30 Of The Craziest Facts You Didn't Know About Nintendo.

Nintendo has created countless classic video game franchises such as Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda, and is the go-to company for games for the whole family.

But there are many things most peeps DON'T know about this well loved company. Below are 30 of the coolest and must-know facts about Nintendo. Check them out!

30. Chain Chomps have been a pain in Mario's backside since they first tried to bite a chunk out of it in Super Mario Bros 3, and these metallic monstrosities were actually inspired by a real-life event.

A traumatic memory from Miyamoto's childhood where a neighbour's dog went for him before being hauled back by a chain attached to its collar was his painful source of inspiration.

29. The original plan for Super Mario Bros. was to have Mario bring lethal justice to the Mushroom Kingdom armed with a rifle and a beam gun in Super Mario Bros. The game almost included shooter stages where Mario rode a cloud or a rocket ship, too, before Nintendo settled on a less violent path.

28. Game Boy was the first video game console to be played in space, by Russian astronaut Aleksandr Serebrov, who played Tetris in outer space in 1993.

27. A janitor at Nintendo in the 1960's was given the opportunity to make new toys and products for the company. His ideas led to the creation of some of Nintendo's greatest hits, including Metroid, Donkey Kong and the Game Boy.

26. Research based on Mario's height in pixels deduced that in the original Super Mario Bros, Mario could had a 27-foot vertical. To put in context, the record for the highest vertical leap in the NBA was held by Michael Jordan, at 4 feet.

25. The game Pac Man was created by Namco employee Toru Iwatani. He got the idea for the game when he saw a pizza with a slice missing, and then imagining it eating a bunch of dots while being chased by ghosts in a maze. When the game was brought to the market, it was originally titled 'Puck Man', but when the game came to America, they were worried that people would vandalize the arcade machines to make it spell: (Continued)

Spell 'F*** Man', so they came to a compromise in North America and renamed it Pac Man. In time, it became the worldwide name.

24. A lawyer by the name of John Kirby helped Nintendo win a legal case in 1984. As a way of saying 'thank you', Nintendo bought him a boat along with the worldwide exclusive rights to name the boat 'Donkey Kong'. As such, he is the only person who is allowed to have a boat named 'Donkey Kong'.

23. Before Mario was created, Nintendo had originally wanted to make a video game based off of Popeye. When they weren't able to secure the rights, they created an original game, and Mario, Bowser, and Peach are all based off Popeye characters.

22. In the original Super Mario Bros., the Mario designers had to get creative with the Player 2 character. They used Marios general body shape and the color palette from the yellow and green Koopas to create the now-famous Luigi.

21. There was a lab in Texas that created a real-life Mario Kart track. There were RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags all throughout the course that would make the karts slow down, speed up, or spin out depending on which power-ups they drove over.

20. Mario has been voiced by Charles Martinet for over 20 years. Martinet crashed an audition in the early '90s and gave the Italian plumber his signature sound in Super Mario 64.

Originally, he was going to do a gruffy, Brooklyn-Italian accent, but settled on the more lighthearted, kid approach that has become Mario's iconic voice.

His resume includes the voices of Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Baby Mario, and countless others.

19. In 1984, Universal Studios went to court against Nintendo, trying to get a piece of the massive success that Nintendo had gotten with the video game Donkey Kong. Universal argued that alleged copyright infringement due to the resemblance of Donkey Kong to Universal's 'King Kong'.

The aforementioned lawyer John Kirby had pointed out that previously, Universal had argued against another company that the rights to King Kong were actually... (Continued)

Universal had argued against another company that the rights to King Kong were actually public domain, and that they could be used. As such, the court deemed that Universal had acted in bad faith with the suit, and it was dropped.

18. Nintendo gave their own interlocking block system a try, much like LEGO. It was known as N&B Block, and it did not last long.

17. More Nintendo DS units have been sold that iPhones or Gameboy systems. It has sold over 150 million units at this point.

