34 Of The Most Ruthless and Scathing Professor Reviews on ‘Rate My Professor’.

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Don't you just hate it when you pay all that money to attend the class of your dreams and the prof ends up being a drag? Good thing you have RateMyProfessors to let off steam and tell 'em how you really feel.

1/34 She looks like a fried Barbie doll and acts like one too.

Ronnie Crane at Hawaii Pacific University

2/34 I feel sorry for people I know that don't know about her yet. Sorry, like someone watching a cat get caught in a garbage disposal. Poor cat. Don't be a cat.

Margo Law at South Dakota State University

3/34 Spending time with her was worse than having my wisdom teeth pulled. I'm sorry that I had to meet her in this lifetime.

Andrea Kucherawy at Western Academy of Photography

4/34 No one shows up to class because its so miserably boring. When I actually do go to class, halfway through I begin to hate God for giving me the legs that brought me there. You could walk into this class rolling on E, and by the time the second slide comes up, you'd be sober.

Henry Kim at University of Arizona

5/34 I don't wear my seatbelt when driving to this class with hopes I would die before I got there.

William Farkas at Sheridan College

6/34 I'd rather have bamboo shoots grow in my fingernails than take his class again.

Harold Miller at Brigham Young University

7/34 Awkward Louis Griffin laugh and references econ to crack dealers but a good teacher if you have to take econ take her 'cause your options are limited. Best of what there is to offer.

M Marks at University of California Riverside

8/34 She is a breakfast cereal prof; fruit, nut, and flake.

Margie Miller at Christian Brothers University

9/34 Class was way easy and a great class, but I got yelled at for eating a bagel because "it is a very bad thing".

Gary Hampe at University of Wyoming

10/34 If I had a choice between taking another one Prof. Cohn's classes and being saturated with brown gravy and locked in a room with a wolverine that is high on PCP, then I honestly believe that I would choose the latter of these two choices.

Leslie Cohn at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina

11/34 Lost all hope that I'd get anything out of this course when I went to the bookstore and found out that the text for it was "Math Is Hard!" by Barbie.

Ivy Forbes at Princeton University

12/34 It's like the biology department wanted to play a practical joke on us. I hoped on the last day the dean would come in and say "gotcha!" but it never happened.

Kurt Regner at University of Nevada Las Vegas

13/34 "It's basically . . .(5 min passes) . . . it's essentially . . . (5 more min) . . . it's like . . . (legs flail in the air) . . . well, what do you think?"

Rod James at Montana Tech

14/34 I think he eats acid for breakfast.

Donald Fischer at Missouri State University

15/34 Popular among history majors. However, among mouth-breathing near-literates, not so popular . . . apparently.

Michael Namorato at University of Mississippi

16/34 Her class redefines hell, that's all I'm going to say.

Luz Saavedra at University of St. Thomas

17/34 Don't take this class in the fall because it will ruin your whole Christmas.

Jo Ann McFall at Michigan State University

18/34 This overrated windbag hides the threadbare nature of his insight behind a ton of jargon. Peel away the layers of his superadded bombast and you get very little, maybe a whimpering thought, a distant muffled howl, a cry for help.

Homi K. Bhaba at Harvard University

19/34 Dabich is the worst living thing I have ever met, even worse than that rabid dog that bit me.

Eli Dabich at United States Naval Academy

20/34 Don't forget the daily quizzes that ask the color of the character's last bowel movement. Those are great.

John Mosier at Loyola University New Orleans

21/34 She thinks she is making the class spiritual, but I could feel the spirit more in night club, wasted...

Candyce Miller at Brigham Young University

22/34 His class was like milk, it was good for 2 weeks.

Robert Cook at University of Richmond

23/34 Once or twice, his theory talk was interesting, but other than that the only thing that keeps the blood in my brain flowing is wondering what the hell is up with the fanny pack.

Johan Belinfante at Georgia Institute of Technology

24/34 I worked my butt off to get into Yale (when I say worked my butt off I mean my Dad called in a favor) and the very first class I have is with this tool.

John Faragher at Yale University

25/34 The worst memory I have of Kowalski was when I stopped by his POSTED off-hours to ask him a question, and he was in his boxers and wifebeater.

Frank Kowalski at Colorado School of Mines

26/34 My stereotype that all college professors are intelligent was shattered when this lady spelt "wator" on the board. Ever since then, my hope for humanity has dwindled. I usually try to find at least one optimistic detail about a course, but hell, she's not even hot so screw it.

Danielle Franco at University of Louisville

27/34 If there was a nuclear holocaust, the only survivors would be cockroaches and his tests. However, if you go to his office hours, you get to bask in his amazingly good looks, which makes the class somewhat worth taking. One time, he joked about how my boyfriend was lying to me; the next day, my boyfriend broke up with me. :(

John Pollard at University of Arizona

28/34 Bring a pillow to the class so when you lose consciousness your head wont slam on your desk. And bring a pillow for your pillow because your pillow will fall asleep too. I eventually passed this class but I had to sacrifice a chicken to the voodoo God Chango to pass it.

Nilla Madan at Miami Dade College

29/34 Miles Wilson is the epitome of a Disney villain. He grows stronger by feeding off of your youth and hope. Keep this in mind before you take his class.

Miles Wilson at Texas State University

30/34 He reminds me of a disgruntled shopping mall Santa.

Thomas Bartlow at Villanova University

31/34 She is like an emu. She writes and talks like a flightless bird who does not understand copyright laws.

Ann Althouse at University of Wisconsin - Madison

32/34 Avoid Marschack like it's 1350 and he has the Plague.

Thomas Marschak at University of California Berkeley

33/34 Karen Gold aka "Mrs. Weasley" should be teaching at Hogwarts, because its hard to believe someone this incompetent can exist outside of fantasy. Her voice and sense of humor will put you under the Crucius curse. Avoid her like you would the Hungarian Horntail.

Karen Gold at Harvard Business School

34/34 Smells like old Bandaids, what more can I say?

Dalene Stangle at Duke University


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