34 People Share The Hardest Truth They've Ever Had To Accept.

Over the course of our lives, we come across some things that we just have to accept as facts, no matter how difficult they are to swallow.

Below are 34 people who share the hardest truth they've ever had to accept. Check them out.

1. Relationships fade. Your best friend in the whole world right now might not even talk to you in a couple of years. People just change.


2. Parents get old. Eventually you need to become the responsible person and take care of them. The realization that this is happening and is irreversible is gut wrenching.


3. Sometimes, you are the bad guy.


4. That I am not necessarily a good person by nature. If I want to be a good person, I have to work at it consciously and can't always go with my first instinct.


5. That you're the only one who can stand up for yourself. Never expect anyone else to.


6. That I'm not as smart as I think I am. In Sixth Form (high school in the U.K.) I was pretty much in the top 2 or 3 of the year, never had to study, actually enjoyed exams because I found them so easy.

Then I started medical school with 200 versions of me, where I'm not even average for the class, I'm somewhere around the bottom 3rd. I'm in 5th year now so I've just...(Continued)

accepted it, but I had a real crisis in 1st year when I realised I couldn't slack anymore and would have to start earning my achievements instead of being handed them.


7. That my husband at age 31 is diagnosed with a rare type of dementia (Primary Progressive Aphasia) for his age and we have no idea how fast it will progress or what our lives will look like in 10 years. Currently he's having trouble comprehending even the most direct email or conversation, can hardly speak and has lost his job.


8. You can do everything right and still end up losing. Stuff happens.


9. A lot of those people I dislike/envy for being richer/smarter/better than me actually deserve those things more than me. I'm not some underdog protagonist who works harder but gets less, I'm "behind" because of my own inability to work as hard.

That dude I'm envious of for being more athletic and muscular than me? Yeah he works out harder and longer than I do.

That guy who got better grades than me in school? Yeah he studied longer and more enthusiastically than I did.

Yeah that girl with perfect skin? She controls her diet to the calorie and uses loads of stuff to clean her face that I don't understand.

My friend who's a more successful musician? He practices and practices and practices.

I'm no more righteous than anyone else. I am just a human. The jealousy I feel is because I can be a dick sometimes, not because I'm more deserving


10. That you don't have to love your family.

After years of abuse by my father and his immediate family, I finally...(Continued)

I finally cut them all out of my life 5 years ago. The amount of peace I felt immediately after was shocking -- I never realized how much I hated them because I never wanted to admit that I hated my family that much.

You're not "supposed" to hate your family. You're "supposed" to be loyal to them, love them unconditionally, all that jazz.

Once I accepted that family can be just as toxic as anyone else in your life, I felt free.


11. My dad died when I was a teenager and my mom in my early 20s. I'll never be able to talk to them again. I'll never be able to ask my mom to teach me to cook like her or ask them any of the hundreds of questions I have for them. Accepting that they are gone forever was hard. Be good to your parents people.


12. That despite doing everything "right", my life is as average, boring, and monotonous as adults made their lives sound when I was a kid.


13. My mom is going to be an alcoholic for the rest of her life. I honestly believe the only way for her to get clean would be an extended stay at a top-tier rehab facility followed by a complete lifestyle change including new hobbies and ongoing therapy to treat underlying causes (social anxiety and unresolved childhood issues). The likelihood of this happening is zero.


14. That trying to make everyone happy is impossible.


15. That I wasn't the right person to look after my daughter. I was severely mentally ill at the time and her dad ended up in prison. Having to admit that was the hardest thing I've ever done, but I just want what's best for her.

Had to fight to get her placed with her grandparents rather than being adopted by a stranger, but she's doing really well now. I get to see her occasionally and we talk frequently online. It's also interesting to see how much we're alike even though she's not lived with me since she was 3.


16. That fake people exist, and some of that would go lengths to lie to, and to deceive you. All I can say is thanks to anyone that had the decency to point this out, even if they weren't close to me.

But hey, at least I'm learning to... (Continued)

Filter out bull-picky, and I essentially sorted out and categorised the people I know. My "circle" of friends became small but at least integrity and respect is the biggest value, rather than the need for validations and (with) flashy things.


17. I walked away from to many life changing events thinking there would be something better around the corner. Now I realize how big of an idiot I am for not taking each and every one that came my way. Too tired now to pursue much of anything be it work or life in general.

The day I realized that my life was finite in both energy and opportunities was a day of heavy drinking.


18. I am not special. I am painfully, unapologetically, below average. I'm not destined for anything great, I'm not even destined for anything worth noting. I'm going to work a low paying job and die behind a desk, alone. No stories about my life will be recanted by history, within 20 years of my death not a soul left walking will even remember what my voice sounded like. In the movie of human history, I'm just an extra.


19. There was this quiz I found a few weeks ago. It was basically 36 questions you should ask someone to really know who they are as a person--I guess it was a kind of heart-felt icebreaker thing. I found the test in the middle of the night--so my wife was already asleep at this point--so I just went though the questions and answered them myself. One of them was this:

"Whose death in your life would affect you the most?"

I think that the death of my little brother would be the most devastating.

After accepting that I will die, my parents will die, my wife will die, just realizing that my little brother will, as well, is just heartbreaking to me. I know I accepted the fate of other people in my life, but, dammit, he's my brother. He can't perish, he's supposed to always be there, no matter what. He's younger than me, he shouldn't go first (or at all!). I just feel out of everyone in my life, seeing my brother pass away would destroy me. We fought when we were little, who doesn't, but we're great friends, we're family, we're brothers, and knowing that he will be gone someday sends shivers down my spine. I'm not too religious, but I am entirely glad he is, that he can think that there's something beyond the veil while I am fine with accepting there isn't.

I think that is the hardest truth I have ever had to swallow so far, that not only am I, my family, or my wife are mortal, but that my little brother is, too.


20. Life has no inherent meaning or purpose. You have to create your own reason for existing.


21. That relationships are not special as some believe them to be, and they don't necessarily have to last forever just because you have found yourself in the right place and the right time once and chose to be with each other and decided to create "the one" out of them. It is a truth that is easy to understand but hard to accept.


22. That I have been a selfish and bad person over the past few years. That I was blind sighting myself and hurting those I loved and making excuses.

Working on it.


23. That it isn't everyone else that's boring, I'm just not very fun to hang with.


24. That you cannot help someone who refuses to help themselves.


25. Your best is sometimes just not good enough.


26. That I had really messed up a relationship with someone that I genuinely cared about; there was nothing I could do to fix it after that. I've done a lot of reflecting since.


27. I'm not as smart as I hoped I was. I'm not as talented as I was told I was. I'm not as good looking as I thought I was. I'm not as kind as I believed I was. Im not as good as I want to be but that will never change. Im more complacent and lazy than I care to admit. I can always improve but I will never be the best. I will never be as incredible as the description of myself I sell to others and convince myself I am.

But it's okay.


28. She's not coming back.


29. I can't stop aging.

No matter how much I want it, I'm getting older and have to become responsible. Because I can't keep being a kid.


30. That I'll never know what a day without back pain feels like.


31. Looks matter for just about every situation.


32. You can't make someone love you.


33. The love of my life and best friend passed away... it's been months and I still wake up ready and excited to talk to her, what a disappointing way to start every day that is.


34. My ex wife never loved me. I think she was with me for convenience. When she graduated college she dipped. I had a good job and I gladly paid for her college and when she graduated it was supposed to be my turn to go back and she would pay for mine.

Good news though!

Here I am about a year and a half later with a way better job, going to school for two degrees which my employer is more than happy to pay for, I'm closing on my house in two weeks and I still have my cats.



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