31 Of The Most Heartwarming Facts.


The Netherlands sends Canada 20,000 tulip bulbs every year to thank them for their help during World War II.


Cats just view us as large stupid cats, but dogs recognize that we are different than them. In fact, dogs have learned to understand the sound of our laughter and get happy hearing it.


Hundreds of retired Japanese engineers volunteered to fix the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima power station so young people wouldnt have to be subjected to the radiation.


J M Barrie gave all the rights to Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Hospital, a hospital dedicated towards the intensive care for children, in 1929, and this was later confirmed when he died in 1937.

Since then the hospital has received royalties every time a production of the play is put on, as well as from the sale of Peter Pan books and other products.

While the copyright of the Peter Pan has expired in the United Kingdom, it was granted a special exception under the Copyright, Designs, and Patents Act 1988 that requires royalties to be paid for commercial performances, publications and broadcasts of the story of Peter Pan within the UK, as long as Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Even though they're mostly seen as an annoyance, pigeons are extremely faithful.

They mate for life and if their mate dies, they don't take another.

Almost makes me want to feel respectful of them when they build their nest on my balcony. Almost.

Then they crap all over my patio furniture.


People are training rats to detect landmines. The rats are too light to set the mines off and can small the explosive compound extremely well. The rats detect and mark each mine for a reward treat. The rats are very fast and can clear an area 3 times faster than use of electronic minesweepers and with higher accuracy.


Dogs have the mentality of a small child. So, if you think about it, no matter how old your dog gets, they will always be a child at heart.

When wolves go to hunt, crows (and ravens) tend to be seen keeping the pups company in exchange for some of the food the wolves bring back. Crows also tend to look for prey while flying and help the wolves find food. Crows and wolves just like being around each other, and play together.

Ravens tell their babies bedtime stories (this one could be wrong, I might be thinking of a different type of bird, but one kind of bird has been proven to do this).

Elephants actually mourn their dead.

Dolphin pods have their own dialects and languages, just like how people have different languages in different countries.

Basically, animals are more like people than we think they are.


I always liked the story of Leo Messi and his wife. He is probably one of the most famous and richest stars in the world (he is a big footballer/soccer player). He had to leave his home country, Argentina, as a young teenager because he had pretty severe medical problems and a Spanish club offered to pay the treatments if he joined. He always was in love with the cousin of his best friend from home, and as soon as he was old enough to be able to afford to go back to Argentina regularly he went back to woo her and they fell for each other.

They kept the relationship secret for a long time, so nobody knows how long they have really been together, but it's at least ten years (since they were 19 or 20). He never wanted some super model or big star, just her. They seem to have a really happy, peaceful life together with two little boys. He almost completely shields them from public life, insisting they live just as a normal family. Part of this means that he doesn't reveal much in interviews, but it's clear that for all his professional success, being a husband and a father is what he cares about most.


Sometimes when they're out gathering, bees will fall asleep in flowers.


The number of public libraries in the US is far greater than the number of McDonald's.


In WW2, a B-17 named "Ye Olde Pub" was severely damaged and returning to England practically alone after not being able to maintain the speed needed to stay safer within formation.

Ye Olde Pub had fended off multiple fighters, lost use of all but four of its guns, lost one crew member, and many of the remaining gunners were wounded.

Luftwaffe pilot Franz Stigler took off after rearming and fueling up, intent on intercepting the bomber. Before he made an attack run, though, he looked through the damaged airframe and decided not to open fire. Instead, Stigler stuck close to the B-17. He knew that the flak crews would not fire if a Luftwaffe aircraft was close to the bomber. He escorted them back to the German Coast, as they could not understand him as he tried to urge them to either land and surrender or divert to Sweden.

Stigler gave up a chance at a Knight's Cross and was forced to keep this act a secret. If his commanding officers found out, he risked being executed.

The men survived the war, and met formally in 1986. They became close friends until they passed away within months of one another in 2008.


Otters hold hands while asleep to stop drifting away from each other.


Beavers are incredible. They're not just huge, adorable rodents with log cabins. Their tree-chomping and dam-building alters whole ecologies, effecting animal migrations and plant life for miles around. They're environmental engineers, architects, and look at those tails!


After Heath Ledger's death, who was still filming The Imaginariam of Doctor Parnassus, Terry Gilliam (writer and director of the film) thought the film was over. That was until he had the idea to for Jude Law, Colin Farrell, and Johnny Depp (all close friends with Ledger) to be brought in to play Ledger's character after transformations. They all said yes with out hesitation, opted to redirect their wages to Ledger's family.

