29 People Share Their Worst 'Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Response' Moments.

Some questions can simply be dumbfounding. For instance, when someone asks you to "tell me what you don't know about X." How do you even respond to that?

Here are twenty-nine times people had to respond to a dumb question.

Many thanks to the Reddit user who posed this question.

1/29. 'I got into a car crash'

'Did you die?'


2/29. TSA agent in airport in Vermont was checking out my shotgun before sending it through to be loaded on the plane.

Comes up to me after a few minutes and asks: "This firearm has tested positive for explosive residue" ME: "Like gunpowder?" TSA dude: "Oh" hangs head and walks away.


3/29. Not a question, my sister's first name is Katie--just Katie, not Katherine, or Kathleen, or anything, just Katie. When my mom picked her up from preschool one day, the teacher said to my mother, "She won't respond to anything other than Katie!" and my mom just went, "Yeah, well, that's her name."


4/29. When I was in basic training with the Army, our drill instructors would ask,"Why is the sky blue?" The response we were supposed to give was "Because God loves the infantry." (Infantry color is blue in the US military.)

The first time my drill sergeant asked me this, I looked at him like he was an idiot and started going off about blue light refracting off of the Earth's atmosphere.


5/29. Took a job transfer to another country. Had all my belongings in a rental truck.

"Why are you bringing a lawn mower into the country?"

"Because I own it?"


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6/29. My friend was stopped by a TSA agent after arriving at LAX and taken into a separate room for questioning.

Another agent walked up to his dad and asked in a really aggressive voice "Is there anything you don't know about your son that we should know about?"


7/29. I forgot my badge that gets me into work once. For some reason of all times the head of security who is an ex-cop was working it.

He asks 'Why did you forget your badge?'

I just stared at him. Since I didn't make a conscience decision to not bring it I had no idea what to say.

Finally I just said. 'I don't know how to answer that question.'


8/29. "What is this?" --he's going through my diabetes kit and found my lancet cartridges.

--really? It's a lancet to prick my finger for diabetes blood glucose monitoring--

"I can't let you take this on the aircraft"

--Sir, that's not an option of yours, TSA policies specifically allow diabetes and other medical testing supplies, get me your super--

Supervisor ripped the sh*t out of him (flat out dismissed him so he can study the policies again), apologized to me and let me on my way.

TSA can be flat out irritating at times, but some of them at least try to not suck.


9/29. TSA: Would you do me a favour and type in your password for us

Me: No


10/29. My phone number is one digit away from a PNC bank and I get calls for it about once or twice a week. You'd be surprised how many people don't believe me when I try to correct them.

Them: Hello? PNC?

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Me: Nope sorry, you have the wrong number. (i give them the right number)

Them:That's what I dialed! (it isn't) Are you sure this isn't PNC?

Me: Hold on, let me check. Alright yes, I just double checked. I'm in my boxers drinking a beer and watching He-Man. I sincerely hope I'm not working in a bank right now; I'd probably lose my job.


11/29. I used to ride a motorcycle, used it to commute to work everyday for several years. I'd be wearing my riding jacket and pants, boots and holding my helmet. Someone would invariably ask "So you ride a motorcycle?"

My standard reply became "No. I just fall down a lot."


12/29. "If I buy this MacBook today, what will you give me?"

"...a MacBook."


13/29. I work as a receptionist for a lawyer and there's always a client who demands to speak to my boss even though I've told them already that he isn't in AND the time he WILL be in.

Client: I want to speak to the lawyer.

Me: He's in court at the moment, but he'll be here after 2pm. Did you want to leave a message or call back?

Client: No, I want to speak to him now.

Me: Okay great!

Client: I can speak to him?

Me: No. Unfortunately, the lawyer is in court and won't be in the office until after 2pm. You can leave a message or call back after 2pm when he's here.


14/29. I was in a deposition related to a car accident.

Lawyer to me: "Which car struck the other first?"

I turned to my lawyer and said, "Is she serious?"

Later in the same deposition I was asked, "What color was the green light?". I did not care for that attorney.


