29 People Share Their Worst 'I Should NOT Have Just Thought That' Moments.

It's a matter of fact that we can't always control the thoughts in our heads. Sometimes they just come and go, without us even knowing where they could have come from.

Here are twenty-nine people's "I should NOT have just thought that" moments.

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1/29. I sometimes think about what my co workers or boss look like when they are having sex. What kind of faces they make, noises, even freaky moves. I get really paranoid that people can read my thought so I try to sanitize them with random facts and trivia.


2/29. I was at my mothers funeral, and it was quite a sad scene. My father had probably taken her death the hardest out of any of us in the family. When her casket was being lowered, I actually imagined her jumping out as a flesh-eating zombie. Now I cant get the image out of my head.

3/29. When driving, I regularly get these intrusive thoughts of how easy it would be to drive right into oncoming traffic. Weird stuff.


4/29. A lot of time when I'm by myself, I start thinking of all the times I've messed up, and even though I know that I'm probably the only person that remembers those mistakes, I still feel ashamed.


5/29. I constantly wonder about the sex lives of other couples around me. How much do they do it? Are they kinky or super vanilla? Have they ever tried anal? Seriously, I can't be the only one who thinks about the sex lives of my friends. They don't share so I have to wonder!


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6/29. I am a teacher in high school....

my god, I'm ashamed a lot of times.


7/29. "Maybe if I kill myself, I won't have to turn in this essay." WTF brain?


8/29. Things that would be physically really easy to do, but you "never" would. Like a flick of the wheel to drive into oncoming traffic, stepping out in front of a bus, or giving someone that extra push when they're looking over a high place. If I think about it long enough, its like I have to make a conscious effort not to turn the wheel. Freaks me out.


9/29. Sometimes when I'm talking to someone face to face I feel like punching them in the face for no particular reason. Doesn't matter if it's a kid, an old person or whatever.


10/29. "How far would a baby travel if i kicked him/her my absolute hardest?"


11/29. I wanna grab that cops gun so bad!!!!!


12/29. I had to baby sit a friends 6 month old baby for 2 hours so they could go do something...

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I was carrying him from one room to the other and stepped through a door and had the thought "Can you imagine if you'd just smashed his head into the door frame then, that would have been awful".

I have no idea where it came from.


13/29. When riding my bike around campus I get the urge to just slap people's butts as I ride past. Not just one gender. Anyone. It would be so easy for me to just ride off before they even knew what happened/what to do.


14/29. I always get intense urges to kiss coworkers, managers, etc. Just in the middle of a conversation or meeting or something.


15/29. Whenever I'm with a group of people I always wonder which one of us is going to die first. If I ask it out loud some people get really offended.


16/29. I sometimes picture myself projectile vomiting in the middle of a conversation and then playing out how it would go after.


17/29. Sometimes when I'm talking to a girl, the thought just pops into my head to spontaneously start making out with her.


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18/29. If I had a sword I imagine how many people I can take out before I die. Not entirely psychotic, I just want to be Aragorn.


19/29. 'If I were a girl I would totally wear that'.


20/29. When my dad died I thought it would be cool to have him taxadermied and made into a butleresque statue to put my keys and wallet in his hands when I walked into my house.


21/29. My mother in law is pretty damned attractive. She's got nice big fake boobs. I like to stare at them and I think about it far too often.


22/29. Start doing cartwheels and sh*t in the middle of important business meetings.


23/29. I think about what would be the best way to murder someone, tailored specifically to them...

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My roommate: smother him while he's passed out drunk.

My boyfriend: Nick his femoral artery and watch him bleed out.

Boyfriend's little brother: give him bad E.

My boss: poison his vodka.

The list goes on.

Disclaimer: in not really going to murder them. Too hard to hide the bodies.


24/29. I get this when watching live stage. "You know, nobody could stop me in time if I just walked down the aisle, climbed up on stage and just suckerpunched the shit out of Hamlet."

I am so not a violent person, either.


25/29. standing on a cliff

Man, it would be so easy to jump, 20 years down the drain because of one decision. They are horrifyingly true.

I'm not suicidal either, I am a really happy guy.


26/29. Every single time someone says to me "Me and my gf/bf are trying for a baby" or "I'm expecting my first child!" BAM. Instantly imagining them having sex.


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27/29. I've pictured way too many girls pooping. not in a weird sexual way, but more of an "I know you do that" way.


28/29. Sometimes, when I'm cleaning up the kitchen with my family, I'll pick up a knife to dry, and immediately an image of me just running someone through with the knife will pop into my head. I don't want to stab a family member, but sometimes, when I have the tools at hand, I can't help thinking about how easy it would be to do so.

I also have to distract myself when I'm chopping stuff, otherwise I'll just think about how easily I could slice my own fingers off the whole time. Same thing there. I'd really prefer to keep all my fingers, I just get mesmerized by the fact that I could chop them off.


29/29. A friend of mine once asked me "Is it weird that whenever I see a hot girl, the first thing I think about is how they would look dead?" I told him "yes."



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