36 Of The Craziest 'Not Safe For Work' Facts You Didn't Know You Needed In Your Life.

There are some things that are cool to talk about around the water cooler. Then there are these 36 facts that are not safe for work...


Many thanks to Reddit user for posing this question. Check out more NSFW facts from the source at the end of this article!

1/36. Ninety percent of couples over the age of 75 still have sex.


2/36. Everyone's anus wrinkles are as unique as their fingerprint wrinkles.


3/36. The porn industry has its own Hollywood. Not far from Hollywood, the San Fernando Valley (sometimes known as Silicone Valley) in Los Angeles, CA, is home to most of the major porn studios in the United States. At one point in time, it is believed that 90% of all legally-distributed porn was filmed or produced there.

Like other films, most mainstream porn is filmed on sets. The San Fernando Valley is full of rental houses that major studios rent to shoot their movies. If you watch enough porn, you eventually start to recognize the rooms from the same set of houses over and over in each movie. This actually makes it really easy to search for videos if you're looking for specific details. It's so predictable that I can take a look at a scene set in a bathroom and immediately tell if it has a rubber ducky in it.


4/36. The male G Spot is in his butt.


5/36. Spartacus' entire army of 6000 slaves were crucified along a 120 mile road leading into Rome following their uprising as a message to anyone else who thought of defying the empire.


6/36. It was common for people to sit in on the consummation of royal weddings centuries ago.


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7/36. Potassium can give men better orgasms. The average banana, if inserted up the anus, can be used to stimulate the prostate.


8/36. One male produces enough sperm in two weeks to impregnate all the women on the planet.


9/36. If you slap a nipple, it will get hard within seven seconds. Works on males and females.


10/36. Vaginal fluid is largely comprised of blood plasma, which is why blood makes such good lube.

Okay, maybe that was a fact and an opinion.


11/36. Kangaroos have not one, not two, but three vaginas.


12/36. The "seam" on your scrotum is where your vagina mended together when you were developing in the womb.


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13/36. Polar bears have actual bones in their penis, which they need as they tend to lose their erection before they can ejaculate into the female to impregnate them.


14/36. The left testicle hangs lower than the right on most men. If the right is lower, he's probably left handed.


15/36. The average blue whale penis is 13-15ft long.


16/36. Vaginas are self-cleaning and soap of any kind should never be put up into it.

Many women use soap inside their vagina because they're trying to prevent themselves from stinking down there. However, putting soap in the vagina will only mess with the pH and resident probiotics, thus actively causing the vagina to smell terribly. It then becomes a vicious cycle because the women will then use more soap inside to get rid of the smell, but that only makes it worse.


17/36. In ancient Babylonian culture, every woman was expected to prostitute herself once in her life for the benefit of the goddess Mullissu. She would go her temple and would have sex with the first man that paid her and she was not allowed to refuse. All the pretty women would be out of there immediately but the deformed and ugly women would sometimes wait for 3 to 4 years waiting for a man to pay her.


18/36. Spotted hyenas are one of the few mammalian matriarchal societies, with females outranking all male hyenas in a clan. This is because they typically show dominance through shows of aggression - using their pseudo-penis (and increased size).

These penises have pseudo-scrotums and testes, are capable of erection, and work as an excellent defense against rape. The most dominant females are the ones that typically mate; however, birth typically splits open the clitoris and a lot of the structural similarities fall away until it properly heals.


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19/36. If you get someone to lightly stroke/poke your inner thigh, your testicles will ascend due to the cremasteric reflex.


20/36. Edward II had such a disastrous reign as King of England nearly 700 years ago that his enemies couldn't afford to keep him alive any longer, so they forced him to abdicate, imprisoned him and then had him assassinated by shoving a red hot poker up his arse.

He was then ironically nicknamed Edward Ironside.


21/36. The vagina and the eyes are the only two self cleaning organs in the body, except for the hands...


22/36. Alfred Kinsey was one of the pioneering researchers of human sexuality back in the 1940s and 50s.

He also had a bad habit of shoving toothbrushes up his urethra and additionally he circumcised himself without anesthetic.


23/36. The barnacle has the largest penis to body ratio of any animal.


24/36. A guy can ejaculate at 25 mph.


25/36. When snails have sex they simultaneously penetrates each other's vaginas (snails have penises and vaginas) while stabbing each other with mucus darts.


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26/36. When Henry VIII wanted to have sex with his wife, he was followed by a procession of 30-40 people (all important people had separate living areas) and it took 2+ hours for the bed to be prepared for the royal copulation.


27/36. Semen isn't water soluble.


28/36. Tampons are the #1 cause of sewer backups. #2 is tree roots.


29/36. When (if) a baby is circumcised, the doctors can use their foreskin to treat burn victims.


30/36. When someone receives a kidney transplant, they leave the original kidneys in there.

Not particularly nsfw, but still interesting.


31/36. I don't know how interesting or NSFW this is, but coconut is a natural laxative. Remember that next time you're on vacation slamming Pia Coladas!


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32/36. Necrophilia's legal status in the US is weird, to say the least. Maryland, for example, doesn't really have specific legislation regarding it. It's (explicitly stated to be) a second degree felony in Florida.

Really, it's common sense that you really shouldn't have sex with corpses, what with all the nasty decomposition and germs and all that, but just know that it's not really prosecuted similarly to most sex crimes.


33/36. Prior to the advent of artificial lighting, most humans didn't sleep 6-8 hours per night, but rather in two separate periods. The "first sleep" would last from roughly dusk until midnight or 1, then people would wake up for roughly an hour, before having the "second sleep" from roughly 2-dawn.

What did people do during that hour? Mostly have sex. But also pray and write poetry and silently reflect. Or rob people. Witches were also thought to be active during this period (hence the "witching hour").


34/36. The world record for the longest ejaculation is 18ft.


35/36. Walrus' have a bone in their penis.

A whale's penis is called a "dork".

A camel's bell-end is called a "dude".

Pig orgasms can last around half an hour..


36/36. Cold water is much more effective at cleaning up semen than warm water, which just makes it more sticky.



If you close your eyes and act as if you're shaking an invisible salt shaker over your tongue you will eventually begin to taste salt due to a placebo effect.

Works better if there are people around, the ambience of their noise making will prevent the brain from realizing there is no actual salt.



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