30 Surprising Facts About Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’.

A perfect mix of style and substance, Netflix's nostalgic hit "Stranger Things" has taken the world by storm. Currently the most streamed show online, people are tuning in all over the place to witness the magic. With overnight sensations there's often much more to the picture than meets the eye and this show is no exception. We decided to compile 30 of the strangest facts we could find, to help you get more acquainted with the new hit show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

1/30: Winona Ryder is admittedly a late bloomer in terms of technology and didn't know what streaming was when she was approached for the role.

2/30: Millie Bobby Brown was asked to shave her head for the show. As you'd expect, she was very scared and reluctant. However, the producers were finally able to convince her to do it when they showed her how cool Charlize Theron looked in Mad Max: Fury Road.

3/30: Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine have appeared together once before, in the music video for "A Love So Beautuful" by Roy Orbison.

4/30: Mike Wheeler's baby sister Holly is played by identical twin sisters, Anniston and Tinsley Price.

5/30: Show-runners Matt and Ross Duffer were inspired by many different people, citing Stephen King, Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter as major influencers.

6/30: The bicycles that the boys ride were retro fitted with old parts to appear correct for the time in 1983.

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7/30: Jim Hopper's trailer reportedly only cost the art department $1 to buy.

8/30: The state trooper seen guarding the morgue is reading Stephen King's "Cujo". This is one of many nods to the author's work.

9/30: While working on their idea for the Upside Down, the show's creators put together a 30-page document outlining the details and history of the alternate world.

10/30: Stranger Things was Shannon Purser (Barb)'s first role in anything. She had never acted before and according to Matt Duffer She blew us and everyone away.

11/30: Joe Keery (Steve) was much more likable than the Duffer's originally envisioned. Consequently they created a plot arc for him rather than making him all bad. Thats the fun of television. You can find an actor and theyll inspire you to change and evolve a character in a way you hadnt initially planned on.

12/30: Its was the Duffers lifelong dream to build a monster from scratch. It was very important early on that we actually create it. And that we have a person in a suit with animatronic elements so we can film it in real time with our actors. Rather than exclusively using C.G.I.

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13/30: The Shed where Will disappears has an upside down horseshoe above the door, a symbol of bad luck.

14/30: The quarry scenes were shot at the same location as the quarry scenes in The Fundamentals of Caring, which is another Netflix original.

15/30: The Stranger Things logo resembles the font used on the covers for the original 1980s editions of Stephen King novels, notably Cujo and Christine.

16/30: Will's older brother is named John Byers. This also the name of one of the Lone Gunmen from The X-Files, one of several nods to the show.

17/30: The Hawkins Police Department vehicles and uniforms are identical to those seen in Jaws and Jaws 2. This includes the Chief's tan uniform, Amity Island triangle shaped patch, and beige SUV that was worn/used by Roy Scheider's character. This also includes the blue uniforms and trooper/sheriff style hats worn by the patrolman, which also matches the Amity Island Police uniforms from the Jaws films.

18/30: Matt and Ross Duffer drew inspiration from George R.R. Martin in creating a show where no characters are safe, much like Game of Thrones. By creating a possibility to kill off important characters they said, Every scene has a little more tension in it.

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19/30: The monster was inspired by popular horror movies and naturally many of the kids on set were terrified by it, so it was causing problems until someone went up and told them that the monster was a good monster that came from Monsteropolis (from monsters Inc.). After that everything was fine.

20/30: The show opted to build sets rather than using green screen in order to create that 80s nostalgia vibe. When they had to use visual effects, the creators made it a point to incorporate practical elements to preserve the classic look.

21/30: Some of the sets in Stranger things took inspiration from video games. The creators talked about the game Silent Hill among others while conceiving visual ideas.

22/30: The story predates many of the vehicles. The police chief drives a K5 Blazer with a facelift package which didn't come out until a year later, the buses all appear to be from the 90s, especially the bus on the International chassis near the end of Episode 8, which clearly has the 90s/2000s "anteater" style hood.

23/30: During several of the late night searches, characters use flashlights with modern bulbs (identifiable by their blue-white color and visibly different from the yellow-orange hue of 1980's flashlights). Ironically, if they had all used modern bulbs, the error wouldn't be nearly so obvious.

24/30: The Demogorgon miniature featured in the series wasn't released until mid 1984, almost a year after the series is set (November 1983).

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25/33: The 13 year old boy who played Dustin's voice changed so much by the time production ended that the sound team was unable to use him for additional dialogue recording.

26/30: Some of Holly Wheeler's moments on-screen were unscripted. When she slouches at the dinner table she was not instructed to and in another scene she replies, "Yes!" to a question, which was ad-libbed.

27/30: The character of State Trooper O'Bannon is a reference to Dan O'Bannon. The screenwriter of Alien and Dark Star, both of which helped inspire Stranger things.

28/30: The scene where the kids are tracking the electromagnetic field with their compasses while walking along train tracks is another homage to Stephen King, this time referencing his work "Stand By Me"

29/30: When Will and his friends dress up 011 in a blond wig and pink dress, her appearance is almost identical to Paula, a girl from the video game Earthbound on the Super NES who has psychokinetic powers and travels through podunk American towns on bicycles with boys to fight otherworldly evil.

30/30: Stranger Things pays homage to 80's pop culture. From the cinematography to the soundtrack, the Sci-fi and Horror culture of the 80's is evident in many aspects of the series. Many 80's films' influences can be seen throughout; dialogue references to Star Wars, costume and set design inspiration from Alien, and narrative similarities to E.T. flourish throughout the series, but the most prominent two films to have likely influenced The Duffer Brothers were shown as posters hanging on the walls; Jaws and The Thing.

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