32 Amazing Facts That Sound Completely Real But Are Actually False.

The way that these 'facts' read, you'd wouldn't believe they are fake!

Below are 32 hilarious 'fake facts' that sound completely legitimate. Check them out!

1. Americans eat more calories on Super Bowl Sunday than the rest of the world combined.


2. The Great Wall of China ended up causing a mass extinction when completed, due to many species of animals being blocked from their traditional breeding grounds.


3. If a police officer takes more than 10 minutes to approach your car you can legally drive away.


4. The left/right curvature of the penis is determined by which pant leg you tuck it into.


5. 90% of statistics are made up on the spot.


6. Mayonnaise was discovered by accident. In WWII, the British military needed a more efficient and reliable lubricant for their planes, engines, motors, etc. and were hard-pressed for ideas. Kline Westerbrook, by all accounts a simple farmer with a penchant for tinkering around, discovered a mixture of readily-available household items (oil, egg yolk, lemon juice, and so on) that proved to be a highly effective...


Lubricant, and was almost immediately put into service, much to the financial gain of Westerbrook. It was his assistant, Susan Grimes, however, that discovered, quite by accident while working in her workshop late one day, that the lubricant not only tasted great, but added personality to sandwiches, as well. The rest, as they say, is history.


7. We get "morning wood" because our ancestors slept on hillsides and it would serve as a kick stand.


8. You know the phrase "to get a second wind"? Originally, it was actually a second wind (pronounced "wined"). It refers to pocket watches that required winding up before batteries. You wound the spring once, and when it ran out, you were able to get a "second wind" before you had to bring it to a jeweler to get the spring reset.


9. Birthmarks are caused by the fetus resting against the gestational sac walls.


10. Feed poop to your kids.

When a child is born they have their mother's antibodies to protect them. These last roughly 2-2.5 years. In that period of time, the infant has to build up a resistance if it's own, and it does this by putting everything into its mouth.

This is natures simple mechanism to protect kids regardless of their environment.

Kids that experience overly sterile environments during this period, tend to experience rejections and allergies later on in life.

Parents are advised to let their kids


Put stuff in their mouths, and to taste as much as possible of their environment.

Parents are advised to prepare children's food using unwashed kitchen utensils, and to encourage them to taste the underside of the toilet seat occasionally. Putting the baby to bed with a pair of your teenage son's underpants is another good way of introducing a baby to bacteria.


11. -Coconuts are mammals because they have hair and produce milk.

-Winnie the Pooh was originally named Winnie the Pee.

-If you soak raisin in grape juice, it turns into a grape.

-Dinosaurs are a conspiracy theory made up to prevent time travel.


12. The phone number for emergencies is 911 because of the 9/11 attacks.


13. Almond milkers are paid by the number of almonds they milk per day.


14. I once convinced my whole drama class (including the teacher) that there were icebergs off the coast of Africa. I told them it obviously wasn't RIGHT off the coast (you couldn't see it from a beach or the shore for example), but a few miles out there's a point in the currents where a hot front meets a cold front and forms a narrow enough strip for small to medium icebergs to form.

The funniest moment is that pause when people are trying to figure out if you're lying or not, then someone else chimes in with "Yeah, I heard that actually!". And they said I couldn't act.


15. Fun fact for guys. When you masturbate, if any sperm comes in contact with your skin, the sperm will attempt to do its function of impregnating an egg. As skin is not an egg, this sometimes results in a cell being injected with the sperms DNA as it attaches to what it can find. This leads to...


This leads to complications such as moles, strange itchy feeling, and sometimes discoloration of the affected area.


16. Stop signs that are outlined in white are optional.


17. The reason you don't eat the little "plug" at the end of a banana is because it contains concentrated quantities of pesticides used during the growing process. Because bananas hang and the way they grow, the bottom tip is a collector for the pesticides.


18. Women usually carry more weight in the midsection after having children because the fetus leaves behind 9 months of excrement.


19. Dogs can actually see in more than just black and white, they can see shades of blue, yellow, and brown as well. However, their sense of smell is actually limited to only black and white.


20. The Flat earth society has members all around the globe.


21. Tarantulas keep frogs as pets.

In some areas mosquitoes are capable of killing people through blood loss alone within a matter of minutes.

The Brazilian Wandering spider, one of the world's most deadly, lives and lays its eggs in...


Bananas, which often hatch after they are shipped to grocery stores.

There was a man in South America who died after a wasp laid eggs in his sinus cavity and it ate a large chunk of his brain.

Now...pick the ONE that's fake.


22. By "pleading the Fifth" in a criminal case, you can nearly almost always get off. The reason is because without your admission to certain facts there will always be "reasonable doubt" because other witnesses and evidence can be faked/lying. A jury is told this in private by a judge. However, lawyers are not allowed to tell clients of this strategy because it would effectively undermine the entire justice system. Therefore, it is only used by very intelligent people who understand the law and tell the lawyers that this is how they want to proceed. Once they tell the lawyer that they already know about this then the lawyer is permitted to help with it.


23. Approximately .8% of the elephant population is nocturnal.


24. There are gardens of plants inside the wings of an airplane to provide enough oxygen for the passengers.


25. Cutting onions doesn't actually make you cry. It's usually because you're...


Tired of your own existence as you realize that you're too broke to afford real food and you're having onions for dinner.


26. "You can't see your shadow in a mirror because mirrors only reflect light and shadows are an absence of light.


27. The word 'Fantastic' was actually coined by a Fanta advertisement in the 50s.


28. There are more stars in our galaxy than trees on Earth.


29. Asking an undercover cop if they're a cop makes them obligated to tell you the truth.


30. An astronaut can officiate marriages under Texas state laws.


31. Birthmarks are actually indications of where you were wounded in your previous life.


32. A dog can hear a you open a box of cookies from 3 miles away.



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