bisexual.


23/29. My grandpa has had this old .38 special pistol for as long as I remember. He said he got it from his dad and I never thought much about it. I went over last week to play cards and drink and he got way too hammered and decided to tell me the real story. His dad (my great grandfather) was part of a small crew for the Italian mob and that was his gun he used in bank and car jobs.

Well the cops were closing in on their crew and my great grandfather gave the gun to my grandpa (who had just moved out) to hide. After the cops searched my great grandfather's house and found no weapons or extra cash (he would tie his cash up under the dock at his house, he lived along a river) he was let off. My grandpa has had the gun ever since and we still go out and shoot it from time to time.


24/29. Not too sure if this counts as drunk but my grandmother was going to have surgery and they gave her something before it. Right before she went back, she just happened to mention to my mother that her father wasn't her father.


25/29. I spent my high school years fervently religious, studying hard, and doing a lot of extracurriculars, but it was always my sister who was the angel of the family. If I slipped and said a swear word like "crap" or missed a homework assignment or watched a PG-13 movie, she'd be there to scold me, tell my parents, or even on a few occasions tell my pastor. (continued)

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Fast-forward to my very young uncle's bachelor party some ten or so years later. He gets blitzed and reveals to me all the stuff she did - apparently they ran in the same circles, although I never would've guessed it. While she was being the perfect child at home, at night she was sneaking out to parties, doing basically every drug she could find, having sex with random guys in plain view of everybody else, and starting physical fights with her friends.

My uncle even caught her stealing from other people's purses once. Reportedly she totalled one of his friends' cars and just got out and started walking home - nobody else was involved in the accident but it's still a pretty shoddy move.

Based on the above information and some other details I remember from those years, I have a strong suspicion that she had at least one abortion over the course of all this - not that I give a damn if she had one, but it certainly makes her a massive hypocrite for all the pro-life BS she spews at the slightest provocation.

She continues her act to this day, but now I know.


26/29. I found out that my birth wasn't planned. One day my mom walked out of the bathroom crying and threw a positive pregnancy test at my dad.


27/29. My grandfather was a pathologist in the very early days. He was in pursuit of what turned out to be the polio virus and isolated a similar virus instead- which meant that while he isolated the first known virus, Salk got there first.

The reason Grandpa was so fired up about polio? Mom had it as a small child and had partial paralysis as a result. How did she get it? From Grandpa's necktie that he wore while doing his rounds.

Mom was a bit in her cups when she told me that story and would probably deny it now. But sometimes it takes something like that to motivate the guys who do great things.


28/29. When I was a kid we used to go over to my great aunt's house for Christmas with the family that we had here in the US, which were mostly my dad's cousins and their kids. My uncle used to dress up as Santa Claus and hand out presents to the kids.

Well, one year, he had way too much to drink before doing this. Instead of the usual, well-coordinated Santa we got a stumbling, drunk Uncle Beto, which was obvious because he forgot the hat and beard.

At this point the younger kids were asking what happened to Santa (I was old enough to know the truth at the time) and my uncle told them that there was no Santa. Of course this just made the kids even more upset and finally another relative stepped in and got my uncle out of there.


29/29. Apparently my grandfather was gay. I've been sworn never to discuss it with my grandma or mom, even though they're both totally accepting of gay people - my brother who told me is gay.



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