15/29. Almost 20 years ago, I sprained my ankle pretty bad, and was taken to the hospital...

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The next day a health insurance drone calls our house, wanting a very detailed account of how I got hurt.

Her question was, and I quote word by word..

Health Insurance Drone: "Now tell us.. did you sprain your ankle first, and then go to the hospital to x-ray your foot? Or did you go to the hospital for x-rays first, and then sprained your ankle??"

Me: "Lady, are you stupid, or do you just like to pretend you are?"


16/29. TSA: (Looking at my ID) "Is this you"

Me: "Nah, its my evil twin"

TSA: (Gives me a dirty look) "Please step aside, over here sir."

ME: Oh god, why?

This happened 2 months ago coming back home from Florida. I had to stay back and answer 15 minutes worth of questions, in order to prove I'm not a terrorist.


17/29. I have a cochlear implant. (With a magnet embedded in my skull to hold the device in place.)

I never go through the metal detectors. I always have the stupid grope. One time I went through, they asked me why I 'wanted' the pat down. Refraining from jokes, I told them it was because of my cochlear implant.

They did not believe me and asked me to take it out to show them. I showed the (external) processor. They wanted to see the magnet part, despite my telling them it was under my scalp, placed in a niche in my skull where the bone had been removed.


18/29. While getting hassled in a sobriety check point the cop asked the driver were he got his licence.

Our driver responded with "the DMV".

The cop did not seem to know how to respond.


19/29. My younger brother, myself, and my Dad were going on vacation to the U.S (we live in Canada) and while we were going through U.S security it was about 6AM...

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My parents are divorced so my Dad had a signed letter form my Mom as well as all the necessary papers to prove that he wasn't abducting us. Anyway the officer didn't seem satisfied with this so she asks my brother "where is your mother?".

My brother looks at my dad and asks for the time, my dad tells him it's 6:15 AM. My brother then looks at the officer and says "she's asleep".

Needless to say the officer wasn't too happy with that response.


20/29. At an interview, HR lady asked me to "name 5 things I'm not".

I quipped with batman, a porcupine, on fire, purple and bubblegum.

She looked confused, made a note and continued with the interview.

I got the job.


21/29. Being left handed, writing with my left hand, "Are you left handed?" Nope, just trying it out.


22/29. I have a unique name, so this happens a lot:

Q: where did you get that name?

A: from my parents.


23/29. A cop pulls me over for doing 10 (km/h) over the speed limit. Trying to come up with a witty line he says, "Let me see your pilot's license." So, I took out my wallet and produced my pilot's license.

He let me go.


24/29. My hair is very, VERY red, so I often get people who are incredulous as to its hue. However, because I'm pale, freckled, and have red eyebrows, people usually realize it's natural. Once, a woman walked up to me, grabbed some of my hair and said "I love this color! What salon do you go to? I want them to do my hair just like this!"...

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I backed away, trying to get her to let go of my hair, and awkwardly said "hahaha, no, it's my natural color! No salons for me!"

The woman then got really close to me and whispered "No, really! You don't have to lie to me. I know hair doesn't really come in this color, so where do you get it done? I promise I won't tell!"


25/29. I was once stopped at the Canadian-American border heading into Canada and was asked if I was carrying anything besides clothes into Canada.

I replied, "I've got a fifth of vodka in the back." Her next question was, "Do you have any alcohol or tobacco?"

Ummmm.... "I have some vodka."


26/29. Walking through a SAMs club an the window installer guy comes up to me and goes "Sir how are your windows?" I simply reply "oh they're great I can see right through them."


27/29. When I was crossing the border from Canada to the states with my cousin and the border patrol guy asked us how we're related and we told him and he said 'you guys are cousins but have different last names... Explain that to me' we just stared at him and I started laughing.


28/29. At a fast food restaurant the other day:

Cashier: What would you like?

Me: A sandwich and a tea.

Cashier: Anything else?

Me: Just the sandwich and tea.

Cashier: Would you like anything to drink?

Me:...just the tea...


29/29. "What's in the bag ma'am?"

"My...groceries? I checked out not 10 feet away from you."



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