32 'Back In My Day' Statements That Will Definitely Apply To Millenials.

Years from now, when millenials are in the 'Get off my lawn' phase of their life, they will have many nostalgic moments to talk about.

Below are 32 of the best 'Back in my day' moments for millenials. Check them out!

1. We had to agree when and where to meet and if someone didn't show up you couldn't call or text them. You just had to assume they had died.


2. One of the six-year-olds at my work asked me what iPads were like when I was a kid. I told him we didn't have them, and he couldn't comprehend it. He said, "Did you only have Kindles?"


3. Back in my day, the HOUSE had its own phone number.


4. Back in my day when you wanted to watch a movie you had to go down to the movie rental store and hope that they had a copy left that you had to make sure you could gather enough change to pay with!


5. We had one phone for everybody and it was mounted on a wall.


6. Back in my day we didn't have smartphones. If you got into an argument about something you never knew who was right. Do emus live in Africa or Australia? Who knows!

If you were taking a trip you had to go to Mapquest and then actually...


Print out directions to read in the car. And before Mapquest or with a big trip you bought a map, sprawled it out on your car, and plotted a route by hand like a 17th century explorer.Want to take pictures? Don't forget to bring a camera! The point and shoots were awesome, those could actually fit in your pocket!


6. We had these books called TV guides and had to organize our day by what TV show was on at what time! No seriously! on demand streaming wasn't a thing!


7. If someone was talking on the phone, you couldn't go on the internet!


8. The other day I told my niece I'm older than YouTube and Google, and she asked if I was also older than the moon. Since when does a four-year-old have such a well developed sense of sarcasm?


9. My internet came on a disk that I got in the mail, and if anyone made a phone call I would lose the internet.


10. Back in my day, we used to all share a single phone at home. What if I wanted call a girl I liked you say? Well I had to call her home and...


ask her parents to speak with her if they answered.


11. "I had to walk 20 miles uphill both ways in the snow-"

"What's snow?"

"It was frozen water, it would fall from the sky."

"But Earth is too hot for water to freeze."

"Exactly, but in my day..."


12. "You kids have no idea how hard me and your mother had it when we first got married. We had to wait 2 WHOLE DAYS for a package to come in the mail."


13. Back in my day we had to wait minutes for a single web page to load, and if someone tried to use the home phone you'd get kicked offline!


14. I had to make a career in an economy where education meant nothing, a dollar didn't buy anything, houses were not affordable and the generations before me hoarded wealth to the point where I don't stand a chance until they all die off and the inheritance starts to trickle down.


15. When I was your age, we had to blow...


In the cartridge to get our video games to work.


16. Back in my day, I had to have 5 years of experience before I could get an entry level job.


17. Back in MY day, kids actually played outside without parents being arrested for child neglect.


18. Without a cell phone, I had to read the shampoo bottle on the toilet.


19. When I was in the first few grades of grammar school, just before my parents got our first dial up modem, I remember doing reports for school with our encyclopedia set. How can you explain an encyclopedia to someone now?

"You see, it was a huge set of books - like thirty books - that was so expensive, sometimes people got it as a wedding present."

"And it had everything you needed to know about everything?"

"Well, no, it was curated with only the stuff the editors thought was the most important."

"What if you needed information about something that wasn't in there?"

"You went to the library."

"What if the library was far away?"

"You picked a different topic for your report."


20. I had to wait 10 minutes to download a song on Limewire.


21. Back in my day I had to text with T9!


22. "If you wanted an S, you had to press 7 FOUR TIMES!"


23. I had to memorize other people's phone numbers!


24. Back in my day, I had to go to a library and search through books for my research papers


25. I had to change the TV to Channel 3, JUST to play video games.


26. When I was your age, I had to go six figures into debt for a decent education and pay it off for decades!


27. I had to submit my resume, then fill out an online form that contained all the information on my resume.


28. Back in my day, if we wanted to watch a movie again, we had to rewind it.


29. My daughter just said to her younger cousin "when I was your age I didn't have a phone and had to listen to people talking"


30. "Back in my day, Pluto was a planet and Saturn was a car"


31. Had to write in cursive.


32. Back in my day my parents could afford a mortgage with 2 middle class jobs.



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