33 People Share Massive Plot Holes That Completely Changed The Way They Saw A Movie.

You know the moment I'm talking about. When it's late at night and you're reaching into the fridge for a snack, then it hits you. "Why didn't they just let the eagles take them to Mordor?"

Here, 33 people share the biggest plot holes they found in their favourite movies. Think you might have noticed any of these before? Enjoy! And check out the sources at the bottom for even more.

33. The stabbing kind, not the sword.

In The Two Towers movie, Shelob stings Frodo in the torso. You even see blood/poison frothing in his mouth. Yet, up in the tower, the orcs are squabbling over his pristene, unpenetrated mithril armor. In the book Shelob got him in the neck.



32. I hope he tipped well then.

In Home Alone, phone lines get damaged by the storm overnight, so the McAllisters cannot call home from Paris to see if Kevin is alright. But Kevin is able to call and order a pizza without any problem.


31. Monkey business.

In the original King Kong here's a giant wall designed to keep Kong on his part of the island. For some reason, it has a Kong-sized gate.



30. I really hope the food doesn't talk too.

In Beauty and the Beast, we see them having dinner and another time we see Belle sitting at a table with pies and cakes.

Who's buying the groceries? The beast isn't just popping out to the village for his shopping and neither is the talking tea pot or candle stick.



29. Tongue-tied.

In The Little Mermaid why didn't she just whisper her situation to the prince? You don't need your vocal cords to whisper stuff, she still had a tongue right?


28. No double dipping!

In the Hunger Games the kids that are up for the reaping can add their names to the jar multiple times in exchange for more food and resources. (Continued...)

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Couldn't everyone agree to say increase their names 100x to get way more food and use those resources to help everyone in their district, get stronger for the games, and have a better shot at winning?


27. It only counts when it's dramatic okay?

The Dark Knight spends an hour in a half smashing the "Batman will not kill even if it would save more lives" message into your brain. He blows up a dozen cars during the chase scene and flips a semi full of nameless goons, and apparently that is just peachy.


26. Have you seen the way those guys aim?

If you know droids show no sign of life, and you see an escape pod flying away with no sign of life...why not shoot it down? Are laser shots rationed or something?



25. All part of the plan.

I cant for the life of me figure out what Jack Sparrow was doing for the ten years he didn't have the pearl. How did it then take him 15 minutes to find it with the compass once he had Will Turner?



24. Accidentally let this one slip.

In Cinderella, all her magic items vanish at midnight. Except for one glass slipper apparently...


23. The talking train singularity.

In Thomas the Tank Engine, why doesn't his driver ever stop him from making idiotic decisions? What's the point in him even having a driver if he has free will to do whatever he wants?



22. Time travel movies give me a headache.

At one point in The Butterfly Effect, the main character uses his time travelling abilities to give himself scars in his hand as a kid in order to prove his powers to his prison cellmate. When he returns to the present, the cellmate reacts as if scars suddenly appeared on the protagonists hands and believes his story. (Continued...)

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Except the movie establishes fairly early on that when the main character changes something in the past, he travels to a future where his life has played out with whatever he changed being a permanent part of his life. So scars wouldn't have suddenly appeared on his hands, instead he would have ended up in a future where he came to prison with the scars already on his hands, meaning his cellmate had no reason to be surprised.


21. Can't use magic to fix the writing.

The damn Time Turner in Harry Potter creates way too many problems. Wizards have access to literal time travel and they give it to a little girl so she can take more classes.



20. Not the droid he was looking for.

Darth Vader forgot he built C3P0.



19. Zombies with a refined palate.

In World War Z they discover that the zombies won't chase anyone who's sick with a terminal illness.

Takes one hospital, say in a major city where the movie starts off, for a bunch of sick people to band together and quickly figure out that zombies aren't touching them.

"We all have cancer? Huh. That's interesting. Up to the helipad to get saved and alert the military of our discovery."


18. Gorilla scented after shave.

If Tarzan has spent his whole life in the jungle, how does he not have a beard?



17. Call Elon Musk.

Interstellar spent trillions to escape the blight. Yet they clearly bring their crops with them. Meaning they just needed a massive greenhouse initiative. Probably utilizing clean room setups.

Cheaper, easier, and more moral than abandoning Earth.


16. It's just not in the budget.

Why isn't every major homeworld in Star Trek heavily protected? Outside of the latter half of DS9, there are no fleets of ships, no orbital defense platforms, and no ground based weapons systems to defend critical planets. How many times does Earth need to be nearly destroyed before Starfleet shores up its defenses. (Continued...)

