32 Things Most People Didn’t Realize About Sesame Street When They Were A Kid.

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Why not take a walk down memory lane and visit all your old friends on Sesame Street?

4. Bert has an identical twin brother named Bart, who briefly appeared in an episode in 1974.

5. Cookie Monster and Ernie are both left-handed. (The puppeteers use their right hands for the mouths.)

6. On the first season of Sesame Street, Oscar the Grouch was orange.

7. Elmos favorite food is wasabi.

8. Count von Count has a pet octopus named Octavia.

9. Oscar has a cell phone, but it weighs seven pounds or so. Its an old one Jim Henson threw away.

10. Ernies favorite number keeps changing. Its been two, five, seven, and 8,243,721.

11. Big Bird is 82 tall. Or about two and a half meters.

12. Snuffleupagus has a first name. Its Aloysius.

13. Remember Ernies Rubber Duckie song? In 1970, it made it to no. 16 on the Billboard top singles chart.

14. In 1990, a clay stop-motion short starring a character named Arnold debuted on the show. It would become Hey, Arnold!

15. In Martian-speak, Yip yip yip still means yip yip yip.

16. Rosita originally had wings. She was designed to be a fruit bat.

17. Telly is named after his original obsession. No, not triangles. Television.

18. In 1992, PBS created a TV special where Snuffys parents went through a divorce. It never aired.

19. Cookie Monsters first name, originally? He thinks it may be Sid.

20. Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama have all lived in the White House and visited Sesame Street.

21. Sesame Street debuted on November 10, 1969.

22. Elmos cousins run a hotel in the UK called The Furchester.

23. Bert has 368 bottle caps in his collection, including the rare and much sought after Fizzy Fizz cap.

24. Cookie Monster is the only character that has five fingers on each hand. All the other monsters four.

25. Both the Amazing Mumford and Count von Count live in castles. And they are next door neighbors.

26. Oscars car is called the Sloppy Jalopy. Its license plate reads SCRAM.

27. In an early episode of season 7 (1976), Big Bird ran for President.

28. In total, Bert and Ernie have one eyebrow.

29. Grover has been an astronaut, waiter, salesman, professor, marshal, farmer, elevator operator, and of course, superhero.

30. Abby Cadabby speaks a language called Dragonfly. Shes teaching it to Rosita.

31. Elmo once testified before Congress.

32. Count von Count has had one, two, three lady friends: Countess Dahling von Dahling, Lady Two, and Countess von Backwards.


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