30 People Share The Most Morbid And Inappropriate Questions They've Always Wanted To Ask.

People on Reddit were asked: "What morbid question have you always wanted to ask but haven't?" These are some of the best questions.

1/30 Is it possible to sew your butt to somebody else's butt and poop into their butt until they poop your poop back into your butt and go back and forth forever?


2/30 If a man had 3 or more testicles and had a friend who lost both of his own in a horrible accident, could the testicle abundant male do an organ transfer? If yes, could the receiver of the testicle(s) then ejaculate normally and get a girl pregnant if he wanted? If he could, would they be his sperm cells or the guy he got the testicles from?


3/30 Was it wrong of me to be relieved when my wife died? She had metastatic breast cancer and was in incredible pain and out of her mind almost all the time due to constant infections. When I confessed that to someone I know they told me I was f*cked up but I still feel like she was much better off.


4/30 Do female undertakers ever look at a mans genitals and think "Holy sh*t"?


5/30 Do parents of children with severe disabilities ever regret having their child?


6/30 How does a blind person know when they are done wiping?


7/30 Can you have a baby, buy it life insurance, throw it off a bridge, profit, repeat?


8/30 If you somehow lose your hand and your dick, can you phantom masturbate and achieve orgasm? Would it help if you still had your balls?


9/30 In the Doctor Who episode "The End of Time," when everybody on earth turns into the Master, what happens to the people currently having sex? Does the guy's dick just explode from having another dick inside it?


10/30 I'm a guy, but i have a question for some other guys. Why do some straight guys have a thing for anal intercourse with females? There is a perfectly good, already lubricated hole right next door, that isn't full of fecal matter...


11/30 If a person puts in their last will and testament under instructions for handling their body after death "I want to be taxidermied" does the family have to go through with that? Has there ever been anyone insane enough to request that in their will?


12/30 What does human flesh taste like?


13/30 If you're blind and you own a seeing eye dog, do you still have to pick up its poop? Cause that must be the worst, blindly feeling around on the floor for your dogs poop.


14/30 If you cut yourself in the a**hole, could the rebuilding of scar tissue make the a**hole shut it self? Like it would somehow just not be a hole anymore?


15/30 Not knowing anybody who has had cancer, I would like to know, when somebody with cancer says they have pain (especially those who are close to death) what exactly is the pain like? And what exactly from the cancer causes the pain? Is it just the fact that cells are growing faster than the body can handle, so like a "growing pain" but much worse?


16/30 When they do an autopsy on a pregnant woman, do they put the fetus back in with all the other organs?


17/30 If you have an expired poison (out of date), is it more poisonous or less?


18/30 If heaven and hell are in fact real, isn't the devil the good guy for enforcing punishment on all the evildoers?


19/30 I've always wondered if quadriplegics can get a boner and if so, how do they get off if they can't feel it?


20/30 If you set an alcoholic on fire do they burn with a blue flame?


21/30 So I masturbate for about half an hour to an hour almost every day with a vibrator. I feel my hands getting sore after, I'm worried about it possibly giving me long term damage. Is that possible?


22/30 Do women who have sensitive nipples ever get turned on when breastfeeding babies?


23/30 Does the head stay alive after it's been decapitated?


24/30 The rectum and anus are prone to bleeding, but why aren't these open wounds constantly infected after having poop smeared against them several times a day? I'm no doctor, but it would seem to me that if you smeared poop into an open wound on a daily basis anywhere else on the body, it'd get infected pretty quickly.


25/30 How does a father feel when his daughter looks like her mother or vice versa?


26/30 Do funeral parlor staff ever get turned on or cop a feel?


27/30 How did Hagrid's dad and mom have sex?


28/30 Could you keep a human brain alive and viable outside a human body? I don't mean a brain transplant, I mean, would it be possible to hook a brain up to whatever necessary fluid and energy sources it required so that activity continued? And, if so, what would that activity be, with no external inputs? Or would severing all nervous system input cause it to no longer function?


29/30 Utilities you use for operating on people: When they are left in there, for whatever bizarre reason and you do a utilities count after (I assume you do?) is it just safer to leave it than to open back up and search around?


30/30 Do you still have to pay if the abortion fails?



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