31 Mortified People Admit Their Worst 'I Shouldn't Have Just Said That' Moment.

We've all had that moment where we instantly regret what just came out of our mouths. Where you just want to curl up under a rock and never be seen again.

Here are thirty-one of those moments. Warning: High Cringe Content.

Many thanks to Reddit user Sexymcsexalot for posing this question. You can check out more answers from the source at the end of this article!

1/31. Cuddling with the ex, calling her her friend's name.


2/31. Meant to say beating a dead horse, said beating off a dead horse.

In class.


3/31. Once as a kid I asked a girl in another class why she was walking around with her arm up her jumper. She just shrugged and walked away. Later found out it was because she only had one arm. Every so often as I'm lying in bed, the memory of asking her that pops into my head and I feel like suffocating myself with my own pillow.


4/31. When my mom was marrying my stepdad, during their vows, at the part about 'til death do you part', I said, in an attempt to be funny, "I give 'em ten years."

Their marriage lasted ten years. Still cringe about it to this day.


5/31. My boss was mad because I could only work so many hours because of college. I told him college is important, I don't want to be working at a gas station for the next 10 years.

My boss had been working at that same gas station for about 10 years.


6/31. "Your puppy is adorable!"

"Thanks. He's learning to be a service dog. He'll be working with my son who has neurological damage."

"I wish I had neurological damage!"


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7/31. I work at a hospital.

I was helping an elderly man out of bed and a lot of the time where I work they need help getting their legs off the bed, due to weakness. so I'm about to get him up, and as he throws the covers off I say "do you need help getting your legs off the bed?" at the same time I say it I realize he only has one leg.

Immediate embarrassment until he grabs his one leg and says "sure, I'll get this one and you get the other one".


8/31. Had a friend who taught two different girlfriends of his to drive. One crashed and got badly injured the other crashed and died.

Some years later, met him and his new girlfriend on a night out. He introduced me, I promptly told him "don't teach this one how to drive eh, loooooooooool".

The second I said it I regretted it. Felt like such a dick. Offered to take his best shot to the face for it. He declined. Still feel sh*tty for it.


9/31. I walked into the break room at work, and heard one middle-aged coworker talking to another. I wasn't particularly listening, but I heard her say "left side". This activated a part of my brain devoted to remembering Remember the Titans, a movie I had seen most of once at least five years prior.

So, like any good person would, I half-to-three-quarters-shouted, "LEFT SIDE! STRONG SIDE!"

The coworker looked at me for a full two seconds, then said to her companion, quieter now, "Yeah. He's doing a little better, but that whole side is still paralyzed."

Her husband had had a stroke. It turned out to have nothing to do with Remember the Titans.


10/31. We had a German student staying with us at university, who was a massive petrol head: she loved Formula 1 and playing Colin McRae. One day I asked her where she was from.

"Nuremberg," she replied. And, thinking about her love of motorsport, I decided to try and be knowledgeable.

"Oh, like the rally?"

This did not go down well.


11/31. I used to work for a small web agency in a tiny office. There was one loud account manager who just blathered on and said some outrageously stupid things (e.g. told a customer we couldn't polish a turd, about work we'd done for them).

One day he's droning on at volume 11 about something and it was echoing around the office whilst I was trying to work...

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I sent my friend a message on MSN saying "OH FFS WON'T YOU JUST SHUT UP YOU NOISY C*NT!".

Obviously I'd sent it to the wrong person.

He looked over at me and mouthed "What the f*ck!?", I panicked and did the only thing I could think of and sent a smiley emoticon.


12/31. Just told my manager to "have fun" in response to him leaving early even though he told me he was going to a funeral.


13/31. When I was a kid I went over to my friend's place and we had dinner. I remember that the food was some tasty pasta dish with a slightly sour component, something that I hadn't really experienced in savoury dishes before. So I was thinking really hard about where I had experienced a similar sourness with food in my mouth before and blurted out:

"It tastes like vomit."

To be honest I was too confused over why the mother replied that I should just not eat it if I didn't like it to correct her. It was delicious after all.



14/31. We were at a friend's place and having hotdogs, and one of our friends (who is a girl) was like "I wish there were more hotdogs, but we've run out" to which I replied "I've got a hotdog right here."

I can feel the cringe and disappointment in myself typing this.


15/31. I was at a concert with my girlfriend and bumped into a group of old friends I hadn't seen in years. They all knew me when I was with my ex, who my current girlfriend was convinced I was still in love with.

When it came time to introduce her I said "I'd like you to meet _" and called her my ex's name in front of this group. Freudian slip/brain fart/too high? Awkward silence for a long moment, then says "no, actually my name is __, and I'm his new ex-girlfriend as of now."

I've never been forgiven for the faux pas and still can't figure out why I said that.


16/31. When I was a kid, my sister was an avid soccer player. Being unathletic myself, I was dragged to all of her games. At an indoor game (with walls that echo sound), a girl on the other team slide tackled a girl on my sister's team...

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When she did, a wig fell off her head, revealing a completely bald noggin. I immediately blurted out, loudly enough for everyone - including the girl - to hear me, "Oh my god! They have a boy on their team!"

