Absurdly Simple Solutions That Movie Characters Blatantly Ignore.

Ever been watching a movie, and notice that the characters seem to ignore obvious solutions to the problems they're facing? Well, turns out there are a lot of movies that have obvious enough plot holes that many people have noticed.

Here, people share the absurdly simple solutions movie characters ignore.

We need more Bond villains who just shoot Bond as soon as they meet them. No monologues, no ridiculously complicated methods of slow death, just a bullet to the head.


Dear Eric, I'm the girl who saved your life. I'm actually a mermaid. I thought you were so hot that I traded my voice for a vagina. It's all going to be sushi down there again in three days unless we make out. Sincerely, Ariel.


Many horror movies seem to ignore the solution where you just kill whatever psycho is after you.

I'm thinking of some movie (can't remember the name) specifically where this guy had killed several women, and was chasing the main character around, trying to kill her. She gets in a lucky shot and knocks him out with a pool cue. And then she runs off, and he wakes up and resumes trying to kill her.

He was helpless at your feet, just beat him to death with the darn pool cue.


Main character desires a girl in a healthy relationship with another man. The guy's stable and supportive, they care for each other, they're both gainfully employed, and are set for a great future.

Dear protagonist - leave them alone.


X-men: Days of Future Past.

The third act would have been over much quicker if they had just taken Quicksilver along.


Jurassic Park. Hammond repeatedly boasts about how he "spared no expense" in the park's construction, yet he puts its life-critical IT infrastructure in the hands of one person that he KNOWS is disgruntled and considers himself underpaid.

That's without getting into the stupidity of making the park's security dependent on an electrical system in the first place. T-Rex is about as heavy as an elephant. Do real zoos have elephants break out of the enclosure every time the power goes out? NO. Because they weren't designed by idiots.


A New Hope. In the first five minutes the stormtroopers knock Leia out cold with a stun setting on their blasters that covers half the width of a hallway. This would be useful a dozen times throughout the movie but they never attempt it again.


The Da Vinci Code. Oh, trying to force open the cryptex will break the vial of vinegar and dissolve the papyrus?

Just pop the damn thing in a freezer for a few hours until it's frozen, then break it open. But oh no, Robert Langdon's IQ is too high to think of that.


The issue in Tangled could have been delayed at least if mother Gothel had just changed Rapunzel's birthday to the day before or after the lights being released. That way she wouldn't be suspicious that they were for her.


They could have just shot the pod carrying C3-PO and R2 just to be safe. I mean, why not? What does a laser shot cost?


Pulp Fiction

Of all the freaking things she could forget, she forgets his father's watch!  He specifically reminded her - bedside table! On the Kangaroo! He said the words, "Don't forget my father's watch." 


Waterworld. Drinkable water is extremely rare/expensive, as everything is salt water. But in the opening moments of the movie, we see Kevin Costner peeing into a contraption that cleans his urine and lets him drink it and water his tomato plant.

Why wouldn't he just pour seawater into it?


I mean, if anyone in the late '90s had a good reason to carry a cell phone, it was the Buffy the Vampire Slayer gang.


Iron Man 2. The whole problem is that the power source in his chest is poisoning him, but he can't remove the power chest without the shrapnel killing him. But in the first Iron Man, he dealt with the shrapnel by using the car battery to power the magnets. If he removes the power source he can detoxify almost immediately, and it apparently takes a few years for it to accumulate to dangerous levels.

So the solution to Iron Man 2's dilemma was in the first five minutes of Iron Man.


It Follows.

Have sex with, explain the situation to a rich guy. Tell him to fly to Thailand and bang every sex worker there then fly back. Most of those sex workers are going to be having sex with tourists who have flown in themselves. You'll die of old age while It walks along the ocean bed forever.

Maybe do it to a few rich guys just as a buffer.


Inception. Michael Caine could've brought Leo's kids out of the states and they all could've lived happily ever after.


Harry Potter could have put on earmuffs and pulled out a Mandrake in front of Voldemort. Probably would have killed him.

Slight oversight with the horcruxes, but it would still be effective for killing Death Eaters. The Battle of Hogwarts would have been slightly more hilarious had they catapulted thousands of Mandrakes at the death eater army.


hate movie misunderstanding so damned much.

SO many movie plots revolve around someone overhearing / mishearing / getting bad information from a third party and rather than confront the offending party and talking it out like adults they do something stupid or rash.


Eurotrip: Scotty could've just made another email account and explained the misunderstanding to Mieke. I guess there are a lot of things that Scotty doesn't know.


Star wars phantom menace, in the beginning when Qui Gonn and obi wan get gassed, the leader dude says "they should be dead, destroy whatever is left of them." and they open the doors. Why? Just leave them there for a few minutes. I mean even watching along you can hold your breath longer than they left the doors shut. If they had just been patient, Qui Gonn and Obi would have been dead, and that would be the end of that.

What about in the next scene where Qui Gon starts using his lightsaber to cut a hole in the door? If they were that worried about their safety they would have just cut the door open.


Back to the Future III. There are two time machines in the old west. Use the one Doc Brown walled up in the mine for parts / gasoline to repair Marty's one.


Titanic. If Rose had stayed on that stupid lifeboat then there would have been enough space on that drifting piece of debris for Leo's character to climb onto.


Inside Out

Joy and Sadness are carrying around core memories they absolutely must get back to headquarters. They stumble upon a couple of maintenance workers who demonstrate a nifty portal that sends memories straight up to headquarters. They use the portal for earworms but there does not seem to be any reason in the world why Joy and Sadness couldn't just put the core memories in the portal and send them straight to headquarters.


Free Willy

If someone is trying to scam an insurance company by killing the whale, just dial the insurance company and snitch on them.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Just shoot the darn guy. Your in Texas for goodness sake, everyone has a gun.



"It wasn't me!"

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