16. Prior to becoming a comedic leading man, actor Paul Rudd appeared in several commercials in the 1990's, including a Nintendo commercial for the Power Glove.

15. In the original Super Mario Bros. they were extremely limited by the NES cartridge memory, so to save room, they re-used sprites. For example, the distinctive puffy clouds in the original Super Mario Bros are the exact same thing as those little green bushes on the ground. It's not just the bushes and the clouds though; multi-use objects are all over the original Mario universe.

14. Out of of all the Zelda games released, only one of them is a chronological sequel to the first game. Every other game either takes place hundreds to thousands of years in the past, or in a parallel universe.

13. The Japanese version of the NES had a microphone in the bottom of the controller, and it was compatible with The Legend of Zelda game, where gamers could shout into the microphone to defeat certain enemies. This feature was not available for the North American release, but Nintendo forgot to...(Continued)

Nintendo forgot to remove the line explaining this feature, so many gamers would try yelling into their controllers to no avail.

12. Studies showed that the video game Bubble Bobble had a very positive effect on the brain. It was praised for helping kids develop their problem solving, strategy making, and motor skills.

11. The creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi, had been having a rough go, with his last several projects not doing so well. As such, he named the game 'Final Fantasy' because if he planned to leave the video game industry if the game wasn't successful. The game sold very well, and sparked the incredibly popular Final Fantasy series. Sakaguchi went on to become the President of Square USA.

10. Fun science fact: The Wii sensor bar doesn't actually communicate with the console; it just provides infrared light to the Wiimotes. If the sensor bar was lost or broken, you could just use a candle or a lighter as a replacement and it would work just fine (be careful though!)

9. Nintendo created many different products in the 1980's, but some of them never made it to light. One of those products was an accessory that would allow players to create their own knitting patterns.

8. In 2007, a radio station held a contest called 'Hold Your Pee for a Wii', in which challengers were to see how much water they could drink without going to the bathroom, with a Nintendo Wii being the prize. One women allegedly died from water intoxication, causing controversy.

7. The story of who the character 'Mario' was named after is quite entertaining.

In 1981, Nintendo was renting one of Mario Segale's warehouses to use as their American headquarters. The company struggled at first, but was preparing for a major breakthrough in the American release of a new arcade game, Donkey Kong. According to a widely circulated story, around this time, the company had gotten behind in a rent payment, prompting an angry visit from their landlord, Segale. After some heated words, Segale eventually...(Continued)

Segale eventually accepted Nintendo of America President Minoru Arakawa's promise that the rent would be paid soon, and left. According to the story, Arakawa and the other developers subsequently immortalized Segale by renaming the character 'Jumpman' to 'Mario'.

6. Among the other products that Nintendo used to try before becoming a video game giant, they tried marketing instant rice in the 1960's.

5. The writers of Nintendo Power used to have a high score section, where people could submit their high scores of various games and get recognition in the magazine. They eventually had to prohibit Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak from submitting his Tetris scores because they couldn't keep printing his name month after month.

As a joke, Wozniak submitted one last time as 'Evets Kainzow', his name backwards.

4. Nintendo actually turned out Tom Hanks for the lead role of Mario in the live-action Super Mario Bros. film, saying that his asking price of $5 million wouldn't be worth it since Hanks couldn't bring in much money.

3. Nintendo and Mario found themselves in hot water in 2002 when it emerged that a number of children suffered cuts, punctures, blisters and friction burns on their hands due to the joystick-waggling demands of N64 release Mario Party.

To ward off an expensive lawsuit from parents, the Big N agreed to provide protective gloves for Mario Party players.

2. Most people don't know that Nintendo has a weirdly sexual history, including the fact that they once owned "Love Hotels" where customers could go to sex, renting rooms by the hour. They also used to make playing cards, and many of their cards were quite sexual in nature.

30. Adult film star Ron Jeremy claims that Nintendo bought the rights to two adult film parodies, Super Hornio Bros. and Super Hornio Bros. II, in the hopes that nobody would ever actually release them.

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