33 Surprising Things Most People Don’t Know About The Original Spider-Man Movies.

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2/33 Tobey Maguire complained that the upside-down kissing scene was uncomfortable because his sinuses kept filling up with the rain water as he hung upside down.

3/33 Willem Dafoe loved shooting Spider-Man so much that he asked if he could be written into Spider-Man 2 even though his character was already dead. Director Sam Raimi agreed and brought him to set to film Norman Osborn's cameos in other characters' dreams and memories.

4/33 Congenital amputee boxer Baxter Humbey took Tobey Maguire's place in the fight scene in Spider-Man 3 where Spider-Man punches through Sandman's chest. Humby was born without a right hand which helped deliver the perfect effect of punching right through Sandman and seeing Spider-Man's hand disappear.

5/33 In the comics Peter Park made Spider-Man's synthetic spider web and web shooters. For the movie director Sam Raimi changed this to Peter being able to shoot the webs from his own body because it was more credible that he could produce them himself than have the brains to create a wonder adhesive in his spare time.

6/33 The band Dashboard Confessional agreed to write a song for Spider-Man 2's end credits if they could see an advanced screening of the movie. The studio agreed and the lead singer Chris Carrabba wrote "Vindicated" in ten minutes.

7/33 Thomas Haden Church, who played Sandman, broke three knuckles during the subway scene in Spider-Man 3 where he tries to punch Spider-Man but ends up punching the wall instead. The special effects crew told him that the brick in the middle of the row was fake but forgot to actually put the foam brick in, so when Church spun around he ended up punching the real brick on the first take.

8/33 The spider that bit Peter Parker was actually a Steatoda spider, not a Black Widow. It was anesthetized and painted red and blue for the movie.

9/33 The scene in Spider-Man where Peter catches Mary Jane's lunch on the tray didn't involve any CGI. Tobey Maguire put a sticky substance on his palm to keep the tray on his hand so he could perform the stunt exactly as it's seen.

10/33 Alfred Molina, who played Dr. Octopus, named his four mechanical tentacles Larry, Harry, Flo, and Moe. Flo was named so because it was operated by a female grip and gave him sips of his drink.

11/33 Topher Grace, who played Venom, had a hard time with his costume. He couldn't drink water during breaks on set because he couldn't use the bathroom with his Venom costume on. The costume took one hour to put on and an additional four hours to apply prosthetics. He also had to wear fangs that bruised his gums.

12/33 Spider-Man was nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Sound Mixing and Best Visual Effects but lost both. Spider-Man 2 was nominated for 3 Awards: Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing, and Best Visual Effects, and won the last. Spider-Man 2 also won the Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film.

13/33 A welder building sets for Spider-Man was killed when a crane toppled onto his construction basket and struck him in the head.

14/33 Tobey Maguire suffered severe back pains during Spider-Man 2 pre-produciton so Jake Gyllehaal was lined up to play Peter Parker if Maguire was unable to perform. In the end Maguire soldiered through and decided to move forward with filming. The "My back!" joke after Peter falls from the roof was purely coincidental.

15/33 Bryce Dallas Howard performed her own stunts for the crane accident scene in Spider-Man 3, unaware that she was actually three months pregnant at the time.

16/33 Mel Brooks sued Sony Entertainment for unwanted advertisement in a motion picture as a bus can be seen in Spider-Man with an advertisement for Brooks' film The Producers on the side.

17/33 The title page of screenwriter David Koepp's screenplay draft included the following disclaimer: "This material is the exclusive property of Columbia Pictures Entertainment. Unauthorized transfer, photocopying, or reading of this material will result in the growth of large, yellowy pustules on your fingertips and hands which, given your habitual self-abuse (did you think we didn't know?) will soon spread to your genitalia. Also, posting, reading, or discussing this screenplay on the Internet is a sure sign that you have failed to fill your empty life with worthwhile activities of your own and it may be too late for you. Don't blame us, you were warned."

18/33 With a budget of $200,000,000 Spider-Man 2 shared the record for the most expensive American movie ever made with Titanic. That record was beaten by King Kong in 2005 with a budget of $207,000,000.

19/33 While filming the crane accident scene in Spider-Man 3 Bryce Dallas Howard recognized the actor who played the photographer as the same man who performed magic for her 8th birthday party.

20/33 The complex web-slinging sequences increased the Spider-Man budget from $70 million to $100 million. Director Sam Raimi described the sequences as "a ballet in the sky".

21/33 Spider-Man was the first film to gross $100 million in it's opening weekend alone, even when adjusted for inflation.

22/33 Rosemary Harris performed her own stunts but Alfred Molina refused to, saying that he wasn't very good at them and didn't like taking work away from trained stuntmen.

23/33 Spider-Man 3 is the first time that the three Raimi brothers worked together on a film: Sam as director and writer, Ivan as writer, and Ted as Hoffman, a Daily Bugle employee.

24/33 Director Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire struggled to humanize Spider-Man once in costume because the mask literally masked all of Tobey's expressions. The animators were asked to insert a lot of body language into Spider-Man to make him a more three-dimensional character. Visual effects supervisor John Dykstra said animating Spider-Man was the most sophisticated task he had ever accomplished at the time time.

25/33 After the September 11 attacks Sony recalled posters that showed up a close-up of Spider-Man's face with the New York skyline featuring the World Trade Center towers. However not all the posters were returned and some have become prized collector's items. Scenes of New Yorkers alongside the American flag were added after the attacks to reflect the city's sense of patriotism.

26/33 For his stunt sequences Tobey Maguire wore glass-less glasses for safety reasons but also to avoid reflections. The glass was digitally added in post-production.

27/33 Director Sam Raimi was originally opposed to having Venom as a villain in the series because he hated Venom's lack of humanity and development. Producer Avi Arad convinced him to include the character and after reading a first draft of the script he came around to liking the role. To keep Venom's character a secret he continued to publicly say that he hated the character and would never include him in the series. He revealed Venom at the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con to everyone's surprise.

28/33 Tobey Maguire had to have his outfit slightly changed from the original design but he couldn't easily go to the bathroom. A vent was added to the front to easily let him pee without taking the entire costume off.

29/33 Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man stunt double fractured his leg after a stunt went wrong and he slammed into a brick wall.

30/33 To better understand teen fashion of the early 2000s the costume department sent disposable cameras to schools in New York City and encouraged students to take pictures of each other.

31/33 Real sand was used for Sandman except for the scenes where characters were being buried or covered in sand because real sand would've been a health hazard. Ground up corncobs were used instead, which also turned into a yummy snack for the crew on set.

32/33 The owners of the Times Square billboard sued Sony Pictures and Marvel Entertainment for digitally superimposing advertisements for other companies over their billboard space in Spider-Man. The suit was thrown out by a federal judge in New York.

33/33 When Willem Dafoe decided to perform his own stunts, the Green Goblin's costume was streamlined to make it easier for him to move. The costume consisted of 580 pieces and took almost an hour to put on. Dafoe performed approximately 95% of his own stunts and learned how to handle the Goblin Glider after just 15 minutes.

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