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Also outside of DS9, why can't Starfleet fight a proper war? An alien race declares war on the Federation and Starfleet just defends Federation space for the most part. The Klingons won't be able to send warships to attack Federation colonies if Starfleet destroys their shipyards, infrastructure, manufacturing, and command and control capabilities.

Also that transporter with a range from Earth to the Klingon homeworld. Admiral Robocop doesn't need to build a secret warship to fight the Klingons. Just start teleporting bombs until you win.


15. Improbably innocent.

In 50 Shades of Grey Anastasia Steele is a 21 year old college senior who has never heard of a butt plug and doesn't own a computer.



14. You must be this tall to fight the dragon.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

"Did you put your name in the Goblet?"

"Did you ask one of the older students to do it for you?"

So could a random first year give a few Galleons to an older kid to put their name in?


13. That drives me bananas.

If the local youth dump the Banana Stand in the bay every year, why would George Sr. hide $250,000 in the walls?



12. So they can make more toys, duh.

In Pacific Rim, they mention how they used to send out dozens of Jaegers at a time but throughout the movie you learn that they'd only been getting one Kaiju at a time until that one double event midway through the movie AND you can see that it takes at most 2 Jaegers to take on the "strongest" Kaiju which had never been seen before. So why did they make/have to send out so many?


11. Does not compute.

In the final scene of Terminator 2 in the steel mill. The T-1000 holds Sarah Connor and threatens to kill her unless she calls out to John and gets him to come to her, when the logical thing to do (and Terminators are nothing if not superlatively logical) would have been to throw Sarah Connor in the giant vat of molten metal right behind them, or otherwise kill and dispose of her, and then replicate her body. (Continued...)

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He's already demonstrated (multiple times) an ability to replicate people. Then the T-1000, using the appearance and voice of Sarah, could just call John, who would run to her side without suspecting that it wasn't really her, and the T-1000 could stick a giant metal spike through John's stupid head (thus saving us from Terminator III).

It was a pretty severe flaw in an otherwise great film.


10. The bat signal runs up the bill.

So Bruce Wayne loses all his money due to a dubious stock trade during a hostage situation. Ok. So they immediately turn off the power to Wayne Manor? I have been super late with my power bill before, with little of no consequence.


9. Maybe it turns into a car.

In Friday the 13th Part VIII. How the hell did a boat make it from Camp Crystal Lake to Manhattan.



8. Wizard politics are complicated.

I don't understand why other wizarding nations didn't come to the aid of the UK against Voldemort after the attack on the Quidditch World Cup. That's a straight up terrorist attack against many international citizens and enough reason to provide assistance to the legitimate wizard government.


7. TV police can get pretty lazy.

In the TV Show, Dexter, every single case where Dexter kills and dumps the body of the bad guy, the case is suddenly "closed" as if a case is closed if someone simply disappears.



6. There's lots of things in that movie that don't make sense.

How the crap did Cypher get into the Matrix to talk to Agent Smith over dinner without an operator on the Nebuchadnezzar seeing him? If he was able to get himself in when everyone else was asleep or whatever, how'd he get out again? And if everyone else was asleep (or whatever) and he had, like, a time-delayed process to automatically generate an exit phone call, why didn't the sentinels use that time to hunt down the ship IRL and just capture Morpheus that way?


5. Rebel without a wand.

Ok this has been bothering me since I saw the "Prisoner of Azkaban" on tv a few months ago. In the opening, Harry is clearly and blatantly practicing the Lumos spell at his uncle's house. (Continued...)

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Just barely a year before this, Harry was given a very strongly worded letter about magic being done by a minor in a non-magical household, and that magic was done by a house elf. It's just extremely bothered me since then that he was making no effort to hide his magic practice aside from bringing up his sheet to make his uncle think he was asleep.


4. Gravity is a force too you know.

In what direction does the gravity move in the Death Star?

You could say towards the center, but that's impossible, because all of the hangars have exits on the walls, not the ceilings. It can't go towards the bottom, because that would imply there was some heavy object at the bottom that would affect space ships.



3. Well the explosion happened in slow motion.

In Independence Day, Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum have 30 seconds to get out of the alien mothership before the nuke detonates. It takes them almost 2 minutes to get out of there before the nuke goes off.


2. He's more about the chase.

In every Halloween movie..... Michael Myers can walk faster than the victims can run. But the victims can run faster than Michael can drive.



1. Good on them for not judging.

I never understood how Fred and George had the marauders map at Hogwarts for THREE YEARS while Ron was at school with them, and they NEVER noticed Peter Pettigrew... a student they'd NEVER heard of, was on the map with IN BED WITH THEIR BROTHER IN THE GRYFFINDOR DORMITORY AND GOING TO CLASSES WITH HIM.




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