31 Fascinating Things Most People Don't Know About Netflix.

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1/31. You can stop trying to impress Netflix with the streaming version of keeping Ulysses on your coffee table. In a 2013 Wired.com interview, Vice-President of Product Innovation Carlos Gomez-Uribe noted that viewers often report viewing documentaries or esoteric foreign movies. But in practice, he said, that doesnt happen very much.

2/31 Netflix will pay you to sit at home, watch shows, and then tag them with keywords. This is part of the Netflix Quantum Theory to provide better recommendations and search results.

3/31 The company commissioned cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken to study how the risk of spoilers affect a person's viewing habits since bingeing means some users can watch shows faster than others. His findings concluded that people fall into three categories: people who ruin shows intentionally, people who will dangle the threat of spoilers, and people who never tell anything.

4/31 Netflix has spent over $150 million to improve their recommendations because studies have found that if a user doesn't choose a movie or TV show within 2 minutes they will simply move on to another website or service.

5/31 The first original Netflix product was 11-minutes worth of test footage shot in 2011. The short videos can be watched together to create a very abstract film that really doesn't make sense.

6/31 A 2015 study at the University of Texas studied the behaviour people who claimed to binge Netflix. The study found that bingers are more likely to be depressed, lack self-control, and are prone to loneliness. That being said, the study defined bingeing as watching a minimum of 2 episodes in a row.

7/31 Recently Netflix has been used as a platform to revive previously cancelled TV shows. In the past once a show was cancelled it was rarely brought back, though there have been multiple movies and spinoff series from originally-cancelled shows. Netflix has revived shows like Prison Break, Full House, Gilmore Girls, and Arrested Development.

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8/31 In 2014 a glitch happened where content descriptions of various shows and movies were scrambled. The results were hilarious: check them out here.

9/31 Nielsen N.V., the company that tracks TV audiences, are looking into tracking Netflix and other online streaming services. The current statistics about Netflix viewership and ratings are gathered by Netflix itself and only a few stats are released to the public.

10/31 Before setting on Netflix, the names "Directpix", "Replay", and "Luna" were considered. When they finally had to choose a domain name they settled for Kibble.com until they could find something more permanent.

11/31 In 2000 Blockbuster considered purchasing Netflix for a 49% stake in the company but eventually the deal fell through. Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

12/31 A free Chrome extension called Flix Plus will allow you to sort movies on the service by Rotten Tomatoes rating.

13/31 Netflix employees can take as many vacation days as they want as long as they give sufficient notice. A spokesperson explained that, "it's about freedom and responsibility and treating people like adults."

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14/31 One April Fool's Day new subcategories appeared on the site such as: Movies That Are In English But Still Require Subtitles, Movies Featuring An Epic Nicholas Cage Meltdown, and TV Shows Where Defiantly Crossed Arms Mean Business!

15/31 The website Now Streaming lists what shows and movies are being removed each week so you can watch them one more time before they disappear.

16/31 Netflix reports that users stream upwards of 100 million hours of content daily. The average user streams for 90 minutes.

17/31 In the United States more people subscribe to Netflix than cable television.

18/31 If you have children you are statistically more likely to have a Netflix subscription.

19/31 The most watched show on the site? Breaking Bad.

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20/31 Netflix has created over 60 original programs from series to films to comedy specials.

21/31 With Robin Wright's win for Golden Globe Award for Best Actress Netflix became the first online programming service to win a major television award.

22/31 Netflix has it's own award show, The Flixies, where users vote for their favourite shows in categories like Best TV Marathon and Best Bromance.

23/31 The idea for Netflix came when CEO Reed Hastings was charged $40 for returning a VHS copy late in 1997. The website launched the following year.

24/31 As of early 2015 Netflix has 57.4 million subscribers worldwide, though it's worth noting that one subscription can have multiple accounts or be used by multiple people.

25/31 Netflix generates 1/3 of internet traffic in the United States during primetime (7:00pm-9:00pm).

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26/31 Back when Netflix was a DVD subscription service the company was interested in seeing first-hand how users interacted with the software. Telemarketers would ask subscribers if executives could come watch them watch Netflix. If a subscriber agreed an executive would show up to their house with coffee and document their behaviour.

27/31 Netflix does still offer a popular DVD subscription service. A DVD inspector at the company will sort upwards of 5200 DVDS per day.

28/31 Netflix's first Oscar nomination was for the 2013 Egyptian-American film The Square in the Best Documentary category. The documentary looked at the recent Egyptian Crisis but lost to 20 Feet From Stardom.

29/31 The company monitors what shows and movies are being illegally downloaded on other sites like BitTorent to see what's popular and what they should be purchasing in the future.

30/31 On February 25, 2007 the service delivered it's billionth DVD.

31/31 In 2015 Netflix executives revealed a prototype device being developed called The Switch. The device would allow you to turn off house lights when connected to a smart home light system, order takeout, and silence your cellphone or home phone all while streaming.

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