These Animals Are Built To Survive Pretty Much Anything.


1. Immortal jelly

2. These creatures may look cute and cuddly, but Tardigrades a.k.a water bears are just about as hardcore as a member of the animal kingdom can get.

Throw them in temperatures down to 1K (458 F; 272 C)? They'll survive.

Throw them in temperatures of up to 420 K (300 F; 150 C)? They'll survive.

From pressures that exceed the deepest pits of the ocean to radiation that is 100 times more lethal than the dose for a human, the tardigrade can still continue to merrily live it's tiny, microscopic life.

In fact, these plump little invertebrates are so hardy they have even survived the vacuum of space! That's right space. By entering a state known as cryptobiosis, they are able to completely stop all metabolic processes while still remaining alive.

These little guys are earth's true astronauts.


3. The last Although their name would suggest otherwise, Mountain Goats are actually more similar to antelopes.

These bearded ungulates live in extreme cold, and at elevations of up 13,000 feet (4,000 m). On the crags of mountain tops, mountain goats are both nimble enough to walk up sheer cliffs, but powerful enough to


4. Weta

5. Lung fish

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6. East African Giant Snails

7. Emporer Penguin

8. Nematodes

9. Giant kangaroo rats

10. We don't think of birds as particularly touch animals, but this population of Green Parakeets in Nicaragua has proved they can survive extremes with the best of them.

Living right inside the crater of a volcano, these birds

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11. Himalayan Jumping Spider


12. Halicephalobus mephisto

13. Saltwater crocs

14. Frogs deep freeze

15. Pompeii worm

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16. Shrinking bugs?

17. Tarantula Hawk

18. Rhinos

19. paralvinella sulfincola

20. sperm whale


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21. Siberian Tigers

22. Bdelloid rotifers

23. Cockroaches

24. Camel

25. Greenland shark

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26. Harpy Eagles

27. bar-headed goose

28. Dung Beetle

29. humans

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