Bonus fact, Tom Cruise showed interest in playing one of these character transformations, but was turned down as he had never been a close friend of Ledger's. Gilliam is quoted saying "I just wanted to keep this [in the] family—it's as simple as that [...] There were people even offering to come and help, they didn't know Heath. It had to be in the family somehow, I don't know why; it was my attitude"


There are bad people in this world but that is not the norm. For our species to have survived all these years, we had to cooperate with one another, care for each other, and sacrifice blood and sweat for each other.


When the shooting happened at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, so many people were signing up to donate blood that the blood bank phone service was unusable, and the lines to donate blood at buses were hours long. I literally could not find a way to donate blood. This made me feel a lot better about people, especially after having someone do such a horrible thing the same night I moved to Orlando.


During World War 1, German and British troops held a moment of truce, weapons went silent, and men slowly crept climbed atop "no man's land" exchanging hand shakes, cigarettes, chocolates and so on for just a moment of Christmas festivities together.


Blind Willie Johnson was a blues player who lived from 1897 to 1945. When he was seven, his father came home drunk and beat his stepmother, who in an act of revenge, threw lye in Willie's face, blinding him. Willie lived his whole life playing the blues, one of the few things he could master and make a living at without his sight. He made enough to get by, but was never successful or famous in his lifetime. In 1945, his house partially burned down, but with nowhere else to live, he continued staying there. Exposure to the elements made him sick and he died, penniless.

However, right now, on a golden record, there is a recording of Blind Willie Johnson playing the blues, beyond the reaches of our solar system, aboard the Voyager spacecraft, further from home than any man-made object. Despite Willie's struggles, his music is cemented in history, and someday, many years from now, he may make first contact with another life form from beyond the grave.


After the population surrounding the Fukushima power plant evacuated, one man returned to care for the local wildlife and other displaced animals. He was told that he wouldn't get sick from the radiation for 30 to 40 years and said "I'll probably be dead by then, so I couldn't care less."


Last time Liechtenstein went to war, they sent 80 soldiers to Italy to fight against Prussia. 81 came back, since none of the soldiers died and they brought an Italian "friend" with them.


The reward centers of your dog's brain light up when they smell you. This reward reaction is stronger than when they smell familiar dogs or strangers.

While the study cautions against jumping to conclusions like reward center = love, the suggestion is still there: your dog may in fact love you more than than any other creature.


The man who voiced Mickey Mouse married the woman who voice Minnie Mouse, I think it's adorable.


Dogs look at you when they poop because they're in a defenseless position thus trusting you to protect them if a dangerous situation occurs.


There's a post office at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, because there's people who live down there, and the post office is required to deliver the mail to every citizen in the U.S.

They have to hike the mail in using people or mules. Apparently they get Amazon packages and junk mail, just like all the rest of us.


When the Wii U bombed, Nintendo CEO cut his pay 50% instead of blaming workers.


When cats rub their little face against you, they're claiming you as their property. They also have specific meows for humans (they create this on their own and is specific to their human). They also bring their owners dead animals because they don't think we know how to hunt.


Rabbits will jump and dance when happy. It's called a binky. They also gently grind their teeth when they like how you pet them. Oh! If a rabbit throws itself onto one side, feet kicked out, it feels safe around you.


The probability of you even existing is extremely low, I believe it was 1 out of 102,600,000. This takes into account all of your ancestors being in the same place, meeting, then liking each other enough to do things, up until your parents were born, grew up, met, fell in love, desired to have child, then you as a sperm beat millions of other sperm to fertilize an egg to then create you. And here you are, X amount of years later, reading this post of a piece of technology that is built from a rock found in the crust of the earth, wondering what is the most wholesome fact you know, when in reality, your existence itself is probably the most wholesome.


Racing horses would get really nervous and anxious before races. The solution was to get the horse a goat partner, which would calm them down really well.

This is where the phrase 'gets your goat' comes from. It means to rile someone up, and people would go and try to steal the goats of horses they bet against to sabotage them.


I was on vacation in Germany over spring break. They have these "frog fences". These fences keep the frogs from crossing the roads and getting run over. At the end of the day somebody comes by and gathers the frogs and helps them cross the road.


Humpback Whales instinctively protect other small sea creatures from Orcas. Apparently it's a mechanism that originates from wanting to keep their babies safe but this means they will also rush over and protect Seals and even fish from the scary predators.



"It wasn't me!"

There's not much you can do when the righteous fist of the law comes down on you. Call it a mix-up, or call it a mistake, if someone's pegged you at the scene of a crime there's not much you can do but trust the justice system to prove you innocent. However, that's a gamble, and just because you've been given a "not guilty" doesn't mean the effects won't follow you for the rest of your life.

Reddit user, u/danbrownskin, wanted to hear about the times when it wasn't you, seriously, it was someone else, when they asked:

Redditors who were once considered suspect of a crime they did not commit, what's it like being held under suspicion and how did it affect your life?

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