'Genuphobia Is A Fear Of Knees': Here Are 36 Of The Absolute Strangest Phobias People Can Develop.

Almost everyone is afraid of death, dying, or the dark. When someone mentions being afraid of flying we may roll our eyes or vigorously shake our heads in agreement. But bridges? Cheese? These are normal things that the average person deals with every day... How can you be afraid of magazines?

The Phobia List is a website dedicated to the cataloging of all diagnosed phobias. Here are some of the most interesting ones we found.

Fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning

Fear of your knees, someone else's knees, or the act of kneeling

Fear of developing wrinkles

Fear of vomiting, seeing vomit, or being nauseated

Fear of the color yellow or the word "yellow"

Fear of heaven or the sky

Fear of going to sleep

Fear of Halloween

Fear of hair

Fear of crossing streets or roads

Fear of computers and/or new technology

Fear of the number four or things that come in fours

Fear of palindromes (words spelled the same backwards and forwards)

Fear of symmetry

Fear of bridges

Fear of being seen, or stared at by others

Fear of sitting or idleness

Fear of mirrors

Fear of bicycles or being on a bicycle

Fear of paper

Fear of nudity

Fear of having bad body odor

Fear of swallowing

Fear of clouds

Fear of frogs

Fear of belly buttons

Fear of fog

Fear of strings

Fear of phobias and anxiety

Fear of alcohol or people who are ingesting alcohol

Fear of slime or mucus

Fear of dreaming

Fear of being single or staying single

Fear of opening your eyes

Fear of going bald

Fear of laughter


Some of this material has been edited for clarity.

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