30 People Share The Craziest Thing They've Ever Written In The 'For' Line Of A Check.

Going to the bank can be a real pain, but it makes it a whole lot worse when there is something embarrassing written in the "for" line of the check you're going to try and cash.

Here are thirty of the funniest things people have written in that line...

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1/30. I once wrote my roommate a check for rent and put "Strippers and Coke" in the memo line. When he went to cash the $400 check, the teller looked at it and asked him with a completely straight face, if he would like that all in one-dollar bills.


2/30. My friend made a bank transfer to another friend to pay for a recent holiday, only he put the reference as "Dildo refund".

As amusing as this was, it was somewhat less amusing for the recipient of the money since he had to produce an up to date bank statement later that week, and this was the newest transaction.


3/30. I spent a summer doing data entry for a collections agency. I saw a bad check that said 'I can't believe you took a check from me' on the line.


4/30. I once wrote "drug money" in the comment section of a PayPal transfer.

Damn was that a mistake. Both my account and the receivers account were instantly frozen. Had to go through hell and high water to get it unlocked.


5/30. I was a teller for about 3 years up until last year. I never saw anything really funny come through, but I did have one customer who had to get cashiers checks every month for one of his vendors. I would always ask him if he wanted to put something in the memo line that would print on the check. He asked if I could put "Go f*ck yourself." And so I did.

So every month for about 6 months, he would wait for me so his beer vendor received a check that had different variations of "Go f*ck yourself" and "Here's your sh*tty money."

Later I found out the VP of the beer company contacted that specific vendor to find out why the checks he deposits all had these messages on them.

Can't believe I didn't get fired at that job.


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6/30. Alimony Check: "I got laid last night."


7/30. I'm still on my parents cell phone family plan since its grandfathered into unlimited data. I have my bank set up to automatically send him a check every month for "The food I ate as a child".


8/30. When I write checks, I like to end the "for" line with one or more letters to make it into a word, and then draw whatever word I made in the memo line. So, for example, I wrote a check to my mom and made "for" say "fork" and drew a little fork.


9/30. I was extremely drunk while I wrote my friend a check, and looked at the scan of it from my bank website when he cashed some time later. In the 'amount' line:





10/30. My dad likes to put 'filial piety' on checks he give me.


11/30. My grandmother has Alzheimer's, and one of the symptoms is that as the disease progresses she digresses in maturity level. Well throughout my teens she basically became a teenager again. In the "for" section of the check she wrote me as a graduation present, she wrote "bubble gum, other candy, and condoms."

I love that she knows how important it is that bubble gum be separated from every type of candy in my world.


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12/30. I live in a house with 4 other students, and to make things easier one roommate pays the utility bill, and we pay them back. I always mess with them by writing ridiculous things on the cheque. I've put things like "for stripping lessons", "for the great sex", "for the very reasonable prostitutes", "this is a stick up" etc. Apparently my friends get weird looks from the bank tellers now...I wonder why.


13/30. My roommate always writes "A**hole tax" when he gives me a check.


14/30. My friend's mother is Chinese, and when she'd fill out the weekly check for her son's saxophone lessons, she'd write "sex lessons"...instead of SAX lessons. It wasn't until many years later my friend pointed out her mistake...


15/30. My wife used to process checks for the corporate office of a payday lending /check cashing store. She had a check written out for $69.69 bounce back to her one day, and the memo line read "Bootay Call".


16/30. I used to do this to my roommate whenever I paid him for the bills...

My favorites are:

Home made sexual lubricant

Pole Dancing Lessons

KKK Membership Dues

Noose-Tying lessons

Eternal Possession of his Soul

There were others as we lived together for 2 years, and so I got about 2 chances a month to attempt to embarrass him at the bank. Apparently he had explained what was going on to the tellers and they began to look forward to him bringing in the goofy checks.

And after he moved out, he got asked by the teller what had happened to my checks...


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17/30. I used to live with 3 other guys where one would pay cable, one utilities, one water, etc and we'd pay back our share by writing them a check every month. Some of my best checks had really intricate drawings of dicks in the FOR section. Not just the dick itself though, I've found if you add in the surrounding legs and torso it brings the dick drawing up to a whole new level of realism.


18/30. A few months back, I owed my girlfriend some money for a concert ticket. I wrote her a check and under the "for" space I wrote "The fantastic blowjob". She didn't really care because she was going to deposit it at the ATM. Well we both forgot that her parents can see her bank account activity. Her dad called her a couple days later laughing and said "I saw that check you deposited, I can't believe you don't do that for free, he is your boyfriend after all." She was mortified. I was in tears laughing.


19/30. I'm going to start writing "A Lannister Always Pays his Debts" on my memo line.


20/30. Long ago, my mom was stuck at her dentists office bc they had done some unnecessary cosmetic thing without her consent, and the receptionist was physically blocking the door until my mom paid. My mom asked if a check was ok, then made it out, and wrote EXTORTION on the for line. They didn't cash the check, and later sent her a post card saying that they would not longer be able to provide services.

She found another dentist.


21/30. Actual bank teller here.

Some teenage kid brought in a check from his friend I'm guessing, as there were small hidden penises hidden throughout the writing of the check. Very tiny and could only be see when looking closely.

Needless to say the kid knew and was red faced the entire transaction.


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22/30. I wrote "What's your phone number?" on a check at the drive thru one day and gave it to the teller I always flirted with. Saw her smile when she read it.

The receipt came back with her number written on it.


23/30. In an apartment I used to share with a four other guys, one month I ended up having to front the rent. Three of the checks I got back had "ransom" in the memo line, one had "kidnapping."

I thought it was hilarious and brought them into the bank to deposit them- the teller didn't even blink. So anticlimactic.


24/30. I lived with my ex for a long time who used Wells Fargo. I'd always write things like "child sacrifice ceremony" or draw a picture of a chicken. And just in case you guys are wondering, Wells Fargo will take checks that say, "FIFTY DOLLA BILLZ YALL" on the legal line.


25/30. Bank teller here. I see "for sex", "for the rash" that are kind of funny. But the funniest are the names people assign their accounts online such as "boob job", "cash money", "dolla dolla bill yall" which is hard to keep a straight face when you help people.


26/30. While opening the cards we received at our wedding, I discovered my ex boyfriend had written a $500 check made out to my husband with "pain and suffering" in the memo.


27/30. I work back end fraud detection and you name it I've seen it on checks or Internet transactions between people. Thanks for last night, get checked for herpes, 2 black dildos, numerous drug references. I've found people are clever and it makes my day better so keep it up!


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28/30. My dad once got a check from a friend where the for line said "anal bleaching."


29/30. I babysat a lot in college and grad school. One mom used to write "overlord duties" on my checks when I got paid.


30/30. 30 years old, huge guy. Had a check for 10 dollars that said "Happy Halloween love, gma" in the for line. I thought it was funny and cute.


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