This was 20+ years ago and I still feel like a complete a*s.


17/31. "I do".

What a waste of 8 years.


18/31. I was around 7 or 8 years old and I was watching a crime TV show with my mum and the topic of necrophelia came up. So being a curious kid I asked what it was and she told me it was someone who had sex with dead people. Witty me then decided to say "Oh. Better watch out for grandma then!" (She had died a year before) thinking I'd get a few laughs.

She just looked at me with the angriest face and said "never say something like that again."


19/31. Girl at work was very flirtatious with me, and I would flirt right back. It all got serious one day when she told me she had a dream about me. Now this girl could get pretty dirty with her jokes and flirting, so I was expecting her to jokingly say it was one of "those" dreams. Instead she says "it wasn't like that, we just went on a romantic date and had a really nice time." My reaction was to say "huh" and mull things over.

Well a couple days later I'm walking by her, and she says "so, when are we going on that date?" To which I reply, "in your dreams" you know, because she had that dream? She didn't think it was that funny either.


20/31. Liked a girl. She was cute. I'd seen her around in social situations a couple of times. She was actually talking to me. It was going well. She stuttered over a word and I joked about it. Turns out, she has a stammer and that really offended her.

Felt horrible.


21/31. Aunt: Christians need to stand up to gay people.

Me: Well shouldn't they stand against divorce just as much but I don't see that happening.

Awkward silence...

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Months later I remember she had gotten a divorce. Awkwaaard.


22/31. Cat is sitting in girlfriends lap.

Me: 'Hey the cat looks like the monster that sits in Jabba the Huts lap.'


23/31. I was in my OB-GYN clinical rotation. Had a very nervous and borderline overly worried first time expecting mother that I was taking care of. She was in for a routine pregnancy visit. I was performing the fetal heart monitor check with the doppler. Perfect heart sounds for a few seconds then the battery on the doppler machine ran out. I mutter "Dang it, it died". The mother let out this shriek.

"NO, NO, NO - the battery died". Needless to say, lots of time spent with me sitting there with the ultrasound showing her the beating heart and taking pictures.


24/31. When at the Russian border, I struggled to understand what the guard was saying and accidentally told him that my physics teacher was my father, followed by a fairly intense interrogation session because I just lied to the Russian border police.

I realized what I'd done quickly afterwards, but we couldn't really get the mistake across.


25/31. In 2006, which was the height of "your mom" being a response to any and every question asked at my high school, a member of my color guard asked me some innocuous question. I answered "your mom", intending to then immediately give her the real answer. Except as the words reflexively left my mouth, I realized that her mom had died, tragically, after being hit by a car in a crosswalk like a week earlier.

She just looked at me really sadly and said "my mom is dead" while I started frantically apologizing and crying. I still feel so awful about it.


26/31. I'm hanging out with my friend's friends in college and one of them is telling a story about how his sister lost her virginity in the 2000's equivilent of Netflix and chill to the Passion of the Christ...

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I said the most obvious statement that was on everyone's mind, "So she wasn't the only one getting nailed that night" and pause for the incoming and immense respect for my wit, timing, and speed.

It was the only time in my life when people just stopped and shook their heads like it really wasn't ok, I contemplated walking out in shame.


27/31. I was on a date with a girl and she said she was a vegetarian.

My response? "That's stupid."

I have no idea why I said it and I regretted it immediately.


28/31. I was working in a tuxedo shop and it was prom season so it was super super busy.

A woman came in with her son and ordered a tux two weeks prior to the dance. They came in the day before to pick it up and something was messed up with it, don't remember what. So I told her not to worry I'd reorder and just come back tomorrow. So she comes back the next day to get the reorder and he tries it on and it fits. She just goes "oh thank Jesus! It fits!" And without thinking I say "don't thank Jesus. Thank me. I ordered the damn thing."

She just got quiet and didn't say another word the entire time she was there. Whoops.


29/31. I arrived late to a baby shower for a new mother in my office. I thought it would be best to go immediately congratulate the mother and see the baby, so I could get it over with and then disappear into the back of the room. As I approached the mother and baby, the baby takes one look at me and begins to cry. With all eyes now on me, I nervously and jokingly exclaimed "Abort! Abort!".

In my mind I was joking about aborting the mission of seeing the baby. Others didn't see it this way.


30/31. I had been dating a girl for about two years through the end of high school and the beginning of college. I was close with her family, and was going to spend Thanksgiving at her grandmother's place with her relatives.

I was at her parents' house, waiting to leave, and her little sister was putting up a big fuss about having to dress nice for Thanksgiving dinner. My girlfriend, of course, was not complaining about what she was required to wear, so the sister said to her dad "How come Melissa doesn't have to wear this stupid dress??" Her dad, trying to emphasize that Melissa's attire had nothing to do with the little sister's, told her "For all I care, Melissa can wear a bikini to dinner tonight."

Dumb old me, I comment from the other room, "Yeah, and then we can all see what I'm thankful for." I'll never forget the look on her dad's face, the perfect combination of being amused at the joke but being totally appalled by it at the same time.


31/31. Calling my Mum a selfish control freak. It was a very valid point, but holy sh*t I should NOT have said that.



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