A Millionaire Said Millennials Can't Afford Homes Because They Brunch Too Much, And Twitter Didn't React Well

In case you haven't heard, Australian real estate millionaire Tim Gurner recently attributed the inability of millennials to afford property to their proclivity for "smashed avocado."

Apparently, there is an unquenchable thirst for avocado that anyone born after 1988 has to suffer with, and the sheer quantity of funds required for sustenance -- literally DOZENS of dollars a week, -- is preventing these poor (literally) folks from saving up for a down payment. Who cares that it's 2X their salary?

People had a lot to say about Gurner's... 'insight'.

Some quoted recent studies:

Some got a bit more... metaphorical?

Others ranged from the downright silly:

To the angry:

Some broke down the numbers so that we don't have to feel guilty about our avvy-toast obsession.

Then someone had the gall to openly BRAG about their endless avocadoan paradise...

So, what do we think? Should we choose homes or avocado-based brunch? Because the idea of having both? Pure lunacy!

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